New in Close: Send & receive MMS

They say a picture speaks a thousand words. So, there are plenty of times when you need to send more than words to your prospects and customers.

Now, you have a new way to send media with Close: via MMS sending and receiving.

Curious how text messages with media work? Who exactly can use this feature for the biggest benefit?

Let’s find out.

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SMS and MMS in Close: What’s new?

For years, our customers have loved the ability to send text messages to their prospects and customers directly in Close:

“The fact that it’s a complete unified communication system is the biggest component for us. Email, texting, telephony––I’ve worked for companies where we had to buy options for all of these and then integrate them. This is the #1 reason we think Close is dynamite.” – Randy Nordgren, HR Covered
“My sales process is: make the phone call first. Immediately, when you hang up within two minutes, have a text out, then have an email out to them as a third, and then make up a follow-up process that within two days you're following up. And Close allows you to do that.” – Millisa Nwokolo, La Crowne Logistics
“Simple interface which really helps to quickly move through calls, follow-ups, and emails. Having the SMS option is fantastic as well. I don't need to have multiple programs open, it all happens in one application.” – Sam Sharpe, Nations Auto Transport

Our goal at Close is to create a unified system for your sales team to communicate seamlessly with prospects. And so it quickly came to our attention that teams using SMS as a sales communication channel needed the ability to send and receive MMS as well.

Here’s what’s new in Close: Sales teams with SMS-enabled phone numbers are now able to both send and receive media messages inside Close.


How sending & receiving MMS can help your sales team’s process

Communicating with your prospects works best when you go where they are. If your prospects and customers are heavy SMS users, then the new MMS features open up new ways for you to send and receive important communication from your customers.

Now, users in the U.S. and Canada with an SMS-enabled phone number in Close will be able to:

  • See when you receive new SMS messages with media attached
  • Send important multimedia files to your leads and customers

Who will especially benefit from sending & receiving MMS in Close?

If you’re already a heavy user of SMS in communicating with customers and prospects, then MMS is an expanded way to use this feature. This will mostly be true for B2C companies who send regular messages to their customers via text.

That said, here are some industries that will see special benefits from the MMS capabilities in Close:

  • Real estate: If you sell real estate or are involved in real estate marketing, you’ll already love Close for its ability to put real estate communication on repeat, create Custom Activities, and more.
  • Tourism: Tourism businesses are all about images. Whether you’re showing someone possible hotels or the activities they’ll enjoy while staying somewhere exotic, it means so much more to send those pictures directly to your clients’ phones.
  • Consulting: Sending media files to consulting clients, such as contracts, proposals, or informational presentations can be an essential part of establishing value and closing the deal.
  • B2C services: Whether you sell car repair services, remodeling, plumbing, or other services directly to consumers, there are plenty of reasons why MMS will help you do your job faster. Clients can text you a picture of their bathroom remodel dreams or a picture of the car dent they need your help fixing. Get the details you need, without friction.
  • SaaS: Yes, even SaaS businesses can benefit from MMS! Finding that your emails with important documents seem to get lost in the mix but your text messages always get a response? Try sending contracts and other important documents via MMS in Close.

Start using MMS in Close today

If you already have an SMS-enabled phone number in Close, you’re ready to go! Start sending MMS messages to your customers (or check to see if you’ve already received some)!

Still not using the best CRM for all-around communication? Get a free trial of Close for 14-days (we won’t even ask for your credit card)!


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