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December 2, 2022
New feature

O365 Calendar Integration

We extended our existing Microsoft account integration with O365 Calendar syncing. Past and future meetings scheduled with your O365 account will be automatically synced and displayed as Meeting activities in the Lead Activity Feed and as meeting reminders.

November 30, 2022
November Improvements and Bug Fix Roundup
  • We’ve added a few Importer improvements:
    • The “Is between…” operator is added to number filters to select a range with options to exclude/include either side of the range.
    • Changing an operator won’t reset a filter value in the Filter Sidebar anymore if the new operator is compatible with the value.
    • Clicking on a filter token a second time won’t make the filter disappear in the Filter Sidebar anymore.
    • We exposed new fields in the “Custom Activities” → “Any Custom Activity” section:
      • “Date created”
      • “Date last updated”
      • “Created by”
      • “Last updated by”
  • We visually refreshed the top of the Inbox page (the tabs for switching between Inbox item types)
  • Mobile improvements:
    • We improved the structure of our footers displayed in the pop-up screens (primary actions and “Learn about…” links placement).
    • We improved tooltip behavior - buttons, links, and checkboxes that have tooltips will now activate on the first touch rather than showing the tooltip on the first touch and then activating it on the second touch.
  • The “Create a Lead” button has replaced the “Import” button on the new Leads page when a search result is empty.
October 31, 2022
October Improvements and Bug Fix Roundup
  • We added a feature that allows you to share Smart View via a link. Keep in mind that if you adjust the filters and click “Save” (not “Save as Copy”), the change will be reflected for each User having access to that Smart View.
  • Lead/Contact search tables with a lot of columns can now be scrolled side-to-side, with the name column staying fixed to the left-hand side.
  • We added the ability to Unenroll Contacts from a Sequence directly from the Lead page
  • The “To Do” list in Sequences is now filtered by the communication window. Leads whose local time is outside the communication window for the Sequence are not included.
  • We added the ability to insert Template Tags in the Subject field through a dropdown menu while editing Email Templates.
  • On mobile, the Lead details and Activity Feed are now shown in separate tabs.
  • On mobile, the Lead Activity creation menu (new Note, Call, SMS, etc.) now renders as a dropdown menu (instead of a row of buttons).
  • We added the following new integrations to our Integration page (Seekwell,, Balto, Skyvia, InvoiceBerry, Docsales).
  • We fixed an issue where Lead Page tooltips stayed on screen when power dialing
October 11, 2022
New Feature

SMS Templates

You can now save time and energy spent on repetitive SMS messages by creating and sending SMS templates directly from within Close!

With this new functionality you'll be able to:

  • Create private or shared SMS templates for yourself or team to use
  • Personalize messages with template tags and/or conditional logic, similar to email
  • Select a template to send when drafting an SMS from the lead page
  • Filter for SMS sent with a specific template in lead search
  • Send SMS templates via our API and Zapier
  • Examine SMS template usage via reporting (Explorer reports only)
September 30, 2022
September Improvements and Bug Fix Roundup
  • Custom Activities now have their own category on the Lead/Contact Search Filter Sidebar.
  • We also added a new “Any Custom Activity” section there, with new “Any Text” and  “Status” filters.
  • We added the Save feature to the Opportunity Funnel Report. It’s now possible to save, clone, update and delete added reports. Saved reports can be bookmarked and shared between users of the same organization, but only the creator/owner of the report can make changes to it.
  • We’ve added a few Importer improvements:
    • Contacts will no longer be merged if only the phone number matches.
    • Field auto-detection will now only assign Lead ID if the data includes Close Lead IDs.
    • We improved the error message alerting the User if the Lead ID field is manually assigned to a column without Close Lead IDs.
  • We expanded an interaction area of selection dropdown options.
  • We now display a tooltip for the Contact Name if it’s truncated.
  • We applied a fixed width for the timezone selection dropdown menu to avoid changes in size while scrolling through the list.
  • We updated the sidebar menu with the new color and design.
  • Bug Fixes:
    • We fixed an issue where we did not correctly display an error when exceeding Smart View limits.
    • We fixed the problem where adding more filters to the same group of filters would break the search.
    • We fixed an issue where multi-contact custom fields on the Pipeline view were displaying as a single value incorrectly.
    • We fixed the Help Popover preventing it from overflowing the screen and not being able to send the Support message.
  • Mobile responsiveness improvements:
    • We added a clickable backdrop behind the sidebar menu on mobile screen sizes. It now closes the navigation sidebar allowing Users to interact with the rest of the page.
    • We moved a Lead Status selector to the sidebar to alleviate responsiveness issues and group like items together.
    • We fixed a couple of issues where popover menus would not close as expected on mobile devices.
    • We fixed the problem with certain date pickers being broken on mobile.
September 22, 2022
Opportunity Notes and Custom Fields in the Pipeline view
  • We added an option to view Opportunity Notes and Custom Fields in the Pipeline view. It’s now easier to understand the details of the specific Opportunity.
  • You can enable these in the “Options” menu and then click on the Opportunity card to see the Notes and/or Custom Fields.
August 31, 2022
August Improvements and Bug Fix Roundup
  • The Billing Settings page can now have Plan Changing, Schedule Changing, and Cancellation disabled (with helpful messages) via the API. Currently, having a Minimum Monthly Payment Obligation will disable all three actions, and being on the new billing plan will disable changing the billing period.
  • We now allow you to rent up to 25 personal phone numbers instead of 5 and show you an improved error message if you rent too many phone numbers.
  • The Opportunity Funnel report can now be shared. Each filter change loads a unique URL into the address bar. There is a “Share Link” button to copy the unique URL to your clipboard.
  • It’s now easier to click to expand/collapse selectable sections in reporting groupings (e.g., selecting Groups for reporting filtering) after introducing a larger clickable area.
  • The Lead and Contact Filtering page headers respond better to different screen sizes. The search text cuts off more elegantly, the actions break to a second line earlier, and share and sequence actions roll over into the “More Menu” as the screen size shrinks.
  • Lead URLs are now clickable in the new Leads table.
  • Pipeline/Status labels will now show the name of the pipeline if the pipeline has been deleted.
  • We fixed an issue where scrolling Lead and Contact Filtering results would not load more results.
  • We clarified the description when exporting Leads as JSON that in fact we export all Contacts’ info.
  • We now correctly display an error when updating Billing's invoice fails.
  • We fixed an issue where opening an Email template in a new tab opened it twice.
  • We fixed a problem with certain date-pickers not working on mobile devices.
  • We fixed a spacing issue with the description when choosing “Other” for the Industry and Lead Source fields during onboarding.
August 15, 2022
New Contact Filtering Page columns

New customizable columns have been added to the Contact Filtering Page:

  • Contact local time (based on the phone numbers)
  • Contact Custom Fields
  • Lead Custom Fields
  • Lead fields: Description, URL, Created Date, Created By, Updated Date, Updated By, Primary Address 
  • Lead and Lead Status are still present but were moved to the Lead section
August 11, 2022
Liquid - a new templating language

We’ve updated our templating language (email templates, integration links) to Liquid. Templates now support conditionals, defaults, loops, and many more advanced functionalities.

August 1, 2022
Lead Filtering Improvements

New operators are available in the Lead Filter Sidebar. The new operators (and their negative counterparts) are:

  • “contains exact words” — replaces “contains exactly”
  • “contains phrase” — a new one that specifies “full words in this order”
  • “contains words starting with” — replaces “contains”
  • “is exactly” — a new one used in some custom fields, for example, when “xyz” query must NOT match against “xyz abc”. This is important when you store some kind of identifier on your Custom Fields.

We've added more criteria to choose from when filtering to help find the data you’re looking for:

  • Filter Sidebar now shows an "any text" filter under every search object. This allows you to perform a “full-text search” where we’ll search through every field on the object you select for the entered phrase.
  • The "Date last updated" filter was added to the Sequences section in the Filter Sidebar.
  • The “Local Time” filter in the Filter Sidebar now supports minutes. Previously, only hours were supported.
  • Filter Sidebar now supports additional filters under the "Find any status change where…" section for Leads and Opportunities. Previously, you would only be able to filter by the latest status change.
  • We have exposed two additional operators (“is on or before” & “is on or after”) in date filters in the Filter Sidebar. That should give more flexibility when choosing a date, whether a day is inclusive or not.
  • The “A {activity type} activity is present” filter (e.g., “A call is present”) is added.
July 29, 2022
July Improvements
  • The sidebar will automatically collapse itself on narrower screens (it can still be manually un-collapsed).

  • Split Opportunity Badges will now show the hover tooltip properly when the text is truncated. This also applies to all other places where a tooltip was conditionally shown when text is truncated.
  • The Lead Activity search input is now behind an icon on narrower (laptop & down) screen sizes.
  • The layout of the Lead Activity filters has a better layout for mobile.
  • "Copy to clipboard" button added to Custom Fields in Custom Fields section on a Lead page. It's shown when you hover your cursor on a Custom Field.
  • Changes to Custom Activity fields (create, delete, edit, reorder) are reflected in the Custom Activity form without having to refresh the app.
  • Leaving a Voicemail Drop no longer pauses a Sequence Subscription with a calling step. Previously it did, as if leaving a VM Drop was the same as having a meaningful conversation.
  • We now emit an “answered” Event whenever a call is answered. This allows certain 3rd-party integrations to act immediately when a callee picks up (e.g. turning on real-time coaching on the Close user’s computer).
  • When deleting a Document from a Regulatory Bundle the confirmation dialog text shows more information about the document you are deleting.
June 30, 2022
June Improvements
  • You can now compare different time periods in your Opportunity Funnel Report. This new filter is available for day, week, month, quarter or year comparisons.

  • It’s also now possible to compare Opportunity Funnels across Close users. Knowing the relative performance of your team members, at each funnel stage, helps you efficiently allocate your coaching efforts. Compare user to user, user to group, or group to group within seconds.

Some changes you’ll notice when comparing Close users:

  • Metric Tiles are replaced by a User Comparison Summary table.
  • For 2 users the Graphs are shown side-by-side for ease of comparing. For 1 or 2+ users the Graph shows aggregated data.
  • The Stages table in the bottom section is replaced by User Comparison table. Each pipeline stage is shown per user.

  • We’ve also given you more control over managing your invoices. You can now download all your invoices in one place. Head over to Your Billing Payment Settings page and click the description to initiate downloads for Subscription, Usage Credit and Usage Summary Invoices.
  • You’ll now notice smarter usage billing when you have a credit balance. In the event your account has a credit balance, those funds can now be applied to your telephony usage charges. Previously, those credits would only be applied to subscription charges. Keep an eye out for more billing enhancements over the coming month.

Additional June improvements:

  • Changed default option in auto-complete to new Search (instead of old Search) when there are no suggestions in the Search box.
  • Improved the wording of the Sequence Detail Modal to clarify why emails fail with a “revoked Send As permission”.
May 30, 2022
May Improvements and Bug Fix Roundup
  • It’s now possible to filter an Opportunity Funnel Report by Smart View, allowing you to further analyze your opportunity pipeline performance.
  • We've continued our progress to upgrade our lead filtering experience. Users with access to our old text-based queries will no longer see two versions of the Leads tab in Close. During this upgrading process, users will still be able to access text-based queries via an on-page link.

May 18, 2022
New Feature
SavvyCal native integration

Automate calendar booking, round robin assignments, and more with the native SavvyCal integration for Close. This integration also helps you sync + update Contacts and align your team around meetings that matter––all in an intuitive, visual calendar tool.

To learn more about the details of setting up this integration, check out the SavvyCal knowledge base.

May 12, 2022
New Feature
Opportunity Funnel Report [BETA]

We added a beta version of the Opportunity Funnel report. It’s now possible to analyze your: 

  • Win Rate
  • Conversion Rates between the stages
  • How much time do your Opportunities spend there
  • Overall Win Rate
  • Time to Win

To learn more about the Funnel report best case practices, check out our Help article.

Please remember this is a beta version of the feature. We're currently working on improving and adding new functionalities to this report. Don’t hesitate and share your feedback with us.

May 12, 2022
New Feature
Segment integration

We’ve integrated with the Segment platform, and Close can now be used as a Destination for your customer data. With the current version, it’s possible to:

  • Create new Leads and Contacts by setting all necessary data points as predefined and custom fields.
  • Update existing Lead and Contact data.
  • Group Contacts under specific Leads.

Check our Help article on how to integrate with Segment.

April 30, 2022
April Improvements and Bug Fix Roundup
  • It’s now possible to set a delay in hours (additionally to days) between the required and optional steps in the Sequences. This will make sending the call follow-ups faster in the Call and Email Sequences.
  • We fixed an issue where attaching multiple Supporting Documents of the same type to a Regulatory Bundle would result in an uninformative, generic error when the user tries to submit the Bundle for a review.
  • We fixed an issue where Close would prematurely hang up on leads leaving a voicemail message for a Close user / Group Number. Now, the system finishes recording the message automatically after 30 seconds of silence (replacing the previous 5-second threshold).
  • We added a new look for the buttons in the interface (rounded corners).

April 12, 2022
New Feature
Activity Feed Search

You can now filter the Activity Feed on Leads by a keyword or phrase. Simply type into the search box on a lead, and your Activity Feed will show only activities matching your word or phrase. Each activity will be expanded, and phrases will be highlighted to help you easily understand the matching context.

Additionally, we’ve added a date range filter that will allow you to isolate only activities between two dates. Combine this filter (and any other existing filter) with the new search input to quickly find what you need in Close!

April 1, 2022
New Feature
Sending MMS

It’s now possible to send MMS in Close, allowing you to send images and other forms of media (videos, PDFs, audio files, and more) to your leads the same way you send SMS today.

It's available for US and Canada-based numbers. If you have an eligible number, you'll now see a file attachment icon when crafting a new SMS, or you can simply drag and drop files directly onto your message.

We'll also now display thumbnails for media sent and received via MMS.

March 31, 2022
March Improvements and Bug Fix Roundup
  • We upgraded our Stripe checkout flow, so now users are redirected to and from a Stripe checkout page when adding or updating card info.
  • We redesigned certain interface elements - login screens, page headings, and Opportunity statuses badges.
  • We fixed an issue where users couldn’t log out of the “verify email” onboarding step.
  • We fixed an issue where the email composer sender select would stay disabled even after a new connected account was added.
  • We improved the Team Management users table to properly show 2FA as enabled even if the user has been blocked (fail ten 2FA codes in a row).
  • It’s now easier to expand/collapse a Contact’s details thanks to a larger clickable area.

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