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Grow your business while you help your audience grow theirs. Earn a 20% commission for 12 months on every new paying customer you send us!

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Affiliate Partner

Best for anyone who can’t-stop-won’t-stop talking about sales with their communities and wants to earn some cash while they do it. People like content producers, influencers, community leaders, or Close fanatics.

Maximize your earning potential as a Close affiliate partner with a 45% referral-to-customer conversion rate.

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Service Provider

Best for businesses scaling consulting and implementation CRM services with Close.

Service Provider Partners know how to help their customers maximize Close in order to book more business. They can maximize their own revenue by earning commissions for new customers brought into Close.

Plus, easily manage multiple customer accounts with a simple toggle.

Integrations Partner

Best for partners who are ramping up their product growth through integrations.

Leverage the 6,000+ businesses that are looking for tools that integrate with Close.

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Close for Startups

For accelerators, incubators, and startup communities that have a perk/deal marketplace and are looking to offer a startup friendly deal for Close for companies to build and start their revenue engine.

What our affiliates have to say about Close

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Close just kicks butt. I don’t know how you can beat Close for finding product-market fit and scaling. Bar none: velocity, learning, quick KPI reports, and training––every rep I train thinks Close is the greatest thing ever.
Kyle Stremme
Founder at High Kick Sales
Close has revolutionized the way I manage my remote sales teams - setting up sales systems is so easy, and the results have been nothing short of amazing!"
Sam Queen
Founder at CloseDr
Close is a powerful, purpose-built CRM that’s helping me grow my business. As a partner, our clients love how simple it is for their sales team and I love how easy it is to integrate with other best-in-class software.
Harris Kenny
Founder at Intro CRM

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Browse over 100 sales consultants experts—vetted, and ready to hire.

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