Built-in SMS to increase reach rates

Focus on engaging contacts faster with powerful SMS software.

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Centralized outreach

Read and respond to SMS messages without leaving your Close Inbox.

The more streamlined your workflow, the better. Close SMS fits intuitively into your daily sales process and centralizes texting communication within the CRM. No more switching apps. Just focus on reaching more leads, faster.

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Send one-click SMS. Use an SMS template, or craft your own message.

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Opt to delay the send until a specific date and time.

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View replies and direct SMS messages directly on the Lead view or in your Inbox.

close crm create sms workflow

Unified + automated communication

Elevate your outreach and the follow up.

Create multi-step, multi-channel Workflows that include SMS, emails, tasks, and calls. Automate messaging based on certain lead criteria or stage in the buyer's journey.

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Enroll contacts to SMS Workflows easily, and set follow-up triggers.

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Send from any personal or group SMS-enabled phone number.

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Take your SMS outreach further with robust API bulk texting.

Straightforward pricing

Low-cost, high-impact business SMS. Close makes sense for your team's workflow––and your budget.

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Simple pricing starts at $0.01 per outgoing message in the U.S. and Canada.

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SMS is automatically enabled for all users, on any plan. You can restrict access to certain reps, based on your needs.

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Includes SMS activity insights, where you can get an overview of your entire team’s usage and spending.

Trusted by the worlds fastest growing teams

The fact that it’s a complete unified communication system is the biggest component for us. Email, texting, telephony––I’ve worked for companies where we had to buy options for all of these and then integrate them. This is the #1 reason we think Close is dynamite.
randy nordgren avatar
Randy Nordgren
Founder & COO at HR Covered
ryan groth avatar
Smart Views have had the biggest impact on our business. We make views of prospects who open our emails so we’re focusing on our warmest leads, then use texting and the Power Dialer to connect with them that day.
Ryan Groth
CEO at Sales Transformation Group
garrett tichy avatar
With Close, we’re in constant communication with clients and keeping more people engaged over time.
Garrett Tichy
Founder & Owner at Hygge
sam sharpe avatar
The simple interface helps us quickly move through calls, follow-ups, and emails. The SMS option is fantastic, as well. I don't need to have multiple programs open, it all happens in one application.
Sam Sharpe
Transport Agent at Nations Auto Transport