Your data is safe with Close

We take security seriously and honor your trust.

Privacy is our priority

The security and privacy of your data—and that of your customers—is important to us. That’s why we’ll never share your data with any third parties without your consent. Your data in Close is only shared and visible to other members at your organization and a few trusted members of our training and technical support teams, as needed.

Close is SOC 2 Type 2 compliant

As a SOC 2 Type 2 certified SaaS provider, Close securely manages your data to protect the interests and privacy of your organization. SOC 2 defines criteria for managing customer data based on five trust service principles, which we meet in the following ways:

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Security: We protect our system and your data against unauthorized access with state-of-the-art security tools and techniques.

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Availability: Close systems are highly available, fault-tolerant, with built-in redundancy. Our performance and availability is continuously monitored by our engineering team so that Close is always there when you need it.

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Processing integrity: The health and performance of our data processing pipeline is continuously monitored by our engineers, and is supported by robust internal automation.

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Confidentiality: Your data is protected by strong authentication and encryption. Access to confidential data is regularly reviewed and granted to as few people as possible.

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Privacy: Our privacy policy describes exactly how we collect, use, retain, and dispose of any data information.

Close is GDPR compliant

Close meets the Data Controller and Data Processor obligations under the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)—and we help our customers meet their own GDPR requirements, too. For details, read our full GDPR Compliance statement. Along with other data security practices, Close offers:

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Strong data protection controls, to prevent unintended disclosure or misuse.

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Industry standard best information security practices, and rigorous testing to proactively fix bugs and vulnerabilities.

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Incident response and notification processes. These are reviewed and tested annually.

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Procedures to ensure data recovery and integrity, so that customer data isn’t lost or inadvertently corrupted.

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Close is CCPA compliant

Close complies to the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA). We are upfront about what information we collect, how we obtain it, how we use it, and how we protect it. The CCPA provides consumers (California residents) with specific rights regarding their personal information. For more, check out our full CCPA Compliance privacy notice.

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