Close more deals with actionable insights

Scale smarter with customizable CRM reporting.

Data you can trust

Report on the metrics that truly matter to your team.

Pipeline health

Make accurate sales forecasting projections on open deals in the Opportunities view. Stay focused on the deals most likely to close.

Holistic view of KPIs

Track leading indicators––and spot potential roadblocks. Analyze phone time, see customer data distribution, and more.

Integrations and exporting

Complex reporting needs? No sweat. Easily export data or use our advanced integrations to sync Close data to your BI tool of choice.

Built-in Opportunity Funnel Reports

Analyze your Pipeline health in seconds with our out-of-the-box Funnel Reports.

Track sales velocity

Quickly find (and fix) leaky areas of your funnel. Track velocity between Pipeline stages and overall conversion rates.

Compare Users and Time Periods

Analyze KPIs over time––and between groups or users. See how metrics like deal count, deal value, and conversion rate compare side-by-side.

Available on all plans

Every Close customer can use these value-packed Funnel Reports without upgrades or add-ons.

One-click Activity Comparison reports

Get the insights you need to coach your reps and identify roadblocks.

Real-time leaderboards

Access on-demand reports that show how your reps are performing. Filter by groups and compare to previous time periods.

Act on priority metrics

Get a holistic view of your team's time on phone, see the distribution of customer data attributes, or rank the performance across your team based on deal value closed. Use this data to measure and support your team.

Double the performance of every rep in Close

In my past CRMs, I had to export the data into a spreadsheet to get the reports I needed. It was unnecessary manual work. Close’s reporting features are the opposite of that experience—they streamline our daily sales reporting processes, save us a TON of time and money, and help us motivate our teams.

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