Take full control of your data

Integrate all of Close’s functionality into your existing toolset through our powerful API.

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It's everything an easy API should be.

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Set up custom reporting

Create custom reporting for leads that match specific criteria. Define your criteria in a Smart View and get automatically updated reports on all leads that match those criteria.

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Create custom admin panels

Are you running a large sales organization with very specific and unique needs? Use the Close API to build your own admin panels and create a more streamlined process for your team.

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Build your own integrations

Want to create leads from your own application or website? Connect directly from your app or website to Close, without having to rely on any third-party services to get the data from A to B.

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Design your own dashboards

Close gives you full control over your data. If you want to build your own dashboards or see your sales numbers in existing BI or reporting tools, our API allows you to pull out all the data you need.

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Generate automated email digests

Create automated daily, weekly, or monthly email digests that go out to all your reps. Show their individual performance metrics for any given time period and benchmark it against the overall team members.

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Trigger custom workflows in realtime

Want to create custom workflows based on changes to your data in Close? Use our event-based webhooks to track change events in real time and use that data to power your custom workflows.

Discover the full power and potential of the Close API.