Introducing Meeting Sync in Close: Meetings, meet context

There’s a point in most sales processes where you’ve connected with your prospect, and you need to give them a demo, a call back, or the big closing call. Keeping track of those meetings can be a pain—did the lead reschedule, who attended, and what happened next?

Today we’re launching Meeting Sync, a power feature that gives you instant visibility by bringing your meetings directly into the CRM.

What is Meeting Sync?

Meeting Sync in Close makes it simple to connect your Google Calendar and automatically track the meetings you have with leads—it works just like email sync in Close today. Just enable Calendar Syncing and you can select any Google Calendars that you use.

Once a calendar is connected, any meetings you schedule will appear on the leads they’re booked with. Changes to the calendar event will update the synced meetings automatically. It’s that easy.

A Close lead page showing an upcoming meeting

We know our users spend a lot of time in Close, and you should never miss a meeting because you were too busy working on something else. With the meeting reminder bar, you’re reminded of your upcoming meetings in Close and can jump into a video call or the lead with one click.


Why we built Meeting Sync

Close has always focused on reducing manual data entry for sales teams, and as more teams use their calendars to book demos, we saw the opportunity to save our users time and help ensure more accurate data for reporting on sales activity.

How Meeting Sync can help you today

With your meetings captured in Close, you can build Smart Views to show all the leads with meetings booked for this month, or leads who you’ve talked to more than five times but haven’t booked a meeting with, or simply incorporate meetings into your existing sales workflow and Smart Views.


You can also report on the number of meetings your team is having. Because our calendar sync works like our email sync, we’ll pull in your historical meetings, too, so you can start reporting effectively on day 1 with Close.

Get started with Meeting Sync

Meeting Sync is available today for all users. Simply connect your Google Calendar in Settings → Connected Accounts and visit a lead page to see your past and upcoming meetings.

Here’s to more productive meetings--and even greater visibility.

Go get ‘em!

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