57 Best Sales Prospecting Tools (Free & Paid) for Sales Teams in 2024

If you're a salesperson, simplicity is your friend—especially when it comes to choosing the best sales prospecting tools. While more sophisticated tools sound good in theory, they often create too much friction–which can slow you down.

That's why we love easy-to-use online sales tools that simplify your workflow and help you move potential customers through the sales process faster.

An efficient, scalable sales program starts with good prospecting, so we've rounded up more than 50 of the best free sales prospecting tools. These tools help optimize your sales stack, make your team more effective at sales prospecting, and give you more time to follow up on leads.

What are Sales Prospecting Tools + Why Do They Matter?

A sales prospecting tool is a software platform that helps sales professionals streamline and automate parts of the prospecting process. Depending on the tool, it might help you find emails, schedule meetings, or sort prospects according to how likely they are to respond to outreach.

Sales prospecting tools can help with other areas, too, like:

  • Qualifying leads
  • Enriching leads
  • Dialing calls
  • Tracking email campaigns
  • Writing email sequences
  • Sending and tracking cold email campaigns
  • Finding contact information
  • Scheduling calls
  • Scheduling emails

Whether you’re a small business or a SaaS startup, prospecting tools help make the sales prospecting process faster and easier.

What are Sales Prospecting Tools + Why Do They Matter?

Who Uses Sales Prospecting Tools?

Companies of all sizes and sales professionals at all levels can use prospecting tools. In general, SMBs and enterprise companies are best served by investing in paid tools, while small businesses can often get away with using free tools or free plans.

Sales development representatives, account managers, and sales managers can all benefit from using the right prospecting tools, but they’re particularly helpful early in the sales process to track prospects and keep the process organized.

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What are the Benefits of Using Sales Prospecting Tools?

Ever wish you had more hours in the day? The right sales prospecting tool can keep you organized so you can make better use of your time. Other benefits of using sales prospecting tools include:

  • Never forget to follow up: Prospecting tools can automate follow-up so you’re always on top of the follow-up.
  • Analyze data: Tired of sorting spreadsheets or figuring out what data is actually useful? Prospecting tools make it easier to sort, share, and analyze the right metrics to make prospecting more efficient.
  • Update your CRM + other sales tools: Most tools integrate with your other platforms, like your CRM or email marketing tool. They share data, so you always know where a prospect stands.
  • Spend less time on low-quality leads: Use prospecting tools to find email addresses, enrich leads, and sort prospects so you spend less time focusing on poor-quality leads.

Of course, all these benefits rely on finding the right tool for your needs and your company. Before you dig into our massive list of prospecting tools, here are three factors to keep in mind.

4 Factors to Consider When Choosing a Sales Prospecting Tool

There are a lot of tools out there, and not every tool is right for every person or company. Before you dig into our massive list of prospecting tools, take a few minutes to consider these factors to make sure you find the right tool based on your needs.

Where are You Currently Struggling?

How do you make sure to stay on top of your sales pipeline? How do you track your leads and make sure to move prospects towards a buying decision?

If you're in the early stages of building a sales process, a well-structured spreadsheet is often all you need to boost your sales productivity and should be utilized from the onboarding process on.

On the other hand, if you find yourself missing meetings or see your average close time creeping up, there might be other challenges that need to be addressed, such as how you qualify leads or organize meetings.

Before signing up for a dozen new tools (which you won’t end up using, let’s be honest!), take the time to consider your roadblocks.

What tasks take up the most time?

Where is your sales process hitting roadblocks?

Are there any tasks you just really hate doing?

For example, if scheduling calls take up a lot of time and you hate the back-and-forth emails, a sales scheduling tool could save you hours of time and lower your stress level. If you're drowning in unqualified leads, it might be time to update your lead generation stack!

The answers to those questions will help you find the right prospecting tool.

Will it Integrate with Your CRM?

The right CRM serves as a system of record for all prospecting activities. It might be your task list, data storage, and automation tool all in one. A quality CRM will also have a variety of integrations that allow it to share data with other tools. Before choosing a new tool, make sure it will play nicely with your CRM.

Think about it–a new automation tool isn’t going to be very helpful if you have to move website visitor data over manually. The goal of sales prospecting tools is to save sales representatives time, so make sure the tool you’re considering works with all the tools you use, but especially your CRM.

Who Will Use the Tool?

Sales representatives have different needs than account managers. Inside sales and outside sales teams don’t use the same approach. Finding the right tool isn’t about finding a one-size-fits-all tool for your entire organization–it's about finding solutions to specific issues.

Make sure the tool you’re considering solves challenges for the people who need it. For example, sales development might need a tool to enrich leads, while account executives need a tool that pulls in social media information from current customers. Those may be the same lead prospecting tool–or it might be two different tools.

Will it Scale?

Most organizations look at cost when comparing tools. While overall cost can impact which tool is a good fit, scalability is arguably the most important factor to consider. That’s because finding the right tool is just the start–you also have to make sure it's worth it for the long haul.

The best prospecting automation tool in the world isn’t much good if you outgrow it after just a few months. As you compare different tools, consider how they will scale over time, including how much costs might increase.

For example, does it offer enough seats for your team? Does it store the amount of data you need? Will it only allow you to perform, say, 100 searches before charging hundreds of thousands of dollars? (Hopefully not.)

Compare the value plans for competing tools and choose the platform that will grow with you over time.

Prospecting Tools for Finding New Sales Leads

Prospecting is all about finding new (and better) leads. These tools make it easier to streamline and automate lead collection and, in some cases, sales engagement.

1. FindThatLead: Free Trial / Paid Plans: $60/mo+

FindThatLead is a B2B sales and prospecting tool that helps companies, startups, and digital agencies scale and automate their lead generation and sales outreach.

FindThatLead makes it easy to build a sales prospect list and gather new leads without manually copying and pasting contact information.

FindThatLead Sales Prospecting Tool

Other FindThatLead features of note include a Chrome extension to gather emails while you browse social, their Prospector tool that builds highly targeted lists, a bulk domain search that generates email in bulk from a CSV file, and an email verification tool.

Their Growth plan comes with unlimited email credits per month for $60. For more credits or some of the more advanced functionalities, check out their pricing page. They used to offer a free plan but now offer a free trial that provides access to all the tools except the bulk upload.

2. LeadMine: Limited Free Plan / Paid Plans: $29/mo+

LeadMine is a sales intelligence tool designed to find your target customers and claims to find their email addresses with 95 percent accuracy. They have more than 200 million contacts in their database and allow you to query their database by title, industry, location, company, and more.

Leadmine Sales Prospecting Tool

Other features we love include their Chrome extension to find leads, email verification, and the email verification tool.

Leadmine’s free plan gives you ten credits per month, and their paid plan currently starts at $49/month with 250 credits per month. The free plan offers limited features, but all the paid plans offer access to all features–you just pay for more credits.

3. ZoomInfo: Free Trial /Contact for Plan Pricing

ZoomInfo is a leading provider of sales and marketing data. They offer several tools, but for this review, we’ll focus on their SalesOS tool, which offers prospecting information, data-driven insights, and access to buying signals.

If you’re looking for more than just email addresses, this is a solid tool. You’ll gain access to contact and company data, lead enrichment, website visitor tracking, and buyer intent data. This means you can target the right companies at the right time rather than going in blind.

Zoominfo Sales Prospecting Tool

Other tools on their platform offer additional features, such as call tracking and sales process management.

ZoomInfo offers three plans for SalesOS, but you’ll have to contact them for pricing. Thanks to the magic of the internet, we found that pricing starts at around $8,000, so the paid plans are more of an enterprise solution.

4. Owler: Free Plan / Paid Plans: $35+

Owler promotes itself as better than Google Alerts, but that is selling this tool short. In addition to tracking specific companies (making it great for those in Account-Based Marketing/Sales), Owler also offers detailed search features, a competitor graph, and the ability to automate tasks (in the highest plan).

Owler Sales Prospecting Tool

If you’re looking to monitor potential prospects so you can customize your outreach and know when to nurture them, Owler is a fantastic tool. The free version allows you to track up to five companies, so it's easy to see how it works before committing.

The Community plan is free; paid plans start at just $39 per month when billed annually.

5. TAMI: Free Trial / Contact for Pricing

TAMI is a robust lead enrichment and prospecting tool providing data access to over 130 million companies in 190 different countries. If you’ve been wanting more data, TAMI delivers.

TAMI Sales Prospecting Tool

Features include finding new prospects, generating email lists, scoring inbound leads, enriching current leads in your CRM, and delivering detailed information about leads including their merchant, industry–even what bank they use and who they use to ship their products.

TAMI integrates closely with most CRMs, so your data is all in one place. TAMI offers a free trial, but you’ll have to contact them for information on plan pricing.

P.S.: The TAMI/Close integration means you can see all your TAMI data right in Close. 🙌

6. Seamless.ai

Seamless.ai enables salespeople to effortlessly source new leads directly from LinkedIn. Its powerful features allow you to easily search for potential clients and add them to your email campaigns, allowing Seamless.ai to take over the rest of the process.

With just a single click, Seamless.ai examines the profile, retrieves their personal and/or work email from its comprehensive database, and automatically enrolls them in the drip email campaign of your choice. This streamlined approach ensures you can connect with your prospects efficiently, maximizing your sales efforts and helping you achieve better results.

Sales prospecting tools - Seamless

Based on the information gathered, Seamless.ai appears to offer a variety of pricing plans catering to different business sizes rather than primarily being an enterprise solution.

The pricing structure begins with a Free Plan that offers 50 credits and basic features. The Basic Plan, which offers 250 credits per month and costs $147 per month, is available for more robust needs. The Pro Plan and Enterprise Plan provide custom pricing options.

Tools for Automating Prospect Outreach for Niche Industries

Tired of spending hours doing outreach manually? These sales prospecting tools will help you work smarter–and faster.

7. TRIBUS: Contact for Pricing

TRIBUS is a “complete brokerage digital marketing solution” with a few outreach tools that real estate professionals will love. Features of note include lead routing, which sends new leads to new members based on preset rules, task management features, lead tracking and scoring, and a contact export.

TRIBUS Sales Prospecting Tool

Like many other tools on the market, TRIBUS offers a range of different tools. The main tool for prospect outreach is their CRM, but the lead routing feature also makes it easier to know which leads to contact next.

Based on the information found, TRIBUS's basic plan starts at $9 per month. This pricing model is per user and is offered monthly. It's important to note that Tribus does not offer a free trial or a freemium version of its software, and there are no additional charges for setup fees. Don't hesitate to get in touch with them directly for more information.

8. Sonar: No Free Trial / Depending on # of Subscribers

Sonar simplifies processes for internet service providers, including billing, scheduling, ticketing, and purchases.

Sonar Sales Prospecting Tool

They also offer a CRM that allows you to sort customers by service, status, industry type, or another important feature. The platform also offers contract integration so that customers can easily review and sign documents quickly.

Sonar offers pricing based on the number of subscribers. The costs vary as follows:

  • For 1 to 5,000 subscribers, the price is $1.25 per subscriber.
  • For 5,001 to 10,000 subscribers, the cost reduces to $1.00 per subscriber.
  • For 10,001 to 50,000 subscribers, the rate further decreases to $0.75 per subscriber.

These pricing tiers cater to different scales of internet service providers, from smaller operations to larger ones, offering flexibility based on the size of the customer base.

Tools for Finding New B2B Prospects

Finding more (and better quality) prospects is one of the best ways to drive more revenue. What if finding the right prospects could be easier? These tools help make prospecting easier by gathering contact information, highlighting outreach opportunities, and making it easier to segment lists.

9. Datanyze: Free 90-Day Trial / Paid Plans $29/mo+

Datanyze aims to make cold outreach easier by providing icebreakers and helping you find more leads. Features include a Google Extension that gathers contact information and company data, icebreaker questions to help turn cold prospects into warm leads, and detailed contact and list management tools.

Datanyze Sales Prospecting Tool

Nyze Lite offers up to 10 credits per month and is free for the first 90 days. Paid plans are affordable, starting at just $29 a month when paid annually.

10. Crunchbase: Always Free Version / Paid Plans $29+

You’ve probably heard of Crunchbase–it’s a pretty well-known site offering information about privately held companies. But it is also a fantastic tool for sales prospecting for B2B. Features include detailed filters to find the right companies, contact information, and email templates to make outreach easier.

Crunchbase Sales Prospecting Tool

Crunchbase Basic, which provides firmographic information about companies, is free. For more detailed information and to monitor companies, you’ll need a paid subscription, which starts at $29/mon billed annually.

11. Bombora: Contact for Pricing Information

Bombora is an intent data tool designed specifically for sales and marketing teams in the B2B space. Access to intent data makes it easier for sales teams to focus their efforts on qualified leads and waste less time on leads that aren’t ready to convert.

Bombora Sales Prospecting Tool

Features of note include Company Surge, which notifies you when leads are actively searching for solutions you provide, company information, and information about what topics leads are interested in.

12. BuiltWith: Free Individual Searches / Paid Plans $295+/mo

BuiltWith is a database of more than 673 million websites that shows what technologies they use, including shopping carts, analytics, hosting, CMS, widgets, advertisers, and many more.

BuiltWith Sales Prospecting Tool

If your organization sells software, it's helpful to know what tools your prospects use–and what tools they might need. This data can also be sorted by location, traffic, or vertical. You can also access data about market share and sales intelligence to improve conversions.

Paid plans for BuiltWith start at $295 per month.

13. Prelo: Free (Limited) Plan / Paid Plans $49+/mo

Prelo aims to make prospecting easier by providing access to information about new and growing tech startups. Using a wide range of filters and search templates, B2B businesses can easily access a list of qualified startups in just a few clicks.

Prelo also provides email templates, contact information, and information to improve outreach efforts.

Prelo Sales Prospecting Tool

Prelo offers a “free forever” plan with limited data access and paid plans starting at $49 per month.

Tools for Finding Prospects’ Email Addresses & Contact Details

Sometimes, finding leads isn’t the issue–it's knowing which email address is accurate. Here are a few tools to locate contacts' email and phone numbers.

14. Hunter: Free Plan/ Paid Plans $49/mo+

Hunter helps sales professionals connect with decision-makers by delivering relevant email addresses in real-time. You can also score each prospect with their confidence score and verify any email address to ensure delivery.

They offer a Google Sheets extension and basic email campaigns and integrate with your favorite sales and marketing tools.

15. Swordfish AI: Free Trial / Paid Plans $99+/mo

Swordfish AI helps you find email addresses, telephone numbers, cell phone numbers, and other direct contact information. This can save you valuable time when sales prospecting on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, GitHub, Stackoverflow, Dribbble, Bing, or Google.

Swordfish Sales Prospecting Tool

Swordfish AI does not violate any social media website's terms of service because it isn’t scraping the sites. It only uses the person’s profile URL as a data point reference. Then it connects to over 200+ network data partners who live in real-time to obtain the most updated email address and verifiable contact information for that exact person.

Swordfish AI is pricier than other contact information tools, but it offers much more, including real-time validation, file enrichment, the ability to send emails, and direct dialers.

16. Find That Email: Paid Plan $19+

Named the best tool for finding emails by Ahrefs, Find That Email lives up to the hype. Unlike competitors, Find That Email has the highest delivery rate, finding over 90 percent of the email addresses searched for.

Best Sales Prospecting Tools - Find That Email

Find That Email has a 100+ million verified emails database and allows you to save prospects to lists. You can also install the Chrome extension and prospect right from your browser. Paid plans offer additional tools like API access and social network support.

17. VoilaNorbert: Free Trial / Paid Plans $49+

Need to find the email address of a specific person within an organization you want to sell into? There are lots of hacks to do this, but VoilaNorbert makes it quick and painless.

VoilaNorbert Sales Prospecting Tool

It's not a good choice for bulk lookups (they limit the number of searches you can run per day), but if you're doing the kind of targeted outbound prospecting we usually recommend, it should serve you well!

The simple and quick interface is just what busy salespeople need.

18. LeadInfo: 14-Day Free Trial / Paid Plans €59+

LeadInfo will help you find contact information–but it does much more. The inbox-style dashboard makes it easy to see the company profile of every website visitor in real-time. This lets you respond to leads and prospects visiting your website in real time.

Leadinfo Sales Prospecting Tool

Other features include powerful lead generation forms and the ability to integrate with dozens of your favorite tools.

19. Anymail Finder: Free Trial / Paid Plans $108+/year

Anymail Finder is a verified email-finding tool. Unlike other tools that might “guess” emails based on company email formatting, Anymail Finder only delivers verified email addresses. It’s great for prospecting, especially if you’re simultaneously looking for hundreds of emails. Features include mass searches and an enhanced database.

The free trial lets you search for 20 email addresses for free, so you can try it out before investing.

20. AeroLeads: Free Trial / Paid Plans $49+/mo

AeroLeads is a contact database tool–but it delivers more than just emails and phone numbers. Search their database of more than 650 million prospects using the platform’s detailed filters, automate prospecting, verify emails, and even integrate with your CRM.

AeroLeads Sales Prospecting Tool

Sales reps can also upload their own lists, use the plugin to find employees on any website, and improve LinkedIn prospecting by locating contact information with just a few clicks.

Sales Tools to Find All Email Addresses of a Domain

Finding email addresses is a key step in prospect outreach–but it can also be time-consuming. These tools gather the email addresses of an entire domain so you can reach out to the right person faster.

21. Snov: Free Version / Paid Plan $39+/mo

Snov offers more features than just finding and verifying all domain-related email addresses. You can also set up email drip campaigns, send sales follow-up emails, perform outreach, and people's contact details from their LinkedIn profiles.

Snov Sales Prospecting Tool

Snov can also be used as a sales CRM to house all of your data and communication in one place. Even better, they offer a free version with limited tools and a wide range of plans to build a plan with the features you need.

22. Overloop (formerly AnyReach & Prospect.io): Free Trial / Paid Plans $69+/mo

Simply input any domain you want and Overloop starts finding email addresses and phone numbers associated with the domain. Works best with small sites as it's limited to crawling 50 pages per domain.

Overloop Sales Prospecting Tool

It even crawls PDFs, spreadsheets, and documents hosted on the domain and usually delivers decent results.

23. GetProspect: Free Version / Paid Plans $49+/mo

GetProspect is a LinkedIn lead gen tool with an email finder. You install a Chrome plugin, search for leads on LinkedIn, select leads that seem most relevant, and then import them into GetProspect—which then finds the corporate emails you need to perform outreach.

Their free basic plan will allow you to find 50 emails per month, and for $49 per month, you get 1,000 emails per month.

Sales Lead Enrichment Tools

Before reaching out, most sales reps research prospects to find out who they are, their pain points, and what solutions they might need. Sales enrichment tools make this process a whole lot easier by automating the process.

24. Reply.io Database: Free Version / Paid Plans $59+/mo

You might be more familiar with Reply.io as an email tool, but they recently released a free data tool that helps enrich leads. It gives you a detailed profile of leads, including name, location, LinkedIn handle, and more.


You can use it to enrich current leads or build a laser-focused prospect list based on industry, revenue, job title, etc. All you have to do is sign up for a free Reply account, and you'll get access to 140 million contacts.

25. Detective.io: Paid Plans $50+/mo

Detective (formerly CharlieApp) helps you research prospects in less time. We’ve suggested before that you shouldn't spend more than five minutes researching your prospects–with Detective.io, you won’t have to.

Detective connects with your Google Calendar and automatically researches people you’ve scheduled a meeting or phone call with.

Detective Sales Prospecting Tool

Their technology filters through hundreds of sources (various social media profiles, etc) and extracts useful insights about the person and their company. You'll find a neat one-page briefing in your inbox ahead of the scheduled meeting.

26. FullContact: Custom Pricing

FullContact for Gmail is another great tool for researching prospects. You can easily view prospects' photos, social profiles, and job titles without leaving your inbox to make outreach personalization a breeze.

Fullcontact Sales Prospecting Tool

FullContact also allows you to see detailed info about your contacts’ organizations, sets up a calendar invite to meet, and allows you to add notes and tags to contacts.

FullContact website does not provide explicit pricing details for its services on the main web pages. FullContact offers various identity resolution services, including customer data unification, customer recognition, data enrichment, and fraud and identity verification. Their solutions are designed to enhance customer relationships while prioritizing privacy and security.

For specific pricing information, it's advisable to contact FullContact directly or schedule a demo through their website, which could provide more personalized information based on your particular needs.

27. UpLead: Free Trial / Paid Plans $99+/mo

UpLead offers a range of prospecting tools, including email verification, lead enrichment, and email finders. These powerful tools can help sales teams build a target list and improve outreach effectiveness.

Uplead Sales Prospecting Tool

In addition to lead enrichment, UpLead offers mobile direct dials, contact verification, and a Chrome extension. It also integrates with several CRMs so you can store all your data on one platform.

28. Leadberry: Free Trial / Paid Plans $24+/mo

Tired of losing leads? Leadberry helps turn website visitors into leads using data from Google Analytics to track users, see what companies are interested in your company, and then enrich that data to make outreach easier.

Leadberry Sales Prospecting Tool

It also offers a robust filtering feature and real-time alerts so you can reach the right people faster.

29. Clearbit: Paid Plans $50+/mo

Clearbit is more than a sales enrichment tool–it's a full-on sales intelligence platform that uses millions of data points to help you look like a sales rockstar. You’ll get access to up-to-date information on leads, track website visitors, prioritize leads, and build lead-scoring rules to help your team focus on the right leads.

Clearbit Sales Prospecting Tool

Clearbit offers site personalization, A/B testing, Ad targeting, and conversion tracking outside sales.

Pricing is based on your needs and the number of seats, so reach out to Clearbit.

30. Leadfeeder: Free Version / $165/mo

Leadfeeder is a data enrichment tool for inbound-heavy sales with high-value, low-volume leads. This tool gives you hidden insights into the people visiting your website, which enables you to discover new inbound leads that haven’t filled out a form yet. You can even set up automatic qualification rules based on behavior and demographics.

Leadfeeder Sales Prospecting Tool

The pricing tiers increase based on the number of leads Leadfeeder identifies for you, not website traffic.

Tools for LinkedIn Prospecting

LinkedIn has rapidly become one of the most popular social networks for B2B professionals, making it an essential platform for your sales prospecting efforts. But, it can also become a time sink for sales teams. Luckily, several tools help make LinkedIn prospecting easier–and more effective.

31. LinkedIn Sales Navigator: Free Trial / Paid Plans $79.99/mo

There’s a good chance you’ve heard of LinkedIn Sales Navigator, the paid tool from LinkedIn designed for sales professionals. If you haven’t given it a try yet, it is worth the hype. It delivers advanced search filters so you can find the right leads faster, delivers lead recommendations, and the ability to send InMail and detailed reports.

LinkedIn Sales Prospecting Tool

Even better, it can send all that data to your CRM, so you don’t have to manually add leads, create target accounts, etc.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator typically offers several pricing editions, ranging from about $79.99 to $134.99. The exact cost depends on the features and level of access required.

32. Clearout: 100 Free Credits / Pricing starts from $21

Are you tired of searching for leads in LinkedIn and LinkedIn Sales Navigator? 

Clearout streamlines your LinkedIn prospecting with our powerful LinkedIn Email Finder Chrome Extension. This tool effortlessly extracts pre-verified contact information from both LinkedIn and LinkedIn Sales Navigator.


A simple click allows you to scrape leads from multiple LinkedIn pages, and an in-app search feature helps you easily pinpoint your target prospects. Plus, our data enrichment option ensures that your contact details remain up-to-date. As a bonus, we offer 100 free credits upon sign-up without needing credit card information.

33. Conversify: Free Trial / Paid Plans $44+/mo

Looking to automate your LinkedIn outreach? Conversify is a sales prospecting tool that allows you to do just that. You can send messages, connect with prospects, and follow up automatically. According to Conversify, their platform helps you engage on LinkedIn 10X faster.

In addition to automation features, Conversify also enriches leads and provides analytics so you can see what effective sales strategies and even import leads into your CRM.

34. LeadFuze: Free Version / Paid Plans $147+/mo

LeadFuze helps you to find anyone’s contact information in your target market with unlimited access. Think of it as a souped-up version of LinkedIn's Sales Navigator.

Leadfuze Sales Prospecting Tool

You get 25 free leads when you sign up with your email address (no credit card required).

35. Dripify: Free Trial / Paid Plans $39+/mo

Want to take LinkedIn prospecting to a whole new level? Dripify will get you there. In addition to making LinkedIn prospecting easier by prospecting for you–even while you sleep. You’ll start by building out campaign rules, telling Dripify who to contact, and setting rules.

Dripify Sales Prospecting Tool

Dripify does the outreach for you and delivers prospects to a custom inbox where you can respond, add notes, and even mark important leads so you don’t forget to follow up.

Even better, Dripify integrates with Close to see all the sweet lead data in your Close.

36. Kennected (previously LinkedFusion): Custom Pricing

Want to supercharge your LinkedIn prospecting? Kennected works with LinkedIn to help make your team even more effective with lead prospecting, video software, profile optimization, and custom targeting.

This tool uses automation to turn cold connections into warm leads, using outreach sequences, message scripts, sales training, and access to more LinkedIn automation features.

Kennected Sales Prospecting Tool

Kennected offers several pricing tiers for its services, but the exact prices are not listed directly on its pricing page. Its plans include Basic, Advanced, Advanced+, Enterprise, and Agency.

Each tier offers a range of features, starting with basic functionalities like 1-on-1 onboarding and B2B outreach in the Basic plan and moving up to more advanced features like AI sentiment responses and additional data credits in the Advanced+ plan.

P.S.: Kennected integrates with dozens of your favorite sales and marketing tools–including Close!

37. LinkMatch: Free Trial / Paid Plans $15.99/mo/user

Most LinkedIn tools are all about automating LinkedIn outreach. While that can be useful, LinkMatch takes a different approach. They serve as a bridge between LinkedIn and your CRM, so you can instantly see which profiles are already in your pipeline and which aren't.

It also gives you the power to edit existing profiles, add notes or new fields, customize how LinkedIn data is saved in your CRM, and automatically save LinkedIn messages to your CRM. The goal? Save sales professionals at least 2 hours daily and increase conversion by 10%.

LinkMatch Sales Prospecting Tool

LinkMatch offers different pricing plans for various CRM integrations. The Standard Plan typically costs $15.99 per user per month and includes basic features like viewing and saving LinkedIn profiles in the CRM without LinkedIn Sales Navigator and LinkedIn Recruiter support.

The Professional Plan, priced at $26.99 per user per month, includes additional features like auto sync of LinkedIn messages and priority support and works with LinkedIn Sales Navigator and LinkedIn Recruiter.

Guess what? We integrate with LinkMatch, so you can easily see and edit your LinkedIn data in Close.

38. Surfe (previously Leadjet): Free Basic Plan / Paid Plans $39+/mo/user

Tired of manually moving data between your CRM and LinkedIn or wasting time digging for contact info? Surfe moves data between LinkedIn and your CRM with one click, but instead of just moving your information to your CRM, CRM data is viewable on LinkedIn.

LeadJet Sales Prospecting Tool

Other features include message sync, an email finder and verification tool, custom message templates, and (for higher plans) reporting tools and job change notifications.

39. Adapt.io: Custom Pricing

If you’re looking to take your LinkedIn prospecting to the next level, Adapt.io might be right for your team. This prospecting tool delivers fresh data so you can stay on top of contact information, sales intelligence, company information, and more.

Adapt.io Sales Prospecting Tool

The platform’s powerful filters allow you to search through thousands of data points and zero in on the right prospect. It works with your CRM through an API, or you can use their Chrome plugin to see the most accurate info right on LinkedIn.

Visit their pricing page for the most accurate and current pricing information for Adapt.io's services. They offer various data solutions and pricing plans, which are detailed on their website.

Tools to Write Sales Emails Faster

How many sales emails do you send a day? If you’re like most sales professionals, you send hundreds of emails a month. It’s time-consuming, but you know the best sales emails are personalized.

Luckily, there is a middle ground between stiff sales email templates and writing everyone from scratch. These tools will speed up email creation without sacrificing quality.

40. RightBlogger: No Free Trial / Paid Plan $29.99/mo

RightBlogger is a robust platform offering a range of AI-powered tools designed to empower salespeople and marketers. For a monthly subscription of $29.99 or a discounted rate of $24.99 if billed annually, RightBlogger provides access to a suite of AI tools that can transform your email marketing efforts.


One standout feature is the AI cold email writer, which can craft compelling emails based on product titles or descriptions, allowing you to reach out to potential customers with engaging content. Additionally, RightBlogger offers an email subject generator that can create attention-grabbing subject lines using just a keyword.

With RightBlogger, you have the tools to enhance your email marketing strategy and create impactful, personalized email campaigns that drive results.

41. Unbounce Smart Copy: Free Version / Paid Plans $9+/month

Formerly known as Snazzy AI, Smart Copy is an AI-driven engine that helps you to create email copy, sales copy, or copywriting instantly.

Unbounce recently bought snazzy AI, and they can also create landing pages and taglines.

This tool helps sales teams craft creative and engaging email templates and sales copy for email follow-up.

42. Close's Cold Email Generator: Free Forever

Want to write those cold emails faster? Our cold email generator whips up a first draft based on your company details and goals. You can take the draft, personalize it, and use it to reach out to prospects or even build a cold email drip campaign.

Our Cold Email Generator isn't just another robotic content spinner—it's backed by a decade of perfected cold email templates from our seasoned Close sales team. It starts by generating a solid initial draft, but the magic happens when you add that human touch. Personalize your emails with specific details about your prospects, their names, or recent LinkedIn activities, ensuring a personable touch that stands out.

Here's how it works: Provide your company name and description, select your desired call-to-action, hit "Generate," and voila! In seconds, you'll receive a fully customized cold email template with a personalized subject line. Use this as a foundation and add your flair.

Field Sales Prospecting Tools

43. CamCard: Free Trial / Paid Plans $25/mo/user

CamCard makes it easy to capture and manage business cards on the go. Just scan a business card, and then you can easily share the information with other team members, add notes and images, set reminders, search, and tag your contacts.

44. MagneticOne Mobile Works Business Card Reader: $14.99/100 business cards

MobileWorks provides mobile solutions for CRM users, including call recorders and business card recorders. Their business call reader recognizes more than 25 languages and allows you to send new contacts straight to your CRM with just two taps.

Even better, MagneticOne syncs with Close to import field data into your CRM. The card reader costs $9.99 a month for 110 card recognitions.

45. Uniqode: Paid Plans $15+/mo

Uniqode allows you to create and store digital business cards on your smartphone. Your contact information becomes easily accessible to your prospects by scanning a QR Code. It also lets you do away with physical business cards and adopt an eco-friendly way of sharing contact information.

The solution also offers first-party data and Google Analytics integration, helping you seamlessly bridge the gap between offline and online marketing.

Tools to Schedule Emails for Any Time

The average prospect needs six to seven touches before they’ll convert. If you’re sending just one or two emails, you could miss out on conversions. These tools automate emails to schedule emails over several days—or weeks.

46. Close: Free 2-Week Trial / Paid Plans $49+/user/mo

The Close Sales CRM enables you to schedule emails easily, build powerful workflows, and send bulk emails to streamline your outreach.

sales prospecting tools Close

Want to improve your email outreach even more? Use our email reminders, tracking features, and email templates to further speed up the email process.

Close is a full-stack CRM built for and by sales teams to increase revenue and keep your sales team organized. Track leads through the sales funnel, track calls, find new opportunities, and so much more.

Get started with your 14-day free trial and start sending unlimited emails within minutes. No credit card is required.

47. Boomerang: Free Limited Plan / Paid Plans $4.98+/mo

Want to send emails early in the morning without waking up? Boomerang is just the right email prospecting tool for you. In addition to letting you schedule emails to be sent later, Boomerang provides follow-up reminders, tells you when emails have been opened, tracks which links have been clicked on in your email, and more.

sales prospecting tools Boomerang

All new Boomerang accounts come with a free 30-day trial of Boomerang Professional. If you don’t want to subscribe at the end of the trial, you can always use the free Basic plan for as long as you’d like.

48. HubSpot: Free Tier / Paid Plans $30+/mo/user

HubSpot is a powerful marketing platform with a built-in email scheduling feature. While it might not be worth getting the platform just for the email scheduling tool, their free-tier CRM does offer email scheduling.

sales prospecting tools Hubspot

They’ll also tell you the best time to send emails, help you design email sequences, track email opens, and turn your most effective sales emails into templates.

49. Salesforce: Free Trial / Paid Plans $25+/mo

Salesforce is another full-featured platform that offers an email scheduling tool. While it's not worth getting the platform just for this feature (we’d recommend Boomerang if that is all you need!), it is a useful feature for those already using Salesforce.

The Send Later feature makes it easy to schedule emails to send at the optimal time, increasing your chances of hearing back.

Tools for Communicating with Prospects

Talking to dozens of leads a day can get complicated. Keeping up with calls and meetings and who you need to call next doesn't have to be a pain. These tools will keep you organized and reduce the back-and-forth emails asking, “Are you available at 10 a.m. on Tuesday?”

50. SavvyCal: Free Plan / Paid Plans $12+/user/mo

Scheduling calls can be a nightmare, especially in different time zones. SavvyCal makes it easier by allowing you to share your calendar with prospects so they can select the time that works best for them.

sales prospecting tools SavvyCal

SavvyCal also offers meeting polls, allows you to accept payments, creates workflows, and helps schedule meetings for larger teams.

51. Troops: Paid Plans $19+/user/month

Troops is a reactive communication tool for sales teams that tracks and collects all of your messaging directly into your CRM tool.

sales prospecting tools Troops

The tool monitors your systems and database and notifies team members of any important notifications or customer data that may impact revenue. For example, if a lead downloads an ebook or a coworker closes a deal, Troops can send a message to Teams, update your CRM, and suggest next steps.

52. Zoho Sales Management and Tracking Software: 15-Day Trial/ Paid Plans $20+/mo/user

Zoho sales management tool and tracking software is built to help sales reps increase sales and work more efficiently. It will also centralize and capture business data and communication into a single tool.

It’s a full-featured CRM but also offers scheduling tools like online file management and meeting and webinar tools so you can meet with ideal customers and stay organized.

53. Toky: $25+/user/mo

Toky offers a “turn-key” communication solution for your business–and your sales team. Features include virtual numbers, SMS, voicemail drop, automatic access to messaging activities in your CRM, and cross-system monitoring.

Even better, it integrates with many of the tools you already use, so you can access all your data in one place. Plus, Toky offers detailed reporting so you can see what the data says about your business.

54. Tenfold: Contact for Pricing

Tenfold helps sales reps increase their performance by providing all the information they need to close the deal in one location. That includes call history, automatic call logging, unified customer profiles, agent status and availability management, click-to-call, and local dialing.

sales prospecting tools Tenfold

If you’re looking for a way to keep admin and call reporting time down, Tenfold can help.

Prospecting Tools for Insurance Agents

If you sell insurance, you know how competitive it can be–especially when some agents have no issues using spammy strategies like buying cold calling lists. These tools will help you gain a competitive edge the right way–by following up and staying organized.

55. Quotehound: Contact for Pricing

Quotehound connects those in search of insurance with quotes from insurance providers. Basically, consumers tell Quotehound what type of insurance they’re looking for and where they’re located, and Quotehound provides several quotes that meet their needs.

For agents, however, it is a gold mine of qualified leads. By connecting with the platform, you can gain access to custom leads and use their click-to-call program to start reaching out today.

56. AllWebLeads: Contact for Pricing

AWL is another source of insurance leads. High-intent customers come to the site looking for auto, home, health, life, or small business insurance and are connected with licensed agents in their area.

Agents get access to high-quality leads and can manage campaigns in AWL’s dashboard. They also provide access to experts to help you optimize your business to ensure you get the highest-quality results.

57. Allstate Lead Marketplace: Contact for Pricing

Allstate Lead Marketplace serves as another source of leads for insurance agents–but it does a whole lot more. In addition to high-quality leads, the site offers access to tools like live call transfer, analytics, and training through ALM University.

Prospect Like a Champ with the Right Sales CRM (and Sales Prospecting Software)

Using Close for prospecting will drive the efficiency of your team and help you find more qualified leads faster.

First, Close integrates nicely with your favorite lead enrichment tools, allowing you to find the people who are most likely to buy.

Then, as a communication-focused CRM, Close allows you to set up automated workflows, including calls and emails, to nurture those leads and move them through the sales funnel.

You can also set up reminders to follow up when you don’t get a response on time. Want to see how Close can empower your sales team? Start a free trial, or watch our on-demand demo.

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