Conversify CRM Integration

Conversify is a tool for sales teams to automate and manage their outbound prospecting on LinkedIn. Send automated direct messages, connection requests, and follow-ups. Enrich LinkedIn contacts with emails and phone numbers.

With the Conversify integration, you can connect and sync your LinkedIn contacts with leads and contacts in Close.

- Track which Contacts replied or were contacted

- Store LinkedIn profile and conversation URLs

- Filter Contacts by their Custom Activities

This integration allows Close to be a single source of truth for your outbound efforts for phone, email, and--now--LinkedIn. Less confusion, more demos, and more closed deals.

Integrate Conversify with Close in 3 easy steps:

- Create a free Conversify account

- Copy & paste the API key from your Close instance

- Select and sync the Contacts you want in Close

Get automated outbound on LinkedIn to help grow your business. Your first campaign with Conversify is free, and Close customers will get a 50% discount in their first year.