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Cold Email Generator

How to get the most out of generative text.

Still Writing Cold Emails Yourself? Use Our Free AI Tool to Get Personalized Cold Emails & Subject Lines Right Now

Wait…is this just another AI spinner tool that’ll generate a garbled mess of content that sounds like it was written by a robot? Not at all. We’ve trained our cold email generator with the most effective cold email templates we’ve been perfecting on the Close sales team for over a decade.

Here’s the deal: Our tool will deliver a great first draft. Don’t copy and paste this new cold email into your CRM (or email client) and hit send without adding a human touch. Instead, use this as inspiration to write more great cold emails faster.

Once you’ve used our cold email generator to create a starter email, consider adding specific details about your prospects, their name, maybe even a comment about their last LinkedIn post. Be personable, not robotic. 

Cold Email Generator Tool by Close (Example) Screenshot
Here’s an example of a cold email generated using our AI tool. As you can see, it’s a great start, but it still needs a human touch—that’s where you come in.

Once you’re done, these cold email campaigns will be ready to load right into your CRM. 

How to Use this AI Cold Email Generator to Get the Best Cold Emails (and Email Subject Lines)

Look, writing cold emails and coming up with clever subject lines is a PIA. It takes up time you could be spending talking to prospects, and (let's be honest) most of us aren’t writers. 

Enter: Close’s Chat GPT-powered cold email generator. With the click of a button, you’ll get a fully personalized email template you can use to schedule more meetings—and close more deals. Here’s how it works: 

1. Type in Your Company Name

Start by giving the AI tool some basic information—which company you work for, or the name of the produc]t or service you’re selling. For example, by default, you’ll see we use just our company name, Close: 

Cold Email Generator Tool by Close (Example) Screenshot
Start by typing your company or product name into the first field.

While there are certainly pros and cons to inputting just your company name or deciding to use your URL (domain name) so that interested prospects can click through to learn more about your company, we recommend keeping your cold emails very light on links. The more links you have in your cold email campaigns, the more likely they are to land in your recipient’s spam folder.

2. Add a Description of Your Company (Benefits & Value Propositions for Your Prospects)

Next, you’ll want to tell the cold email generator what exactly your company does and why your prospects should care. If you have a polished value proposition, this is the place to add it. Make sure to add the specific benefits that this prospect (or group of prospects) will care about. 

Write a Description of Your Company or Product (to Generate the Best AI Cold Emails) Screenshot
Next, write a value-driven description of your company or product.

The best value propositions get straight to the point and avoid wasting your prospects' time. For example, we highlight Close in the default description of this tool. Our value proposition is straightforward and has no more than a few short sentences:

“Close is the CRM built for growth. Our customer relationship management platform enables sales professionals to manage their leads & customers more effectively. Close helps organize and streamline your sales process, so that you can focus on closing more deals.” 

Depending on how targeted your cold email campaigns are, you may want to consider adding more specific details to your company description. For example, if we were spinning up a campaign to pitch SaaS companies on using Close, we’d add something like, “Close helps SaaS teams reduce the number of tools in their tech stack, improve sales automation, boost rep productivity, and drive more sales.” 

3. Select Your Desired Call-to-Action (CTA)

Once you’ve added all your details, choose from the dropdown menu which call-to-action (outcome) you’d like to end your cold email template with. You can choose between these options: 

  • Ask your prospect to book a call with your Calendly link
  • Ask them to reply back with an ideal time to chat 
  • Ask for them to reply with feedback on your pitch
  • Or if you’re feeling adventurous… let the AI decide
Select a Call-to-Action (CTA) to Make Your AI Cold Email Template Stronger (Screenshot)
Select one of our curated call-to-action options to make your cold email convert better.

Using a strong call-to-action that’s clear, concise and straight to the point, will dramatically increase the success of your cold outreach campaigns. 

Here’s why: When you ask prospects to take a very specific action at the end of your cold emails, you’re making it easy for them to get back to you about next steps. When you leave an outreach email on an ambiguous note about what can happen next, most people won’t take action on your email.

For that reason, we’ve trained our cold email generator with the three highest performing cold email calls-to-action from our most successful cold email templates over the years.

4. Click Generate and Watch Your Cold Email & Subject Line Appear

Once you’re ready, hit “Generate,” and our tool will deliver a customized cold email template with a personalized subject line in just a few seconds. 

Click Generate to Create an AI-Powered Cold Email (Screenshot)
Once you’re ready, click generate and watch the magic happen!

Take that cold email template and add your own touch—add the prospect’s name at the start of your email and consider mentioning their company name. Add details about how you found their company, where you met them, or interests you share. 

The Fundamentals of Writing Cold Email Templates, Sales Emails & Email Subject Lines that Convert

There’s been a lot of buzz lately about AI taking over copywriting. We want to be clear—AI will not (and in its current format cannot) replace salespeople and marketers. 

Sure, you can use AI writing tools like our cold email generator to spin up content for things like product descriptions and email marketing campaigns. But if you want your content to actually get results (especially for cold emails), AI tools are exactly that—tools you can use to create better content, faster. 

AI writing platforms, like our cold email generator, serve as a starting point. You still need to rely on the fundamentals of writing a cold email to get results. 

With more than a decade of experience sending cold emails, we’ve learned a thing or two. Here are our top tips for nailing your next cold outreach campaign: 

1. Know Your Potential Customers & Prospects

Before you start writing, you need to know who you’re writing to. Start by researching potential customers—where are they located? What problems do they have? What do they post about on their LinkedIn profile? 

Then, get with your marketing team. What can you learn from your team’s content marketing efforts? If specific topics get a ton of traffic, consider mentioning them in your email (or linking to those resources!) If your team uses paid ads, find out which keywords are driving the most conversions. 

Use this info to create a hyper-personalized message by telling our tool about the topics your prospects care about. 

Read our guide on cold email best practices & frameworks to make sure you’re reaching out to the right prospects, rather than making the mistake of buying an email list and spending a lot of time blasting irrelevant contacts with a misguided cold email campaign.

2. Write a Captivating (and Short) Email Subject Line

The email subject line is arguably the most important part of your cold emails. Here’s why: if it doesn’t grab your prospects' attention, they won’t open your email, and all that effort is wasted. 

So, what makes a captivating sales email subject line

  • Keep it short: You can write a long drawn-out email subject line if you want—but email clients will just cut it off. So, do yourself a favor and keep it between 20 and 40 characters. This still gives you plenty of space to grab their attention. 
  • Be relevant: What do your prospects really want? They don’t care about helping you close more deals—they care about solutions. What problems can you help them solve? The more research you’ve done, the more relevant your email will be. 
  • Use an interesting hook: How many emails are in your inbox right now? If you’re like most people, you probably have at least a few dozen sitting there, waiting for your response. Subject lines are the bait of your cold email—will it hook your prospect? 
  • Use urgency authentically: Don’t use lame subject lines like “LAST CHANCE BEFORE THIS AWESOME DEAL IS GONE FOREVER.” That’s so 2010. Instead, use urgency authentically–what benefits are they missing out on? What results could they be getting with your help? 

Nail your subject lines and your cold emails will get significantly higher open rates—which is the first step to getting a prospect interested in your offer.

3. Craft Creative Email Copy for Your Cold Email Outreach Campaigns

The best cold emails are designed to start conversations, not close deals right off the bat. As such, your cold emails should be just three sentences:

  1. Who you are and what your company does
  2. Why the recipient should care about your email (Ex: Specific results you’ve delivered, what other companies of their size/industry have achieved)
  3. The call-to-action: What do you want the reader to do? Reply to the email? Click a link to schedule a call? Something else?

Keep the body of your email to no more than 100 words—which means if you’re using an AI-generated cold email tool like ours, you might need to trim the message down to just the basics if it gets a little too creative on you. 

4. Close Your Cold Emails & Sales Emails with a Strong Call-to-Action (CTA)

You’re sending a cold email because you want prospects to take a specific action. Of course, you want them to open the email, see how awesome you are, and connect with your message. 

But, you also want them to do that one thing. What is that one thing? It might be booking a meeting, downloading a report, or just responding to your message. To make your CTAs more effective, make sure you’re clear, direct, and tell prospects exactly what you want them to do. 

Before making a request, make sure you’ve earned the right to ask for what you want. For example, if this is your first outreach to them, they’re unlikely to enter their credit card number, right?  But they might watch a (short) demo video or sign up for a webinar. 

Don’t forget to close with your name and contact information!

5. Send a Follow-Up Email Until You Get a Clear No

Following up is the key to cold email success. Remember, people are busy! They have a full email box, a long to-do list, and plenty of other priorities besides responding to your cold email–no matter how great your subject line is. 

So how often should you follow up? Until you get a no. 

Here’s the follow-up formula we use at Close: 

  • Day 1: Send out your first email. Introduce yourself and what you bring to the table. 
  • Day 2: First follow-up, but at a different time of the day. Maybe your first email got buried. 
  • Day 5: Second follow-up. Just restate your CTA, don’t over-explain or get aggressive. 
  • Day 8-10: Third follow-up, maybe even a breakup email where you say goodbye. 

If you still have no response, follow up once a month at most—but only if you don’t use the breakup email. We’ve seen plenty of prospects respond after four or five months, so don’t give up. 

The key to this is not giving up until you get a clear “no.” If the prospect isn’t interested, then don’t keep badgering them. It's annoying, and it's not an effective way to close sales

6. Optimize and Learn From Past Sales Email Campaigns (to Perfect Emails Over Time)

Look, we can spout off a ton of advice here about how to write the perfect cold email. But the best way to find the most effective cold email strategies is to see what your prospects actually respond to. 

  • Which emails get the best open rates or reply rates? 
  • What messages drive the highest conversion rates? 
  • Does sending emails at certain times of the day increase responses? 

Track the success (and failure) of your cold email campaigns over time and figure out what works best to start conversations with prospects in your industry. 

Once you figure out which sales strategies work best on your ideal customers, you’ll see your response rates and close rates shoot through the roof.

How Our Easy-to-Use Cold Email Generator Tool Works with GPT (AI Email Writer)

This free cold email generator is AI-powered and designed to give you simple, effective cold emails to use right now. Put simply, this is an AI writing tool that’ll take your company name, description & instantly generate a conversion-oriented cold email for you.

We built this AI sales email tool using GPT-3 & GPT-4 artificial intelligence technology from OpenAI (also known as Chat GPT), and trained it with the most effective cold email templates from the Close sales team. GPT-3 is a language prediction model. In short, this means the underlying technology has what’s called a neural network machine learning model, that takes input text (like your company information) and writes high-converting email copy.

We’ve trained our AI cold email generator with the goal of giving salespeople & marketers a fun way to generate more cold emails faster—so you can focus on closing more deals.

We decided to make this AI tool 100% free for anyone to use, with no pricing plan, and no credit card necessary. We believe strongly in the power of cold emails, and want every sales rep to experience writing emails with the assistance of AI-powered automation.

Who is This Sales Email Generator Tool Best For?

We designed this artificial intelligence-powered cold email generator to craft highly effective sales emails (regardless of what your company sells), with the primary goal of getting a recipient to reply to your first email—to start conversations with your prospects.

Here are just a few of our favorite use-cases for sending cold emails using our tool:

  • Small business owners and sales representatives wanting to start more prospect conversations & close more deals
  • Startup founders and sales teams looking to scale their personalized cold email outreach
  • Service providers who are short on time and want to quickly generate effective email copy
  • Marketers looking to start content partnership conversations, pitch guest posts, build links and boost their SEO rankings
  • Podcast hosts sending outreach emails to book guests or sponsors for their show

While in theory, you could use this tool to generate copy for email marketing campaigns or to quickly come up with social media share-worthy content, we don’t recommend it. We built this tool specifically for sales teams who want to send better cold emails, boost their conversion rates and close deals, faster.

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