Product update: Archiving email templates, emojis, revamped Support Center and more

We have a bunch of exciting product updates to share with you that will make your sales process more effective.

No more clutter: Archive and activate email templates as needed

Our customers create a lot of email templates for various purposes and for different stages of the sales process. Sometimes, this makes it hard to find the email templates they use the most.

Now, we’re happy to introduce our email template archiving function. This will help you avoid unnecessary clutter and give you immediate access to your most frequently used email templates.

Instead of deleting your email templates, you can now archive and activate them as needed.

In order to utilize this function, head to "Settings", then choose "Your Email Templates". From there, simply hover over the template(s) you want to archive and the Archive button will appear on your right.


Templates will reside in the Archive folder until you choose to either make them active again or delete them.


Improved email templates: Now with searchable dropdown

We’ve created a searchable template dropdown in the email compose form so that you can create your emails quicker and close more deals.

Simply click the “Choose a template” dropdown and search for the relevant template for your customer or lead. Just hit enter when you see the one you want.

Your email will be instantly populated and ready to send, meaning you’ll have time to send even more emails than before. (Tip: You can also quickly send an email with the Cmd-Enter or Ctrl-Enter keyboard shortcut.)


BONUS: We’ve increased the per-user template limit from 500 to 5,000 so that you can create even more template options.

New in version 2.3 [Native Mac/Windows apps]

  • Emojis are now properly displayed: A smile goes a long way. Add a bit of extra personality to your emails by including emojis.

  • Enjoy full screen mode on your activity reports: Got a dashboard in the office? Pull up your activity reports and stay on top of what’s happening at all times.
  • Improved error messages: If the application fails to load, you’ll know exactly what the issue is.
  • Open links in new window: Use middle-click or Ctrl/Cmd+click to open a link in a new window and avoid abandoning the current screen.
  • Improvement to call recordings: We’ve added a download/open item to the right-click menu for audio elements.

Other updates

  • Find the right user in seconds: We’ve added a search bar to Inbox and Reports, allowing you to find who you’re looking for faster than ever.


  • The Close Zapier app has two new Actions: It now supports an Update Lead action to not only create new leads, but also to update existing fields on a lead based on any data trigger. This takes advantage of Zapier’s new multi-step Zaps functionality. Our Zapier app also supports a New Contact action.
  • Enjoy our revamped Support Center: We’ve updated the design to give you a better Support Center experience.
  • Added functionality to calls: You can now assign missed calls from unknown numbers and calls without a Caller ID to an existing lead.
  • UI improvements: Improved the way we display very long statuses in the UI.

Bugs and other fixes

As always, we’ve crushed some annoying bugs and made some performance improvements to help you close more deals quicker:

  • Fixed sorting of custom fields in the “Sort by” dropdown (on Lead search page).
  • Fixed issues where sent emails could appear multiple times in Close, and in the user’s sent folder.
  • Fixed a bug where importing a CSV with columns “First Name” & “Last Name” could result in contacts containing “None” in their names.
  • Fixed issue when number custom fields used in Integration Links have .0 at the end.
  • Native app (Windows): Fixed an issue where calling wouldn't work if the computer username contains special characters.
  • Native app (Windows): Fixed an issue where the app wouldn't be focused properly when activating. It’s no longer required to click into the app for scrolling, typing and shortcuts to work.

And in case you missed it:

Use Close’s Integration Links for a faster and more streamlined sales process:

Integration Links are a way to integrate other websites and systems with Close.

Use Integration Links to instantly access other websites to find more information on your existing Leads, Contacts and Opportunities. Get the full scoop here.

Log in now to enjoy an even better Close experience. If you have any questions or feedback, contact and we’ll be happy to help.

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