15 Best Email Extractors: Collect Valid Emails Instantly

Every sales team needs quality prospects—the more the better. But prospecting is often a tedious, time-consuming process. If only there was a quick and easy way to generate leads…

Oh, wait, there is! The right email extractor tool will simplify your lead gen efforts, allowing you to snag email addresses from the websites and social media profiles you surf on the web. Once you have these addresses, you can contact their owners and make sales.

The question is, which email extractor software is right for your sales team? Don't worry. In this article, we’ll explain what email extractors actually are and what they do, how these apps differ from email finder tools, and the 13 best email extractors on the market right now.

What Is an Email Extractor Tool?

An email extractor is any tool that automatically extracts email addresses and related contact information from websites, social media networks, search engines, and other online sources.

Email extractors come in various forms, such as individual software applications, browser extensions, and web pages. No matter the extractor's form, it's designed to help sales teams like yours generate quality leads as efficiently as possible.

Once an email has been extracted, it can be exported to a leads list, then integrated into your lead generation workflow, supercharging team productivity along the way. Win!

I'm going to list my favorite email extractors in a minute. First, I want to talk about what you can do with an email extractor tool once you add it to your company's tech stack. Then I'll explain the difference between email extractors and other email-oriented tools.

What Can an Email Extractor Tool Do?

At their core, email extractor tools do exactly what their name suggests: crawl websites and extract email addresses. However, many tools come with related features, such as:

  • Domain search: Scan a website domain for email addresses and extract all emails for lead generation purposes. (This is the main component of all email extractor tools).
  • Social network search: Search a social networking site (rather than a traditional website) for email addresses and extract all emails to generate leads.
  • Extract from copy text: Copy and paste a portion of text into an email extractor, then extract all email addresses found within the specified content.
  • Bulk email export: Input specifications, then export related email and contact lists in bulk. Doing so will reduce manual effort and save you loads of time.
  • Email verification: Validate the email addresses you collect. Messaging authentic addresses will dramatically improve your delivery, open, and response rates.
  • Domain validation: Identify emails with inactive or invalid domains, known for spam and abuse, or display other signs of mischievous behavior.

Curious about the science behind successful email deliverability in sales? Explore the intricacies of technical email setup to refine your approach.

How Are Email Extractors Different from Other Email Tools?

Here's the deal: not every email tool is the same.

Some help users contact email subscribers. Others help users crunch numbers and evaluate the success of their email campaigns. Still others help users find and verify email addresses.

Email extractors fall into this third group—as we just discussed. But they aren't the only ones. Here are the other tools you should know about:

  • Email finders: These tools find and collect valid email addresses. Just input a professional’s name, job title, company, domain, etc., and voila!
  • Email checkers: Also known as email verifiers, these tools validate email addresses. The goal? To check the authenticity of emails to increase delivery and response rates.
  • Email guessers: These tools analyze company email patterns, then generate potential email variations when given a name and a website domain.

A Word of Warning: Don’t Abuse Email Extractors

Email extractors are powerful tools. Just remember, with great power comes great responsibility. Don't go crazy and automatically add every email you scrape to your email list.

Why? There are two reasons: one, it's illegal. You need permission to send people email marketing communications. And two, it won't benefit you. Emailing random people who may have never heard of your company is spammy. You know what people do to spammers? Ignore them, report them, and definitely don't buy from them. No bueno.

Another piece of advice: limit the number of scraped emails you message daily, and don’t bother with Gmail, Yahoo, or Hotmail addresses. If you're not careful, doing these things will cause your bounce rate to skyrocket, which will lower your sender score. Low sender scores lead to low deliverability rates and a general lack of success.

What should you do with the addresses you generate via email extractor software? Use them strategically. By that, I mean get your emails verified, then only message a few per day using proven email templates. And don't forget to warm up your own email address first!

Cool? Cool. Now let's talk about the best email extractors on the market today. In the next section, I share 13 tools that your sales team should consider using ASAP.

15 Email Extractors to Supercharge Your Prospecting Efforts

An email extractor tool will help your sales team. You just have to choose the right app for your specific needs. To help, I've listed and reviewed 13 tools below. You're welcome.

In addition to these tools, consider exploring the AI Email Writer by Close. This tool leverages advanced AI to craft compelling sales emails, saving you time and enhancing your email outreach. It's an invaluable asset for sales teams looking to streamline their email strategy and engage prospects more effectively.

1. Hunter.io

Best Email Extractors - Hunter

Cost: Free (25 credits) to $499/mo (50,000 credits)

The best thing about it: Powerful domain search allows you to collect valid emails in seconds

Availability: Web app, browser extension, and Google Sheets add-on

Hunter’s Domain Search tool lets users find email addresses from just about anywhere. Easily extract emails, phone numbers, names, job titles, and other bits of contact information by typing a website domain into the Hunter search bar. Then use the data the tool extracts to level up your cold-calling campaigns. One of the best things about Hunter is that it automatically verifies emails, giving them a confidence score to indicate authenticity.

2. UpLead

Cost: Free (5 credits) to $399/mo (1,000 credits)

The best thing about it: 95 percent accuracy means B2B sellers can trust the emails it generates.

Availability: Web app and browser extension

UpLead is a popular B2B prospecting tool. With it, users can quickly find emails by company or URL, then verify those emails with 95 percent accuracy. The app can also be used as a Google Chrome extension, making it extremely easy to fit into one's workflow. Oh, and I can't forget to mention the data enrichment feature, which increases UpLead's bang-for-buck quality. All in all, Uplead is a rock-solid online email extractor—if you can afford it.

3. Datanyze Insider

Best Email Extractors - Datanyze

Cost: Free (10 credits) to $55/mo (160 credits)

The best thing about it: Build a highly targeted list of prospects

Availability: Browser extension

Looking for a more affordable tool than the two above? Use Datanyze Insider to instantly access information about the domain or individual you're researching; then integrate the email addresses you collect into your lead list. Datanyze Insider is available as an extension for Google Chrome, which makes it extremely user-friendly. A powerful email extractor that won't cost you an arm and a leg to use? Yas!

4. Snov.io


Cost: Free (150 credits); Starter $30/mo (1,000 credits)

The best thing about it: In addition to its email finder and verification tools, Snov.io offers various other features to help users streamline their email outreach efforts.

Availability: Web app, browser extension

Snov.io is a powerful email finder tool that allows users to quickly and easily find the email addresses of their target prospects. With its user-friendly interface and extensive database of over 500 million verified email addresses, Snov.io is an excellent choice for businesses and individuals looking to improve their email outreach and lead generation efforts.

5. Discover.ly

Best Email Extractors - Discoverly

Cost: Free

The best thing about it: Quickly uncover contact details across multiple platforms

Availability: Browser extension

What, Datanyze Insider wasn't affordable enough for you? No worries. Try the Discover.ly Google Chrome extension instead, which will let you gather contact details from Gmail, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. You can then leverage said contact details for sales purposes. Here's the best part: Discover.ly is a totally free email extractor tool.

6. Orbitly

Best Email Extractors - Orbitly

Cost: $15 (100 credits) to $5,000 (100,000 credits)

The best thing about it: Enrich your prospect data to create complete contact lists

Availability: Web app

Next up, Orbitly. To use this tool, type an email, phone number, or social media profile into the web app. Want to research multiple contacts at once? Upload a CSV file with a bunch of like-minded info. Once you do, Orbitly will enrich your data, giving you extra details about each of your prospects, which will help you make more meaningful connections. Imagine how much more effective your email campaigns will be. Note: Orbitly can enrich data via API, too.

7. Nymeria

Cost: $39/mo (100 credits) to $159/mo (1,000 credits)

The best thing about it: Collect verified emails with one click, boosting the value of your leads

Availability: Web app and browser extension

Nymeria claims to help users "discover and connect with anyone." It's a bold claim, but the app is able to live up to it thanks to a few handy features. Want to learn a specific person's email address? Simply activate the browser extension while perusing their LinkedIn page, and Nymeria will return a verified email address. Users can also use the web app to target and locate their ideal leads, which will almost certainly lead to more conversions.

8. GetProspect

Cost: $0/mo (50 emails) to $399/mo (50,000 emails)

The best thing about it: Search leads based on specific criteria to generate and track prospects

Availability: Web app, browser extension, and Google Sheets add-on

GetProspect makes it easy to find qualified leads. Use the browser extension to source contact details while you surf the internet. Or the web app to filter through 50+ million B2B contacts to find your ideal customers. No matter how you generate leads, you can use GetProspect to manage them effectively. Life will be much easier for your salespeople when all of the contact information they need to close deals can be found in a single location.

9. PhantomBuster

Cost: $59/mo (20 hours/mo) to $399 (300 hours/mo)

The best thing about it: This cloud tool will automate email extraction by scraping websites

Availability: Web page

Forget about manual labor. Use PhantomBuster to automatically gather valid email addresses from every corner of the web. Simply type in a domain and put this email scraper tool to work. Then export these leads to a CRM or Excel file, so your sales team can use them to close deals. PhantomBuster is also equipped with data enrichment and email marketing features, making it a complete prospecting tool for professional sellers.

10. Email Extractor

Cost: Free+ ($9.99/mo for unlimited cloud storage)

The best thing about it: Easy-to-use Google Chrome extension that will extract emails from any website domain

Availability: Browser extension

How about another free tool? Try Email Extractor, a browser extension that helps users source emails from any website domain. One of my favorite Email Extractor features allows sales reps to preload URLs. The tool will then automatically search the listed domains for email addresses of interest. You can also extract emails from local files, like text or HTML. Trust me, it will save you from hours of tedious data entry.

11. Email Extractor Pro

Cost: Free

The best thing about it: This email spider software automatically crawls website domains to extract email addresses

Availability: Software

Email Extractor Pro is another free tool you can use to extract emails. This one automates the email extraction process, quickly crawling website domains to find valid email addresses that can be used for sales prospecting purposes. (Note: as far as I know, Email Extractor Pro isn't connected to Email Extractor in any way. They just have similar names.)

12. GetEmail

Cost: $0/mo (10 credits) to $399/mo (10,000 credits)

The best thing about it: Find anyone's email within seconds

Availability: Web app

The GetEmail web app helps users find professional email addresses so they can connect with the right individuals and boost sales. All you need is a name and a domain, and you’ll be able to collect leads for better prospecting results. It really is incredibly simple.

13. Atomic Email Hunter

Cost: $89.90

The best thing about it: Quickly extract email addresses and additional details from websites

Availability: Software

Input a number of URLs into Atomic Email Hunter and hit search. The software will then crawl every website you've specified and automatically collect valid email addresses. The lead lists you build can be exported and integrated into your lead management software of choice. Don't know which websites to target? Do a keyword search instead, and Atomic Email Hunter will find relevant websites, scan them, and collect email addresses for you.

Best Email Extractors - Close

14. Email-checker.net

Cost: Free

The best thing about it: Simply copy and paste text, and let this tool extract emails

Availability: Web page

The Email Checker tool is extremely easy to use. Seriously, you won't need to read tutorials or scan through the website FAQ section. You'll just copy and paste a text file (.TXT file) into the solution and let it extract each and every email address included in the copy. It will even omit duplicate emails so that you don’t have to clean up your lists. Talk about convenience.

15. Clearout.io

Cost: Free (100 credits) to Starter $21/month (3000 credits)

The best thing about it: Along with highly accurate and verified email address, Clearout offers more enriched data points like social media and phone numbers ensuring insights for a successful outreach.

Availability: Web App, Chrome Extension

Clearout is a top-notch prospecting, email finder and verification tool for effective B2B prospecting. Using it’s seamless integration with LinkedIn, through Chrome Extension, users can quickly build a list of highly targeted prospects with their verified email address and phone numbers. Clearout's standout feature is it's in-app search feature where you can apply filters like location, roles and 15+ more filters to enhance your lead generation efforts.

Email Extractor Tools: Better Leads in Less Time

The right email extractor will save you a boatload of time—especially if the tool you choose has built-in email checker functionality. Thankfully, tons of quality email extractors are available to you, all at different price points. I just gave you 13 of the best ones!

Of course, lead generation is only half the battle. You also need to contact prospects, build relationships with them, pitch your products and/or services in a compelling way, and close deals. A top-level CRM will help you do all that and more.

Close was designed to empower sales teams like yours. It's equipped with all of the features you need to connect with prospects, including simple lead management features, Power and Predictive Dialers, email sequence capabilities, and a detailed analytics dashboard.

Start your free trial of Close today, or watch our on-demand demo to see if it can improve your lead generation efforts!

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