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A few of our email books & templates you'll enjoy

cold email hacks guide
Cold Email Hacks

Use these cold email templates and strategies to get more hot leads into your sales pipeline.

email sequence template guide
Sales Email Sequence Templates

47 email sequences from the biggest names in SaaS, all pre-formatted for your CRM.

sales pitch guide
The Ultimate Sales Pitch Guide

Build your best sales pitch for calling, email, and more with this comprehensive guide.

Sales automation tools your reps will love.

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Hobi Michalec
Co-Founder at Lumis

The email sequencing feature continues to reinforce what Close has been perfecting from the beginning. Which is to spend less time on administrative tasks and more time closing deals.

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Tim Griffin
Founder & CEO at Cloosiv

Close was a game-changer for our sales process. I immediately saved hours of time by automating email follow-ups with email sequences and closed more deals in 5 days than I ever had in a given month!

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conal maguire avatar
Conal Maguire
Business Operations at TalentPool

The email sequences on Close have been invaluable. They have enabled us to streamline and more efficiently manage our work flows, and have personally allowed me to improve my productivity by at least 50%.

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