23 hilarious CRM memes (because laughter is the best pain killer)

Feeling the pain of trying to work inside a legacy CRM? Or are you a sales leader who’s put a lot of effort into migrating to a new CRM, only to watch your reps be as loyal to their old CRM as they are to their favorite football team?

Whatever CRM struggles you’re facing today, we’ve got you covered. Enjoy 23 of our favorite CRM memes and find the humor in whatever you’re up against. (And if you need more comic relief, check out our collections of sales memes, and cold calling memes.)

1. New leads, anyone?


That moment when you open your CRM and all you have is names…

We’ve got you covered—check out our list of the best email finder tools for generating quality leads.

2. CRM meme for when you just don’t feel like working


Oh, what a shame! I guess it’s time for a coffee break.

3. That AE to SDR handoff could be smoother


If you’ve ever found a cryptic note in a lead profile that you just couldn’t decipher, this CRM meme is for you!

But seriously, if this happens a lot on your team, it’s time to find a better way. Check out how Custom Activities in Close can be used to create more structured data within each lead profile, no matter the situation.

4. When your CRM auto-updates


Isn’t that just a magical moment?

Automation in your CRM isn’t just a dream—when it’s set up correctly, you can automate all those tasks you waste time doing with your eyes closed.

5. Custom Fields all around


Ever felt like your CRM has too many Custom Fields? It happens.

A piece of advice we love to give here at Close is: Keep it simple. It’s far too easy to complicate your CRM system (especially with hundreds of Custom Fields).

If you’re a sales leader, make a conscious effort to limit your Custom Fields to the ones your team really needs and uses. Otherwise, you could make a mess of your data.

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6. Breaking news!


*Gasps* Yup, we said it.

7. If you’re asking, it’s too late for you


Once again, the curse of too many Custom Fields appears.

8. Repeat after me...


Sales leaders, we feel you. Moving to a new CRM is tough, and you’ll probably face resistance from the sales reps on your team.

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9. It’s been 84 years...


This may be an exaggeration… or it may not.

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10. Duplicates


This CRM meme is for that moment when you thought you put all the right data into the right place, and then realized this lead exists in three other places in your CRM.

11. It’s 10 pm. Do you know where your leads are?


That mad dash to the CRM to update your new leads before the sales team leaderboard for Q4 is locked in!

12. Sales leaders after implementing a new CRM


Hide the Pain Harold has been there.

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13. Meanwhile reps are thinking...


This is why CRM training is so important! Check out our ultimate list of CRM training resources.

14. New lead?


We’ve all been there. Sometimes people just don’t want to be found.

15. Where can I find it?


New leads are always great! As long as you know how and where to find them.

Ultimately, if new inbound leads aren’t getting piped directly into your CRM, your follow-up will be slower and you may lose out on deals. Using Zapier or another automation tool, you can quickly bring leads in from your lead generation tools and get reps notified of new leads in their pipeline.

16. Sales managers once again asking...


If you’re a sales manager, this CRM meme will either make you laugh or cry (or both).

17. Feeling a bit skeptical about this


Your CRM should be a place where reps work and live, a functional software that enables them to do their job without getting in their way. Otherwise, they’ll end up working outside the CRM and important data and deals won’t get logged.

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18. When automation disappoints you


If this happens a lot, here’s an idea that might help you out:

If you’re using an automation tool like Zapier to get new leads from your lead generation tools automatically imported to your CRM, try adding an extra step in between that pings a B2B database like ZoomInfo or Clearbit. Then, once the automation collects contact information for each lead, it can be added to the CRM.

19. You can’t have bad data if...


This is either a very clever workaround or an excuse not to log data in your CRM. We’ll let you decide.

20. Closed the deal


BRB, gotta log closed-won. Then we celebrate!

21. Just waiting


Sometimes your CRM loads quickly. Sometimes it doesn’t.

22. Old CRM vs. new CRM


Still waiting for reps to start using your new CRM? We feel ya’.

Fun(ny) fact: Humor affects response rates for follow-up sales emails.

23. The joys of manual data entry


Remember those CRM systems that required you to manually log data? Oh yeah, they're still around. Fortunately, most modern CRM software handles the manual busywork for you, so you can focus on the high-level sales activities that actually drive results.

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