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If you’re part of a sales, marketing, or customer service team, you’ve surely experienced stress related to having to balance a large number of clients at once and trying to keep up strong relationships with them on behalf of your company. Luckily, customer relationship management (CRM) software exists and is able to help you lighten your workload, improve customer relations, boost your sales, and make your department more efficient overall through automating business processes.

In order to successfully implement one of these various CRM software into your business, your team will need proper training and guidance. There are a huge number of training courses, in-person workshops, videos, and other resources available, and we’ve rounded up over 60 of the best ones out there.

Let’s dive in to the first category with online CRM training courses that aren’t tied to one specific software.

General CRM online training courses

If you’re looking for ways to improve your customer relationship management strategies, or want your team to get some additional training in that respect, these online CRM training courses are for you. These courses provide general information, tips, and tactics that can be applied regardless of what CRM software your company chooses to use.

Customer Relationship Management: Using CRM to Focus on Customers

Provided By: Study.com

Cost: $0 (with Study.com’s free 30-day trial)

Why Salespeople Recommend It: It’s a great introduction to CRM strategy and planning

This online course teaches how CRM software can be used to improve customer service and boost sales. Build your company’s CRM strategy through building, managing, and improving relationships with new and existing customers or clients.

Customer Relationship Management

Provided By: Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore, via edX

Cost: $50

Why Salespeople Recommend It: Learn to improve brand-customer bond and loyalty through CRM

This course from IIMB helps salespeople pivot their focus from short-term to long-term goals concerning customer relations. Covering topics such as customer retention and customer value management, students will learn to build stronger relationships with customers to gain loyalty, and the benefits and practical applications of using CRM software to achieve those goals.

Online Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Certificate Program

Provided By: DePaul University

Cost: $1,295

Why Salespeople Recommend It: Learn how to leverage CRM software and strategies

Learn the foundational CRM concepts and strategies, and how to improve your company’s customer experience. This will build customer loyalty and satisfaction, and in turn help you bring in more revenue. You’ll receive a certification upon completion of this online course.

Customer Relationship Management

Provided By: British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT)

Cost: $574

Why Salespeople Recommend It: Gives a clear understanding of why CRM should be a priority and how to do so.

Gain an understanding of the strategies, organization, and work that goes into CRM and how to implement those practices into your business. Learn the importance of making customer relationships a priority for your company’s success and profitability.

Customer Relationship Management

Provided By: Centennial College

Why Salespeople Recommend It: Teaches customer-centric business practices

Covers important CRM concepts, processes, and how CRM software is used to improve what a business knows about their clients and thus improve how the business interacts with them. Learn how to align your communication around customer behaviour, so that your customers will feel like the communication is more personalized to them.

Online CRM software-specific training courses

If your company is already set on a specific CRM and you’re looking to learn how to use it, or if you’re a manager wanting to get your team trained to use software like Salesforce or Dynamics 365, these online training courses will suit your needs. Each of these courses is tied to a specific CRM software, rather than just general tips that can apply to any CRM.

Dynamics 365: The basics

Provided By: LinkedIn Learning

Cost: $44.99

Why Salespeople Recommend It: Introduces Dynamics 365 in an approachable way and covers all the basics you need to know to use it.

Learn the basics of using Microsoft’s CRM software, Dynamics 365. This course instructor, Gini von Courter, will guide you through the interface, processes, reports, and more so you can go from beginner to expert with Dynamics.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Essential Training

Provided By: LinkedIn Learning

Cost: $44.99

Why Salespeople Recommend It: Teaches how to gather and use customer information for sales.

This online course explains in-depth how to use the Dynamics 365 CRM software to the advantage of your business.You’ll learn how to use Dynamics to keep track of customer information, interactions, transactions, and leads to improve and enhance your sales strategy.

Salesforce Development & Administration for Beginners

Provided By: Udemy

Cost: $99.99

Why Salespeople Recommend It: Covers all fundamental aspects of Salesforce; great for beginners.

If Salesforce is completely new to you, this beginners' course is a great place to start. Get familiarized with the fundamentals of Salesforce including development, coding, administration, and reporting.

Salesforce Administrator Certification Course

Provided By: Udemy

Cost: $79.99

Why Salespeople Recommend It: Get all the information you need to become a Salesforce administrator

This in-depth course will provide you with an understanding of Salesforce admin features, tools, and more. You will receive a Udemy certificate for completing this course, and it will prepare you for an accredited Salesforce administration certification exam.

Salesforce Tips

Provided By: LinkedIn Learning

Cost: $39.99

Why Salespeople Recommend It: Awesome quick tips to improve your Salesforce strategy for novice to advanced Salesforce users.

This course provides practical tips and tricks to improve your Salesforce strategies and help you leverage the software to meet your needs. It’s a great way for those that have some experience with Salesforce.

SAP ERP Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Provided By: Matrix College

Why Salespeople Recommend It: Boost your resume by learning SAP CRM and building on your domain knowledge.

If you’re a novice customer service or sales employee and have a bit of knowledge about the field, this course is perfect for amping up your strategies. You’ll be taught how to use the SAP CRM software, build on your existing knowledge of customer service and customer relationships, and improve your resume.

Veeva CRM Training

Provided By: Veeva

Why Salespeople Recommend It: The best source for training on Veeva’s CRM

Veeva provides a variety of online CRM training courses for all aspects of CRM software, from beginner to advanced. You know this training is reliable and accurate because it’s coming right from the source - offered by Veeva themselves. All of their courses are offered online so you can learn from anywhere!

In-person CRM courses, programs and workshops

Prefer more hands-on training rather than online training courses? Look no further than these offline, in-person CRM training courses, programs, and workshops. There are lots going on all over the world in 2019, some focusing on a specific CRM software, and others with more general information that you and your team can apply to your CRM strategy no matter what software your company selects.

Introduction to Microsoft Dynamics 365 (CRM)

Provided By: ONLC Training Centers

Cost: $1195

Dates: 9/16/2019 - 9/17/2019

Location: Sacramento, CA

Why Salespeople Recommend It: You’ll learn a ton about Dynamics CRM in this two-day workshop

This workshop will cover the basics of using Dynamics 365, including terminology, concepts, and features of the software. You’ll be able to use it for marketing, customer communication, improving sales, reporting, and more after completing this two-day work shop.

Zoho CRM Training

Provided By: NobleProg

Cost: $9000/team

Dates: You schedule

Location: San Francisco, CA

Why Salespeople Recommend It: This workshop has flexible scheduling and provides detailed training on Zoho’s CRM.

This training program can be done at a NobleProg training centre or in your workplace. You’ll learn how to use Zoho’s CRM system to build applications and processes to serve your business’ needs.

Comprehensive CRM and Database Marketing (Two Day)

Provided By: ANA

Cost: $1399

Dates: 10/09/2019 - 10/10/2019

Location: New York City, NY

Why Salespeople Recommend It: All-encompassing CRM strategy and marketing workshop

Dr. Devyani Sadh leads this workshop, teaching attendees the ropes for CRM and Database marketing. You’ll learn what it’s all about, including the business and strategy aspects as well as analytics and all the technical stuff that’s involved.

Strategic Marketing and Marketing Analytics

Provided By: Seneca College

Cost: $5,941

Dates: Starts September 2019

Location: Toronto, ON, Canada

Why Salespeople Recommend It: This program provides in-depth learning of CRM for marketing and sales

This eight-month program covers CRM topics as well as a host of other marketing courses including analytics and project management. If you’re working in a marketing position or are looking to get into the field, this program would be a great way to prepare and will look great on your resume.

Customer Relationship Management

Provided By: Douglas College

Cost: $658.93

Dates: 9/3/2019 - 12/2/2019

Location: New Westminster, BC, Canada

Why Salespeople Recommend It: This is a college course that covers all of the fundamental aspects of CRM

In this course, you’ll learn about CRM concepts, how CRM works, and how to implement CRM strategies into your business. Some of the topics covered include CRM tools, how to use CRM to gather and make use of customer information, marketing, metrics and reporting, and more.

Relationship Management Training: Group Training Workshop

Provided By: Business Training Works

Cost: $4500+ (price based on size of group)

Dates: You schedule

Location: In-Workplace

Why Salespeople Recommend It: Perfect for large teams - CRM training delivered in-house

This group training workshop is perfect for sales and marketing teams of all sizes. The instructors from Business Training Works will travel to your workplace and deliver the training in-house. They’ll teach your team the basics of CRM to improve customer relations, boost sales, and more.

Digital CRM

Provided By: Institute of Data and Marketing (IDM)

Cost: $4500+ (price based on size of group)

Dates: £599.00

Location: 11/13/2019 (one day workshop)

Why Salespeople Recommend It: Lots of CRM learning in a short period of time

This workshop will help you make the most of CRM software. Attendees will be taught how to manage relationships with their customers and build customer loyalty. Improve your marketing and CRM strategies and learn about metrics to monitor to influence your strategy moving forward.

Strategic Relationship Marketing Program

Provided By: George Brown College

Cost: $4,289.00

Dates: Sep-2019 - Sep-2020

Location: Toronto, ON, Canada

Why Salespeople Recommend It: Combines in-class and practical, hands-on learning of CRM and CX.

Students of this program will leave with the knowledge and skills that employers look for in marketing, focusing on CRM and Customer Experience (CX) concepts and methods. You’ll experience two semesters of in-class learning and one semester of hands-on work experience, so by the end of the program you’ll be fully prepared for a job in sales, marketing, or a related field.

CRM training videos

Video training can be more engaging than reading a textbook or even sitting in a classroom. If you’re looking for CRM online training videos to make this learning more interesting, accessible, and entertaining, these are for you. This section features CRM training YouTube videos, video libraries, and webinars.

CRM Training Webinars

Provided By: Agile CRM

Video Type: Webinar Series

Why Salespeople Recommend It: It’s a great collection of pre-recorded webinars on the Agile CRM software

These recorded webinars will train you to use Agile CRM. You can also register for Agile CRM’s upcoming CRM webinars if you’re interested in watching them live as they’re happening. If you aren’t available during the webinar broadcast, you’ll find the recording in their library for playback later.

CRM 101: What is CRM?

Provided By: Azamba Consulting

Video Type: YouTube

Video Length: 2:27

Why Salespeople Recommend It: A great, brief intro to CRM, what it is, and its benefits

Host Mariam Florio will quickly teach you the basics of CRM. This video is great for those that are complete beginners to CRM and want to learn what it is, its purpose, and the benefits of using it. While short, this video is a great place to start if you want to learn about CRM.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 Back to Basics – The Fundamentals of CRM

Provided By: CRM Dynamics

Video Type: YouTube video

Video Length: 34:28

Why Salespeople Recommend It: Great training video lesson for teams that use Dynamics 365

This 34 minute video will teach you the basics of Microsoft’s CRM software, Dynamics 365. This video covers the important terminology, how to navigate the Dynamics interface, and CRM methods.

Introduction to CRM - Customer Relationship Management Systems

Provided By: FrugalTech

Video Type: YouTube video

Video Length: 35:59

Why Salespeople Recommend It: Thorough introduction to CRM concepts and methods.

This video lecture covers the various elements of CRM software, with practical examples. Get a thorough introduction to customer relationship management for sales, marketing, and customer service from FrugalTech, an experienced tech and sales specialist.

How to Use Our CRM System

Provided By: Really Simple Systems

Video Type: Video Series

Why Salespeople Recommend It: Awesome step-by-step guide to using the Really Simple Systems CRM

This library of instructional videos provides a step-by-step guide to using Really Simple Systems' CRM software. As you progress through the steps by clicking through the tabs, you’ll find videos and accompanying articles, terminology/definitions, and screenshots showing you how to do specific tasks with Really Simple Systems CRM.

How to Use CRM Software

Provided By: Six Figure Mastermind

Video Type: YouTube video

Video Length: 9:07

Why Salespeople Recommend It: Perfect explanation of the reasons businesses should be using a CRM software and ways it can be leveraged.

This video explains what CRM software does and why you need one in under ten minutes! Learn about all the ways you can leverage your CRM software of choice to help you keep your clients happy and returning to your business.

What Is Salesforce CRM? | Salesforce CRM Tutorial For Beginners | Salesforce CRM Training

Provided By: edureka!

Video Type: YouTube video

Video Length: 2:03:53

Why Salespeople Recommend It: In-depth video guide to using Salesforce

In just over 2 hours, this in-depth Salesforce CRM tutorial video will explain what Salesforce CRM is, how it works, the benefits of using it, and more. You’ll also see demos of using Salesforce, which will give you practical examples of uses for the software.

SAP CRM Functional Training Tutorial For Beginners

Provided By: Kernel Training

Video Type: YouTube video

Video Length: 1:39:04

Why Salespeople Recommend It: In-depth tutorial of SAP CRM.

This video is a great beginners’ guide to the SAP CRM software. You’ll learn key concepts and terms, see demonstrations of the SAP CRM software in use, learn about implementation of methods, and more.

Training Videos for Maximizer CRM

Provided By: Maximizer

Video Type: Video Series

Why Salespeople Recommend It: All-inclusive library of video tutorials for Maximizer CRM software

If your company has adopted the Maximizer CRM system or is considering it, these training videos are sure to help with the transition. This library of tutorial videos will show you how to do a ton of different tasks using the Maximizer CRM software.

General how to set up and use CRM tutorials and guides

These written guides will help you improve your CRM strategy and the way you use CRM software, regardless of what software you or your company have chosen. The information, tips, and recommended strategies contained within these guides will be useful for every marketing, sales, and customer service team using any CRM software.

What is CRM? A Marketer’s Guide

Provided By: MailChimp

Why Salespeople Recommend It: A great thorough, beginner-friendly guide to CRM concepts and how to choose the right CRM.

This awesome written guide from MailChimp explains what CRM software is and what they're used for, how they can help with marketing, and more. It also provides tips and questions to ask yourself to help you choose a suitable CRM for your business.

Tips and Tricks to Using CRM for Customer Service

Provided By: Business News Daily

Why Salespeople Recommend It: Super useful tips to help you make the most of CRM software

If your main goal using a CRM is to improve on customer experience, check out these tips for using CRM for customer service. Following these guidelines will put you on a path for success for using CRM software for your sales, marketing, and customer service departments.

The Complete Guide to CRM Business Process Management

Provided By: Solve 360

Why Salespeople Recommend It: Practical, actionable tips to improve your CRM methods.

This guide is a CRM "cheat sheet" packed with helpful tips for setting up your business' CRM strategy. Follow these 28 recommendations to improve your CRM workflow and thereby better the front end of your company.

How to Use a CRM: The Ultimate Guide

Provided By: HubSpot

Why Salespeople Recommend It: Helpful steps that can be applied to any CRM software

This is HubSpot's all-inclusive guide to using CRM software (namely, theirs). This guide covers CRM-related concepts and terminology, as well as six steps to using a CRM that you should follow regardless of which software your company uses/plans on using.

Developing a CRM Strategy That Best Fits Your Business

Provided By: Salesforce

Why Salespeople Recommend It: Great guide for all CRM users to develop a successful strategy, but especially useful for Salesforce users.

Provides recommendations & best practices for planning out your business' CRM strategy (with Salesforce features in mind). Following this guide will ensure your company won’t miss the mark with providing its customers quality service and keep them loyal to your brand.

CRM Adoption: Five Tips for Staying On Course Post Deployment

Provided By: Sugar CRM

Why Salespeople Recommend It: Helps sales and marketing teams keep CRM goals and strategy in mind after implementation.

This guide contains five tips that can assist your company in keeping its CRM strategy on track once you’ve implemented the software and methods into your business. It can be easy to fall off track and stray from the strategy and goals you’ve set for your company, but with these tips in mind you’ll be set up for success.

Software-specific CRM tutorials and guides

These guides are each tied specifically to one CRM software. Whether your company uses Close, Salesforce, Dynamics 365, HubSpot, or another CRM, check out this section for a software-specific written guide to using the software.

Close Welcome Guide

Provided By: Close

Why Salespeople Recommend It: This comprehensive guide will help you through the process of setting up and using Close.

The best step-by-step guide to setting up and using the Close CRM software comes from Close themselves. Check out their Product Guide to go through the setup process including creating your account and onboarding your team, as well as using features for communication, customizing your settings, building a workflow, reporting, and more. Close’s support team of product specialists can also help you out to ensure you have the optimal setup of your CRM workflow.

How to Set Up HubSpot CRM in 5 Days

Provided By: HubSpot

Why Salespeople Recommend It: Helps businesses get set up with HubSpot CRM

If your company has chosen to go with HubSpot’s CRM software or is considering it, this guide will be very helpful for you. Follow these steps to get HubSpot properly set up and integrated with your company in just five days!

Zoho CRM Setup Documentation

Provided By: Zoho

Why Salespeople Recommend It: All-encompassing guide to setting up and using Zoho CRM software

This guide is presented by Zoho for getting their CRM software set up for your business. It will help you through customizing settings for your company, creating user profiles for your team, automating processes for your business, and more. This holds all the information you need to set up and use Zoho CRM.

Salesforce User Guides

Provided By: Salesforce

Why Salespeople Recommend It: Helpful guides for setting up and using Salesforce

This library of 57 guides offered by Salesforce will help you get started with their CRM software, set it up, and use it. Each guide covers a different topic, helping you learn more and enhance your use of Salesforce software.

Maximizer CRM Setup & Onboarding Guide

Provided By: Maximizer

Why Salespeople Recommend It: Useful for using and setting up Maximizer’s CRM

This user guide for Maximizer, by Maximizer, is here to help you and your company get up and running with the Maximizer CRM software. It’ll guide you through getting your team members set up with accounts, teach them how to use the software, and give you tips to make the most of it.

Dynamics 365 User Guides

Provided By: Microsoft

Why Salespeople Recommend It: Great guide for Dynamics 365 users, directly from Microsoft

This library of guides will be helpful for those getting started with Dynamics 365, and those that use the software and are looking for tips to better their strategy. You’ll also find resources for Dynamics 365 to help you with your company’s GDPR compliance.

SAP CRM Training Tutorial

Provided By: Guru99

Why Salespeople Recommend It: Useful tutorials for those using or considering using SAP CRM software

This resource will teach you how to use SAP CRM. There are tutorials for using SAP CRM for marketing, account management, business process automation, managing transactions, and more. If you’re completely new to using SAP CRM, they have tutorials for complete beginners too!

CRM blogs & podcasts

If you’re looking to find out about CRM news, CRM strategy tips, and advice for those getting started with CRM, these entertaining and informational blogs and podcasts are worth checking out.

CRM Talk Podcast

Provided By: CRM Talk

Specialization: CRM News and CRM Strategy

Why Salespeople Recommend It: Covers CRM strategy tips and news in an interesting way

This podcast offers insight and analysis of newsworthy CRM-related topics. They also discuss recommendations for best practices and tips to succeed with CRM. There are 85+ episodes in their library to stream now.

Nutshell CRM Blog

Provided By: Nutshell

Specialization: CRM Strategy and Tips

Why Salespeople Recommend It: Awesome blog posts and articles with helpful information for CRM users (of Nutshell CRM and other software)

While this blog does belong to a CRM software company, their blog also has great, general tips for using CRM and planning your CRM strategy that can be applied regardless of what CRM software your company is using.

CRM Rocks Podcast

Provided By: Markus Erlandsson

Specialization: CRM News and CRM Strategy

Why Salespeople Recommend It: A great resource for CRM news and strategy tips

CRM consultant Markus Erlandsson discusses news and hot topics related to the CRM world, sometimes accompanied by guests for interviews and discussions. This podcast has been active for a few years and new episodes are posted every few weeks.

Beagle Blog

Provided By: Beagle Research Group

Specialization: CRM Tips and Strategy

Why Salespeople Recommend It: Helpful for choosing the right CRM for your company

Beagle is a great resource blog for those wanting to learn about the technical aspects of CRM. If your company is still in the process of choosing a CRM or determining if they need one, the articles on this blog will be super helpful.

CRM conferences & gatherings

There are several CRM conferences going on worldwide this year where you’ll be able to learn about CRM, new features and software, and network with other CRM users. Check out this rundown of the top CRM conferences to attend in 2019-2020.

Swiss CRM Forum

Provided By: Swiss CRM

Cost: $690

Dates: 9/19/2019

Location: Zurich, Switzerland

Why Salespeople Recommend It: It’s the largest CRM conference

This conference is the largest CRM community gathering for CRM and CX individuals. Spread through three locations, each with a themed track of topics, this is a great event to attend for learning and networking experiences.

IFS World Conference

Provided By: Workwave

Cost: $1999

Dates: 10/7/2019 - 10/10/2019

Location: Boston, MA

Why Salespeople Recommend It: Build your CRM skills with advice from experts based on customer experiences

This conference will focus on stories from customers and tips from CRM leaders to help you and your company improve your strategy. Attending this conference will help you build skills and realize your potential with CRM on your side.

The Shopper Brain Conference – Europe

Provided By: Neuromarketing Science & Business Association (NMSBA)

Specialization: Neuroscience meets retail

Cost: €1191

Dates: 10/30/2019 - 11/1/2019

Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands

Why Salespeople Recommend It: Helps you keep up with your target market

The Shopper Brain Conference combines neuroscience and retail to help businesses better understand customer experience. This event will feature keynote speeches and case studies from field experts. It goes into CRM and beyond to help you get a deeper understanding of your target market.

DX Summit

Provided By: Simpler Media Group

Specialization: "The New Frontier: Digital Customer Experience"

Cost: $2395

Dates: 11/4/2019 - 11/6/2019

Location: Chicago, IL

Why Salespeople Recommend It: Helps you improve customer experience

Learn from customer experience experts of leading companies including Google and Shutterfly to help you and your company improve your customer-centric systems through CRM initiatives.

CRM Evolution 2020

Provided By: CRM Magazine

Cost: $1,895

Dates: 4/27/2020 - 4/29/2020

Location: Washington, DC

Why Salespeople Recommend It: A great opportunity for networking and learning about CRM

This conference will feature three full days of training, leadership, and advice. Join the CRM and CX community to learn and network with one another, explore new topics, technologies, and trends.

CRM demo training from consulting firms

If you’re looking for in-house training for your team/company, these consulting firms are great and will come in to your workplace and provide demos and training in-house. This makes training much more convenient as your entire team can get trained at the same time and it’s a bonus to have the training done in the same place where they’ll be working.

CRM & Customer Engagement Training

Provided By: emarketeers

Cost: Varies

Why Salespeople Recommend It: Custom-tailored CRM training for your business

Emarketeers CRM consulting agency provides guidance on setting a vision and purpose for CRM, CRM strategies, and more for your company.

CRM Strategy Training Course

Provided By: Economic Change

Cost: Varies

Why Salespeople Recommend It: Awesome for consulting and corresponding online training

Economic Change offers CRM consulting and online training to go with it. They can help your company with analytics, Agile project management, CRM strategy, and more.

HubSpot CRM Consulting

Provided By: HubSpot

Cost: $1500

Why Salespeople Recommend It: Best resource for HubSpot training

HubSpot has great consulting services to help businesses that are using their CRM software. They’ll train your team to use the software, make sure your processes line up with your company’s goals and set you up for success.

Act! CRM Training

Provided By: Training Solutions

Cost: Varies

Why Salespeople Recommend It: Great interactive training sessions for Act! CRM

Training Solutions offers CRM consulting and training on Act! CRM as well as Microsoft Office software. The consultancy’s trainers are very knowledgeable and the training sessions are interactive and engaging.

That does it for our roundup of the top CRM training resources for your marketing, sales, or customer service team. Now you’re ready to get started using CRM to improve your business, accelerate your sales process, lighten your team’s workload, and make your customers or clients happier overall and keep them coming back.

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Cloosiv's lean sales team became paralyzed by process as their prospect pipeline and client list matured.
Learn how to define your key requirements for remote sales reps, hire for culture fit.
Learn how to define your key requirements for remote sales reps, hire for culture fit.
Cloosiv's lean sales team became paralyzed by process as their prospect pipeline and client list matured.
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Remember the last time you created a new sales pitch? You were so excited to test it out.
But the first time you tried out your brand new sales pitch, it seemed to fall on deaf ears.
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Cloosiv's lean sales team became paralyzed by process as their prospect pipeline and client list matured.
Learn how to define your key requirements for remote sales reps, hire for culture fit.
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60+ CRM Training Resources - Courses, Programs, Workshops, and Guides

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