Book Sales Meetings Faster With Our New Close + Calendly Integration

We’re super excited to announce a new direct integration between Close and Calendly’s scheduling apps. Now, two of your favorite tools integrate directly with no need for third-party connections. 🎉

Whether you’re meeting with a new prospect, qualifying a lead, or finally closing the deal, most sales folks spend a good part of their day on meetings. Booking those meetings, however, can be a PIA.

Calendly makes that process easier, and the new native Close integration gives salespeople and sales managers access to even more cool features.

What is Calendly?

Calendly is a meeting scheduling tool that makes it SUPER easy to schedule meetings across time zones and even with multiple people. Rather than going back and forth to figure out what time works for multiple people, you can send a link to prospects (or teammates) so they can access your calendar and book a time that works for them.

I’ve been using Calendly for years to schedule meetings with clients because the tool makes it super easy to schedule appointments, ask qualifying questions, and even define rules for events, such as not allowing folks to book meetings in the next 24 hours or building buffers between meetings.

Book Sales Meetings Faster With Our New Close and Calendly Integration - What Is Calendly

It also allows you to create multiple events for different stages of the sales process. For example, you might create a 30-minute event for new prospects and an hour-long event for, say, demos or onboarding. If you’re not already a Calendly user, I highly recommend checking out their feature list.

It’s simple, easy, and can increase your revenue by 15 percent, according to the Calendly website.

Not too shabby, right? Well, Calendly just got even better thanks to the native integration with Close CRM.

How Can I Connect Calendly to Close CRM?

Previously, connecting Calendly to Close required using Zapier (which is an awesome tool; no shade to Zapier.) However, our new native integration shares data directly, is easier to set up, and provides access to more tools and features.

To connect Calendly and Close via our native integration, head over to our integration page, choose the Calendly integration, then click “Launch this integration.” You’ll be prompted to log in to your Calendly account.

Both Close Users and Admins can connect their accounts with Calendly to access Calendly event types data.

how to connect your Calendly account to Close CRM

Once the accounts are connected, you can start scheduling meetings and adding Calendly links into your sales workflows. Anytime you want to edit your settings, you can find them inside Settings > Connected Accounts.

What Are the Benefits of Connecting Close and Calendly?

The main benefits of connecting Calendly and Close are improved productivity and faster access to prospect data. For example, you can quickly see the context on a client before a sales meeting within Close, such as:

  • Who else on your team may have interacted with the prospect
  • Deal size and decision-maker information
  • Quick links to LinkedIn profile, etc.

The native integration also comes with several added features that help streamline your sales process. First, it makes it easier to add your Calendly link to ad-hoc emails. Rather than going to Calendly to copy and paste your link, its already right there in Close.

We’ve also added a new Scheduling Links section, which means you have the option to add, see, and manage sales scheduling links. Calendly integration will pull the data from Calendly and populate the links automatically.

This also means you can quickly insert Calendly scheduling links inside any Email or SMS you're drafting:

adding Calendly links in just two clicks inside Close CRM

Another benefit of this direct integration, is Close Admins can now add Shared Scheduling Links that can later be used in creating Shared Email or SMS templates.

An admin can create an event (e.g., Demo Call) with a universal macro mapped to the user's personal links. Upon sending an Email/SMS, the macro template tag resolves to the correct link based on who sends the email.

Dynamic template tags to automatically send Calendly scheduling links for your sales team

Ready to Book Sales Meetings Faster with Calendly + Close?

TL;DR: this new Calendly/Close integration will make it easier to book meetings, keep track of lead information, and even automate parts of your sales process.

This new integration doesn’t just connect the two tools on a surface level, it truly integrates the data and power of both tools together.

Ready to get started? Head over to our Calendly integration page.

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