Close + Actiondesk = Even more powerful sales reports

New Partnership: Send your Close data to a spreadsheet and upgrade your sales reports thanks to Actiondesk.

Today, we’re more than happy to announce our partnership with Actiondesk. Close users can now build even more powerful sales reports faster, gain more actionable insights, optimize your sales funnel and grow revenue.

What the hell is Actiondesk?

Actiondesk is a spreadsheet interface where you can connect all your SaaS and databases, including Close, so you can create reports with your live data.

Build the report your need the most

With this new integration you’ll be able to import any Close data like Deals, Contacts, Opportunities or even Activities (calls, meetings) and build reports such as this month over month sales funnel report:

Screenshot of a month over month sales funnel report automatically generated through CRM data

Few things to know:

  • Data is live: the report will be auto-updated so you can save time.
  • You can set a daily digest to be sent every day/week or month over Slack so your entire team is up to date.

How to get started?

Want to try it out? Actiondesk is offering a free trial for Close users, and will even build a custom report based on your requirements for you. Additionally, they're currently (March 2022) offering 15% off for Close users. You can get started here.

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