58 Best Sales Email Subject Lines (to Improve Open Rates)

You’re sending emails left and right, but your response rates are low. Could your sales email subject lines be the culprit?

Your subject line is arguably the most important part of any sales email—after all, it’s that first glance that determines whether or not your recipient will even open the email. And if your prospects never open that email, your sales process remains stuck at the starting line.

Are you giving your subject lines the time they deserve?

Sales teams around the world use Close to send millions of emails each year—now, we’re going to share what we’ve learned about the best email subject lines (with real examples you can swipe and use today).

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What Makes the Best Email Subject Lines?

High-performing sales email subject lines all have a few traits in common. They include:

  • A highly relevant pitch: The subject line should be focused on the prospect, not on you or your company. With this approach, it’ll flow naturally into a relevant sales pitch in the body of your email, continuing the course of showing value prospects can expect from working with you.
  • Short and direct: Don’t beat around the bush or use clickbait subject lines that don’t follow through on their promises. Short subject lines are always better, especially because they’re more visible on mobile devices.
  • Personalization: Using the prospect’s name, their company name, or an idea for their industry is a genuine form of personalization that'll catch their attention faster.
  • An exciting hook: Subject lines are the bait, and if you want them to bite, you’ll have to capture your prospect’s attention. Think: would I open this email if it arrived in my inbox?
  • Authentic sense of urgency: Because fake urgency will send you straight to the spam box. If your subject line tells prospects something is time-sensitive, your email body better give a damn good reason for saying so.

58 Best Sales Email Subject Lines For Higher Open Rates

Ready for some catchy email subject lines you can use today? Whether you’re sending cold emails, connecting with warm leads, or following up with prospects who’ve gone dark—we’ve got you covered.

We’ve broken these subject lines down by category, so you can jump straight to the type of email you’re looking for some fresh SL inspiration on.

And if you are struggling to write an email, worry not! We have developed an AI Email Writer that will help you write perfect email for your customers!

Cold Email Subject Line Examples

You’re about to wander into the inbox of a stranger, hoping they’ll give you the time of day. Want to make sure they open your emails? Then try these cold email subject lines:

1. [Your company] x [prospect’s company]

Use case: This subject line is great for B2B sales or partnership opportunities.


  • Close x Calendly
  • Close & SavvyCal: A great combination?
  • Close and HubSpot Marketing Hub: A match made in heaven

2. Looking to outsource [service you can provide]?

Use case: If you’re selling outsourced services to businesses, this is a good email subject line to try.


3. We're helping [type of business] grow

Use case: When selling to small businesses, this approach is a great way to pique their interest.


  • We’re helping [industry—roofers, contractors, etc] get 3x more clients
  • Ten minutes to grow your [industry—SaaS, contractors, etc] business?

4. Looking to improve your [goal]?

Use case: When you know your ideal customer profile well, you can use subject lines like this to appeal to their goals.


  • I’ll help you get more press
  • Looking to improve your sales?
  • Looking to improve your [relevant to your ICP]

5. Your [related department] needs

Use case: Does your service or product relate to a specific department inside a large company? Use this subject line to be clear about who you’re reaching out to.


  • Your marketing needs
  • The missing piece in your hiring process
  • Insights on your sales needs

6. New [department] strategy for [company name]

Use case: Another great enterprise email subject line to use when selling to large companies.


  • New marketing strategy for ABC Company
  • We’ve created a new strategy for ACME’s sales team

7. [Type of companies] need [your service/product] too

Use case: If your company is known for serving a specific audience, other businesses might ignore a cold email from you. Use this subject line to show you’re offering something specific for their type of business as well.


  • Small businesses need Close, too
  • Did you know enterprise companies use Close?

8. [Number] benefits we can bring to your business

Use case: Want to focus on benefits, not features? Use this subject line.


  • 3 benefits we can bring to your business
  • 4 ways Close can benefit your small business

9. We can help you [achieve goal]

Use case: When reaching out to prospects who are looking to achieve a certain goal, this is a good email subject line to try.


  • Let’s build the app of your dreams
  • 10x the productivity of your sales reps

10. Improve your services with this tool

Use case: If your customers offer services to their clients, use this subject line to show how your product can help them.


  • Improving your [service] offering
  • X ways I can improve your [service]

11. Sell more [product] with help from [your company]

Use case: If your customers sell products to their customers, this is a good email subject line to get them thinking about the results of using your service or product.


  • Sell more properties with help from our real estate CRM
  • Book more reservations with our hotel marketing services

12. Want to be [goal]? Let us help

Use case: Help your prospects picture themselves reaching their goals using your product or service with this subject line.


  • Want to be #1 on the app store? Let us help
  • Want to exceed quota this quarter? Let us help

13. Could you use one of these?

Use case: This subject line includes a bit of mystery: what’s going to be inside? Use this to pique interest in your audience.


  • Need the best SEO tool?
  • Looking for a better CRM?

14. All [type of role] need this tool

Use case: When you’re selling to a specific role inside a company, this is a great subject line to show you get them and their needs.


  • All content creators need this tool
  • All sales managers need this tool

15. Bring in the [type of customer] with [your company]

Use case: Help your B2B leads see how your company can help them bring in the customers they want with this subject line.


  • Bring in the foodies with our restaurant app
  • Bring in the right leads with Close

16. [Industry] trends and your company

Use case: Selling to a specific industry? Creating an email sequence for a segmented section of your leads? Try this subject line on for size.


  • Software trends impacting [company]
  • Real estate trends in 2024 + [company]

17. [Type] opportunity too good to pass up

Use case: Use this subject line selectively, when you really have a great opportunity to share with your recipient. For example, if you’re promoting a special deal or a limited-time offer, this subject line can help create a sense of urgency.


  • Investment opportunity too good to pass up
  • Real estate opportunities you won’t want to miss

18. Need help with [topic]?

Use case: If you sell a product or service that helps your customers with something they need to do, this subject line is great.


  • Need help with financial planning?
  • Need help setting up your sales strategy?

19. [Number] steps to achieve [goal they might have]

Use case: This is a good email subject line to use when the body of your email has actual steps they can follow. In the best case, one of those steps involves using your product or service.


  • 3 steps to exceed your sales goals this quarter
  • 4 steps to achieve better sales-marketing alignment

20. [Number] ways we can help you achieve [goal]

Use case: This cold email subject line is great to help your leads see that your company is interested in helping them reach their goals, not just sell them something.


  • 5 ways we can help you achieve financial freedom
  • 4 ways Close can help you 10x the productivity of your reps

Meeting Request Subject Lines

You want to meet with your prospects: but they’re busy people. Use these subject line examples to get to the point and make your meeting request emails stand out.

Research Before Writing Your Sales Email Subject Line

21. Time to chat?

Use case: This is a more casual request, best used when you already have some rapport established with the prospect. Bonus points for leveling up this subject line with a specific amount of time for your request.


  • 10 minutes to chat?
  • 15 minutes to chat about higher close rates?

22. Free [day of the week] at [time]?

Use case: For busy prospects, this subject line example is a great way to clearly ask for a meeting. They’ll know whether to respond “yes” or “no” even before they open your email!


  • Free Tuesday at 1:45pm?
  • Do you have some time on Wednesday at 10?

23. Can you spare a minute?

Use case: Only use this sales email subject line when you’re genuinely asking for a minute (or two) of their time, maybe for a quick phone call. Don’t use this when you’re trying to schedule an hour-long meeting.


  • Got a quick minute?
  • Have a few minutes to increase your traffic?

24. Deal expiring soon, let’s meet

Use case: This meeting request subject line is great to build a sense of urgency in your prospect. But of course: ONLY use this when there is actual urgency for the deal.


  • Your free trial ends soon: let’s talk next steps
  • That 25% we talked about ends soon, let’s talk

25. Looking to exchange ideas on [topic]

Use case: This is a catchy email subject line for early in the sales process. Maybe you’ve exchanged some emails with an interesting lead, and you’re trying to get them into a discovery meeting.


  • Looking to exchange ideas on building your sales strategy
  • Let’s chat about ideas for your next ad campaign

26. Let’s look at next quarter’s goals

Use case: When you’ve already qualified a lead, but they’re having trouble making a decision, this subject line (and the subsequent meeting) can help them see how making a purchase decision soon will help them with their goals.

  • Next quarter’s goals
  • Exceeding your Q3 goals

27. Let’s build a plan for [goal]

Use case: Whether you sell services that impact a specific goal, or a product that can help the customer reach their goals, this subject line can help you set a meeting where you work together with the potential customer to set clear next steps. If you can be specific based on past conversations with the prospect, even better!


  • Let’s build a plan for your next workshop event
  • Let’s build a plan to boost your revenue by 25%

28. Thanks for our [date] meeting

Use case: After the meeting, don’t forget to follow up! This subject line (and the body of the email) brings that meeting back to their minds and helps remind them of next steps.


  • Thanks for meeting with me on Wednesday!
  • Thanks for our Tuesday meeting: here’s the recap

Pain-Point Focused Email Subject Lines

When you have a clear idea of who you’re selling to, you can build personalized email subject lines that are insanely relevant to your prospects—even when you’re sending bulk email campaigns.

Here are some email subject line examples that are tuned into pain points (simply adjust them to fit your audience):

29. You know you're running a [type of business] when…

Use case: People love to know they’re understood. Use this catchy email subject line (+ the email body) to show you get your prospects and their specific situation.


  • You know you’re running a startup when…
  • You know you’re in the restaurant business when…

30. Could your [type of business] use some help with [common issue]?

Use case: What common issues do your prospects face every day? Dig into that with this subject line.


31. Jam-packed schedule? Let us help

Use case: This personalized email subject line is great for pulling out a real pain point that your customers are facing. (Just change that question at the beginning!)


  • Running out of new leads? Let us help
  • Under-performing reps? Let us help

32. Get better [milestone] with this one awesome tool

Use case: When your prospects are looking to get out of a rut or overcome a certain obstacle, this subject line can be a great way to introduce them to your solution.


  • Get better app reviews with this awesome tool
  • Build a better sales strategy with this tool

33. There's a smarter way to [achieve goal]

Use case: Pique your prospects’ interest with this subject line. You’ll have them wondering: do I know the best way to do what I do? Could I do it better?


  • There’s a smarter way to sell commercial properties
  • There’s a better way to manage international payroll

Inbound and Warm Email Subject Lines

If you’re running inbound lead generation campaigns, or if you’re getting referrals from happy customers, then you’ll want to check out these sales email subject lines for warm leads.

34. First step to improving your [issue you're helping with]

Use case: If you’ve already established interest with a new lead and discovered the issues they’re trying to solve, this email subject line can help clear up the next steps they need to take.


  • First step to improving your close rate
  • First step to producing a high-quality podcast

35. [Referral name] suggested we reach out

Use case: Referrals are some of your most valuable sales. Use this subject line to show that you have a mutual connection with your prospect, and watch your open rates go through the roof.


  • Nick from Close suggested we reach out
  • Hey, Steli from Close said we should talk

36. Hi, we're [company name]! Nice to meet you

Use case: When a new lead signs up for a free trial or otherwise connects with your company, you can use this subject line and the email body to introduce yourself to them.


  • Hi, we’re Close. Nice to meet you
  • Close is happy to have you on board

37. Here's the information you requested

Use case: If your lead generation efforts include free downloads, like case studies, pricing sheets, or other materials, you can use this subject line on those resource delivery emails.


  • Your pricing sheet from Close
  • You asked, we’re delivering [case studies inside]

38. [Number] ways to [achieve goal]

Use case: When working with inbound leads, nurture sequences with subject lines like this will keep you (and what you’re selling) top of mind.


  • 5 ways to make your next ad campaign profitable
  • 3 ways to keep your house cool in the summer heat

39. [Number] ideas for your [relevant topic]

Use case: Again, this is a great subject line for a nurture sequence when working to keep those inbound leads alive and well in your sales pipeline.


  • 5 ideas for your next blog post
  • 3 ideas to revamp your garden

40. The best thing you'll download today

Use case: When you’re using lead magnets for lead generation, your prospects may need to add their email to download a resource. This is a great subject line for that use case.


Follow Up Email Subject Lines

Whether you’re following up with a lead you’ve been cold calling, or you’re trying to reach out to a prospect that’s gone cold in the sales process, these sales email subject line examples will give you a great head start to better open rates.

41. From one [business or role type] to another…

Use case: You’ve built a rapport with your prospect, and they know that you get them and their situation—that’s what this subject line says. Note: Only use this when you genuinely have the business type or role in common with your prospect.


  • From one small business to another…
  • Salesperson to salesperson…

42. hey [name], thoughts on this?

Use case: This casual subject line is a great way to open up a conversation that’s gone cold. (Plus, this exact subject line is being used by one of our sales reps here at Close to get a 12 percent response rate!)


  • Hey Ryan, quick thoughts on this?
  • What do you think about this idea?

43. We can help

Use case: Using this follow-up email subject line is a way to bring your product or service back to the mind of your prospect, and show them you’re there to help.


  • We can help your blog
  • Can we help in your hiring process?

44. Last chance to snag this deal

Use case: If you’re looking to create urgency, this is a great subject line. Again, only use this when there’s really a limited time for the person to respond.


  • Last shot at our best deal of the year
  • Last chance at this deal

45. Have you thought about [topic/product/service]?

Use case: Casually bring the topic or product back to the prospect’s mind after a call or an email thread with this subject line.


  • Have you thought about how you’ll manage your rental property this year?
  • Have you thought any more about investing in a high-power CRM?

46. The next steps

Use case: This is a great follow-up subject line to remind a person of the next steps in the sales process—whether after a call, a meeting, or even if they’re going the self-service route.


  • Next steps
  • Our next steps

47. A must-have update for [their company]

Use case: Lost any leads because they needed features your product didn’t have? When you update your product, send an email campaign with a subject line like this to show them why your product is the right choice for them now.


  • A must-have update for Close
  • We’ve made some changes! Come check them out

48. You missed a few things

Use case: Plenty of new leads may start a free trial of your product, but how many actually turn into customers? Use this subject line and email body to remind these leads of what they’re missing out on in your product.


  • Your [product/service] missed this
  • A few things you missed

49. Let us do the groundwork for you

Use case: When sending a follow-up sequence, this type of subject line will remind prospects why they were interested in talking to you in the first place.


  • Let us build your dream home
  • Let us set up your automated payroll system

50. Let's turn your ideas into reality

Use case: Remember those dreams and ideas you talked about in your discovery call? Well, your potential customer remembers them too—they might just need a nudge like this to get started.


  • Breathe life into your idea
  • Let’s make your idea a reality

51. Hey [name], sorry I missed you!

Use case: When your prospect didn’t show up for a meeting you scheduled, use this personalized subject line to gently bring yourself back to the top of their mind.


  • Sorry I missed you
  • Missed you today, quick q

52. Hoping to push this across the finish line

Use case: One of the most frustrating experiences in sales is when you’re towards the end of the sales cycle and your prospect goes dark. Use this subject line to gently (but firmly) bring this back to the front of their priority list.


  • Ready to get this across the finish line?
  • I can see it right there…

If you use the second sales email subject line example here, just be sure you begin the body of your email with something like, “...we’re almost at the finish line.”

53. Still interested in [plan they were interested in]?

Use case: This is another subject line that works for late-stage prospects who’ve gone dark. Use this to remind them of the plan/product they were interested in.


  • Ryan, still interested in the Startup Plan?
  • Still interested in that garden remodel?

Post-Transaction Follow Up Emails

Closing the sale isn’t the end of your communication with prospects—here are more sales subject line ideas you can use once the deal is done.

Deliver on Your Subject Line Promise

54. Getting started with [product/service]

Use case: This is a great onboarding email subject line that you can use for an email campaign that explains how to get started with your product or service.


  • Get started with Close in 5 minutes flat
  • Getting started with your new outsourced design team

55. Would love to work with you again

Use case: When you’re selling a one-off solution or service, this is a great subject line to send some time later to see if the customer may want to work with you again.


  • Enjoyed working with you! Ready for phase two?
  • We love you… welcome back?

56. We'd love your feedback

Use case: Post-sale emails are a great place to ask for feedback from your customers. Use this subject line to bring the topic up with them.


  • How’d we do?
  • Tell us how it went!

57. It's been great doing business with you

Use case: Showing appreciation is a great way to build stronger, longer-lasting relationships with your customers. Use this email subject line example and the body of the email to show how much you appreciate your customers.


  • It’s been a pleasure
  • We loved working with you

58. Enjoying [service/product]? Refer a friend!

Use case: Ah, referrals, the cherry on top of a successful deal closed! Write an email with this subject to see if your new, happy customer is willing to refer someone they know to your business.


  • Love Close? Your friends will too
  • Stop making your neighbors jealous of your lawn (just refer them!)

10 Tips for Writing Effective Sales Email Subject Lines

Now you’ve got some great examples to work with… but what if you want to write your own catchy subject lines? As you’ll see, perfecting the art of writing subject lines can take practice, but remember that simple always sells (and gets higher open rates).

Here are 10 tips you can use to make a great first impression:

1. Be Authentic and Honest

You don’t want your subject line to sound too much like you’re trying to expedite a sale. You also don’t want to use clickbait just to get a higher open rate, since it won’t help your sales.

Craft your subject line in a way that you would in a ‘real’ email, as you would to a friend or coworker. Communicate like a real human.

Most importantly, make sure the body of the email lives up to what you promise in the subject line.

Good Example: Our [product/service] has your name all over it

Bad Example: Get 5M views TOMORROW with our new product!

2. Keep Your Subject Lines Short

Good Example: CRM with predictive dialer

Bad Example: Wasting too much time manually calling your sales leads? We’ve all been there! Our CRM with a built-in predictive dialer will help you!

3. Personalize Your Subject Lines as Much as Possible

When you see a subject line that addresses you personally, or seems catered specifically to you, you’re more likely to want to open and read the email. A personalized subject line is far more effective than a ‘universal’ one sent to everybody on your email list.

Good Example: How happy are you with [company name]’s project management tool?

Bad Example: We can offer you [product/service]

Pro tip: If you have plenty of prospective customers but are short on time, you can automate this kind of personalization and still be authentic. In Close, you can use Custom Fields to save details like conference names and dynamically include them in the subject lines of your Email Templates.



4. Use Their Name + a Cliffhanger

This 2016 paper by Stanford showed that including a prospect's name in the subject line increased open rates by 20 percent on average. The more you personalize your cold email subject lines, the better. And if you pique their curiosity with a little cliffhanger, they'll be more likely to open the email. (A tiny bit of FOMO is fine if you keep it light.)

Good Examples:

  • Steli, you in?
  • Steli, quick question about your book
  • Steli, open to this?
  • Steli, your thoughts?
  • Steli, crazy idea?
  • Steli, you dig this?

Bad Example: Steli, web design services 20% discounted

5. Stay Relevant

Think about why this person needs your product or service. How does this sales email pertain to them? Also, keep it relevant to the body of the email. Putting unrelated text in the subject line may spark interest for some, but it could also make your email look “spammy.”

Good Example: Declining email deliverability rates with [your current tool]

Bad Example: This could be a game changer for your marketing efforts!

6. Use an Email Subject Line Generator to Get Fresh Ideas

Struggling to come up with new subject lines to test? Close's free email subject line generator is the perfect collaboration tool. Tell it what type of email you're sending, and it will generate ten new subject lines.

Try our free email subject line generator.

7. Ask a Question in Your Email Subject Line

Questions can spark interest and encourage someone to open an email, and they're one of the most powerful tools to move a prospect along the sales process. Whether you’re aiming to make them feel useful by asking for information, or making them consider their own needs and wants, sales questions are the key.

Good Example: What does [department] need at [their company]?

Bad Example: This is what you need: our [product/service]

8. Deliver on Your Promise

Whatever your subject line promises, make sure the body of your email lives up to that. Whether you promise to make their life easier, give them a good deal—or whatever else it may be—you need to follow through.

Once you start getting creative with subject lines, it’s easy to get tempted to go too far. Certain subject lines might get you amazing open rates, but you need to look at more than just this one metric. Instead, consider the overall funnel.

Here’s a real-world example: I got an email with the subject line: “Steli, I’m disappointed.” I immediately clicked on that email, and then, it went on, basically saying: “I’m disappointed that we weren’t able to connect,” and diving straight into a sales pitch.

This may have been the first email I opened in my inbox that day, but I quickly deleted it and never responded.

Good example: I have a follow-up offer that you will want to consider.

Bad example: [First name], I’m disappointed

9. Use a Mobile-Friendly Sales Email Tool (Like Close CRM)

A 2023 data shows that 61.9 percent of all emails were opened on a mobile device, and it's safe to say that this number is even higher now.

Make sure that your subject lines are optimized for mobile devices too. One of the best ways to do this is to use an email tool for salespeople that delivers mobile-friendly emails, like Close!

With Close, you can create and share email templates with custom template tags. When linking your email account, you’ll have the whole history of your conversation with each prospect, and be able to respond with the right information right at hand.

Email Subject Lines - Use Close

10. Read Your Email Subject Line Before Hitting Send

I can’t even begin to tell you how much more effective a sales email campaign will be if every rep takes the time to read their subject lines back to themselves before pressing send.

You’ve seen it yourself—typos are common in subject lines. And beyond just doing your proofreading homework like a good boy or girl, pay attention to how you feel when you hear that subject line roll across your mind.

  • Do you like the way it sounds?
  • Does it feel right to you?
  • What would you do if this subject line landed in your inbox?

Once you’re pleased with the answers to these questions, it’s time to release your carrier pigeons.

Build Your Own Effective Sales Email Subject Lines (Experiment & Learn)

Have you been paying close attention to the performance of your sales emails? You might not have even thought to run experiments with your email tactics, but it can be a great way to improve your results. Here are some tips and advice for the best practices when setting up subject-line experiments:

  • Decide what you want to test: How will you measure what’s working and what isn’t? You might want to look at your open and response rates for starters. These metrics, and many others, are covered by our email sequences reporting in Close.
  • Have an idea of what metrics you’re aiming for: It’s important to set quantifiable goals for these tests. If you’re not seeing the results you want, it’s time to try something different.
  • Pick how many variations you want to try out: What types of subject lines do you think will work best? Select a few types and decide how long you want to test them before having a look at the results of your A/B test. For more insights on running email A/B testing, check out this informative guide.
  • Don’t get caught up in your success: What’s working now won’t work forever. Always challenge your current techniques because the time between realizing you’re losing leads and finding a new template that works could last months. Don’t stop experimenting because you’ve found one thing that works.
  • Follow up with recipients: To get more information about your target audience, consider reaching out to those who opened or responded to your emails to get their feedback. Ask what made them want to open your email, what they liked about it, and what they didn’t like. This qualitative data can be used to your advantage when writing future emails.

Following these guidelines, run some experiments to see what types of subject lines seem to resonate well with your target audience and generate the most engagement.

Remember that if you wouldn’t open an email with the subject line you’re using, your leads probably won’t either. Entice your prospects with great subject lines for sales emails that are short, relevant, to the point, and sometimes funny, and you’ll be improving your cold email response rate with new customers in no time.

Looking for a quick and easy way to create personalized cold emails? Check out our cold email generator.

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