25 LinkedIn Outreach Automation Tools for Targeted Prospecting

B2B sales leaders are increasingly integrating social selling in their outreach campaigns.

LinkedIn—with more than one billion worldwide users—is an invaluable lead generation tool to reach prospects and key decision-makers.

But how do you find time in your already busy workday to incorporate LinkedIn outreach into all your other sales prospecting techniques? That’s where automation comes into the picture. By using LinkedIn outreach automation tools, you can scale your LinkedIn lead generation efforts without spending hours on the platform every day.

In this article, I’ll share 25 of the best LinkedIn automation tools out there that you can integrate into your workflow and scale your outreach efforts. Wherever possible, I’ll also share a real-life campaign of a company using the tool.

Advantages of Using LinkedIn Outreach Automation Tools

Here are the top three benefits of integrating LinkedIn outreach tools in your workflow:

  • Save time and effort for LinkedIn prospecting: LinkedIn outreach campaigns call for identifying relevant profiles, sending new connection requests, and following up with prospects. What if you can automate some of these steps? It can save you hours you can spend on other tasks. (Or just do more outreach!)
  • Increase your reach and visibility: By using automated outreach instead of sending connection requests manually, you can reach more leads. Automation can also help schedule content and engage with prospects to grow your LinkedIn account reach.
  • Improve your engagement and response rates: Engaging with prospects manually can be time-consuming and may result in sending generic messages. Automation enables you to send personalized messages at scale, facilitating more meaningful conversations with prospects.

You can also track replies, conversions, messages sent, and your overall performance.

Before we look at the features such automation tools offer, let’s answer an important question.

Can Using LinkedIn Automation Get You Banned?

LinkedIn prohibts the usage of third-party crawlers, bots, plugins, and extensions that scrape user-profiles and automate activity on the platform. So, spamming your prospects and relying on autopilot for your LinkedIn account will likely result in getting banned.

Moreover, this isn't an effective sales approach.

So what should you do? Stay away from Chrome extensions and browser-based plugins as much as possible. They may run 24 x 7 on your machine, are easy for the LinkedIn algorithm to detect, and may change your IP address—activating LinkedIn safety triggers.

Instead, carefully choose cloud-based tools that integrate on top of your profile, provide a dedicated IP address in your local geography, and assist in automating specific prospecting tasks. You want to simulate human behavior and scale up your outreach efforts gradually. Consistently monitor your campaign and make tweaks for the best results.

Just know that even with meticulous checks and balances, using LinkedIn automation tools carries inherent risk. If the social network finds your activity suspicious, you may get banned temporarily or even permanently. So, proceed with caution and at your risk.

At Close, we view sales as a human conversation. While automation, scripts, and templates can enhance sales productivity and efficiency, don't simply send out 1000s of messages in a day and hope to get a response.

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5 Factors to Consider When Selecting the Right LinkedIn Outreach Automation Tool

There are various neat ways to use LinkedIn in B2B sales, but to evaluate the fit of an automation tool for your sales team, answer the questions below about their top features.

  • Features and functionalities: What kind of LinkedIn outreach, sequence, and personalization features does the tool provide? Does it integrate with your current sales stack?
  • Your needs and goals: Consider the parts of your sales outreach you want to automate. Do you want to send bulk messages, or do you want a full-fledged LinkedIn CRM to take care of all aspects of relationship building?
  • Ease of use: Can your reps hit the ground running with the tool? Or is there a learning curve before integrating it into your sales process?
  • Customer support: If you get stuck, does the software have sufficient documentation and customer service available?
  • Pricing: Is the software you’re willing to buy within your budget? More importantly, will it provide you sufficient value for the money you’ll pay?

Discover how B2B CRMs can supercharge your sales funnel by exploring our in-depth article on the topic.

Top 25 LinkedIn Outreach Automation Tools to Scale Your Social Selling

Now that we’ve discussed the importance of LinkedIn automation and covered the top factors for choosing the right tools, let’s take a deep look at the top 25 LinkedIn outreach automation tools.


Top 25 LinkedIn Outreach Automation Tools to Scale Your Social Selling - Dripify.

Synonymous with its name, Dripify lets you create drip campaigns—which are a sequence of automated LinkedIn actions with conditions and delays.

Start by choosing your target audience using LinkedIn search, pasting the URLs of users you want, or just importing a CSV file. To launch a cold lead generation campaign, you can use its pre-built sequence templates and choose conditions based on your prospecting needs.

Once leads start pouring in, the tool provides campaign performance reports to track conversion rates and your team’s performance.

Case in point: Dominic Blank, the cofounder at Hyrise Academy, claims his team used Loom videos and LinkedIn automation via Dripify to get the following results.

Top 25 LinkedIn Outreach Automation Tools to Scale Your Social Selling - Dripify. example

Price: $39 per user per month for the Basic Plan (with limited daily quotas and only one drip campaign) and $59 per user per month for the Pro Plan (without these restrictions). For Advanced Plan, you will neeed to pay $79 per user/month.


  • It can build your pipeline and expand your SDRs network fast.
  • Its user experience is intuitive, making it easy to automate processes.
  • You can export lead data to your CRM.


  • Their customer service isn’t the best, and their pricing can be expensive.
  • Using its “smart inbox” feature may lead to missed opportunities as it filters messages from leads.
  • Though the tool has an “extra safety algorithm,” not using the tool properly can get you banned from LinkedIn.


Top 25 LinkedIn Outreach Automation Tools to Scale Your Social Selling - UpLead

If you want an accurate B2B database of companies and contacts, you can’t do better than UpLead. You can use its 50+ search filters to find qualified leads that match your ideal customer profile.

Its prospector tool claims to have 108M+ contacts with a 95 percent accuracy, so you can expect impressive open rates. Because of its precise targeting, you can target relevant prospects and send better-tailored messages. It also has real-time email verification and data enrichment features.

Case in point: Artem Smirnov creates targeted lists with Uplead and other tools to generate 30 to 100+ B2B calls per month for his clients.

Pricing: The Essentials Plan comes at $74 per month (billed annually) for 2040 credits annually (you’re charged a credit for every download to Excel/CRM, or unlocking contact information)


  • It can connect with Zapier, your CRM, or your outreach tool to free your time from doing manual data entry.
  • The company’s plans are value for money for the quality of data they provide, though it can offer more affordable options.
  • Its technographic feature relies on 16,000+ technology data points to help you find companies using competitive or complementary technologies.



Top 25 LinkedIn Outreach Automation Tools to Scale Your Social Selling - Reply

How would you like an AI-powered sales engagement platform that can create LinkedIn engagement campaigns for you? You just need to connect Reply.io with your LinkedIn profile, to use its automated touchpoints, including the ability to send a direct message to a prospect, connect with them, view their profile, and like recent posts.

It also comes with “Smart Filters” to sort your contacts by their LinkedIn connection status with you and also filter out the ones that replied to your LinkedIn message. If you’re already doing cold email outreach, you’ll love its ability to set up multichannel campaigns in a personalized way.

Pricing: The Starter plan comes at $60 per month per user (with 1,000 data credits per month). But you’ll need to pay $49 per social account to access its professional network automation.


  • It integrates with Close, so you can sync your lead data across the two platforms.
  • It comes with an option to customize and choose safety limits for LinkedIn automation to prevent getting blacklisted.
  • Comes with nice additional tools such as a free B2B database, multichannel sequences, Jason AI (a B2B conversational AI), and lots of other integrations.


  • At over $100 per month, it’s expensive to access the LinkedIn automation features


Top 25 LinkedIn Outreach Automation Tools to Scale Your Social Selling - Kennected or LinkedFusion

If you want to streamline your lead generation and build relationships at scale, Kennected’s marketing software suite is for you. All you need to do is choose your ideal prospect. The software can then connect with them on LinkedIn, send a follow up, get their email address, and even book them on your calendar.

While scaling relationships “automatically” sounds good in theory, you have to use it strategically. Ruth Danielson, the Founder of Mulberry Street Marketing, offers a valuable four-step framework for it below.

  1. “Use your marketing automation tool to connect to your strategic targets.
  2. Initiate a genuine conversation. Start by asking questions about them.
  3. Nurture the relationship.
  4. Then, if it’s a good fit, find out if now is a good time for you to work together.”

Pricing: They offer tailored pricing based on individual or business needs, and you will need to contact them directly for pricing information.


  • Speed up and scale the process of connecting with professionals on LinkedIn and grow your connections.
  • Set up unique sequences for first, second, and third degree connections.


  • Use the automation of the platform with caution, or else you may get banned.
  • There may be a learning curve involved in getting used to the Kennected interface.
  • The onboarding fee maybe be costly for smaller teams.


Top 25 LinkedIn Outreach Automation Tools to Scale Your Social Selling - LeadFuze

A lead intelligence platform with a database of over 300M business professionals from over 14M companies, LeadFuze, can help you build lead lists fast. They do not have specific LinkedIn features and are a general purpose prospecting tool.

If you’re mapping accounts, its account and market based search filters can come in super handy. It also lets you segment leads from large databases and qualify leads based on industry, technology, geography, ad budgets, and more.

Pricing: Its Scaling Plan starts at $147 per month (for 500 lead credits per month)


  • Fuzebot, its AI automation based tool, can automatically send a certain number of leads to tools like Close every day.
  • If you’re recruiting, its “Skill Search” feature even lets you source candidates that are relevant to your current job openings.


  • The lead data quality beyond the US may not be as robust.


Top 25 LinkedIn Outreach Automation Tools to Scale Your Social Selling - Zapier

When we talk about automation, it’s hard to leave Zapier out. It can help you connect different tools in your sales stack and build automated workflows around your current sales workflow—without involving your developers.

For instance, you can track every new form submission from multiple sources—LinkedIn or social media, your website, or advertisements—into the sales CRM of your choice. Then you can have an automated notification sent to your sales team on an app of your choice, such as Slack.

If you’re unsure where to use Zapier, just take their quiz to find out.

Pricing: $19.99 USD per month for the Starter plan with 750 tasks per month, billed anually.


  • It has a large number of integrations with other software, making it easy to automate repetitive sales tasks and create seamless sales handoff processes.
  • Lets you redirect time you would have spent on administrative tasks into revenue generating and creative sales activities.


  • If you rely a lot on “instant” Zaps—which involves an app directly sending a notification to Zapier when it receives new information—it can get expensive.
  • Though their customer service is helpful, their beginner plans only offer email support, which can be slow.


Top 25 LinkedIn Outreach Automation Tools to Scale Your Social Selling - Dux Soup

Dux-Soup is one of the most popular LinkedIn automation tools that saves the time spent manually connecting with professionals. Some of its automation features include identifying prospects, visiting profiles, sending messages, and endorsing connections. It can also enrich your B2B data by connecting with your CRM.

Case in point: Vikrant Duggal, owner of RevPipes, shares how they used Dux Soup for some automation support to grow their company using LinkedIn.

Pricing: $14.99 per month for the Pro Dux plan (with 20 percent savings on upfront annual payments). But the Turbo plan, with advanced features such as the ability to send follow-up messages, comes at $55.00 per month.


  • It’s one of the most reliable and inexpensive AI-powered LinkedIn automation software in the market.
  • All Dux-Soup users get a free 15-minute support call for help with technical issues.


  • Mass prospecting can get you penalized, so use the tool with care.


Top 25 LinkedIn Outreach Automation Tools to Scale Your Social Selling - Expandi

A self-proclaimed “safest LinkedIn automation tool” in the market, Expandi can mimic human behavior while performing LinkedIn activities on your behalf. It’s a cloud based software that comes with a dedicated local IP address and can warm up your LinkedIn account to get on LinkedIn’s good side before you start lead generation.

It comes with a Smart Sequences Builder for sending targeted messages to prospects at scale. You can also personalize your messages via images and GIFs that can trigger pattern interrupts and improve your engagement rate.

Pricing: The pricing is set at $99 monthly for each user. However, opting for an annual payment plan reduces the cost to $79 per user each month.


  • You can connect Expandi to other marketing tools using its webhooks.
  • The Smart Inbox lets you store LinkedIn & Email messages in a single place.
  • Offers flexibility to create simple or complicated lead generation LinkedIn campaigns as you like.


  • The dashboard can sometimes take time to respond to clicks.
  • Its customer support can also be slow.


Top 25 LinkedIn Outreach Automation Tools to Scale Your Social Selling - Zopto

Zopto is a sales outreach platform—combining email and LinkedIn—to build a highly targeted list of prospects relying on hundreds of criteria. You can use it to connect with other premium LinkedIn users and track the effectiveness of your relationships using its social selling metrics.

You can use it to find your ideal prospects, enhance LinkedIn’s native features on your profile, and build automated campaigns and messaging. The automation platform recently also launched a ChatGPT-powered feature to craft LinkedIn posts and articles.

Pricing: Starts at $195 USD per month for the “Personal” plan. You can save 30 percent by paying for a quarter upfront.


  • You get a dedicated customer success manager and support via phone, chat, and email.
  • You can import account based marketing (ABM) lists via its CRM integration with HubSpot or Salesforce, or upload contacts through CSV files.
  • It provides a real-time analytics dashboard with unique insights on your campaigns and channels.


  • It has a steep learning curve.
  • It's relatively expensive.

Linked Helper

Top 25 LinkedIn Outreach Automation Tools to Scale Your Social Selling - Linked Helper

A standalone application that you’ll need to download on your Windows, MacOS, or Ubuntu devices, Linked Helper, is a nifty tool for funnel automation. It can perform human actions such as sending invitations, InMails, profile following, messaging first connections or LinkedIn Group members, and lots more.

You can build smart message chains for newly added connections, and the tool can also detect their replies. It’s also possible to scrap profiles into its inbuilt CRM and filter the emails of featured profiles to launch a separate email marketing campaign.

Pricing: $15 per month for the Standard plan (with up to 45 percent discount if you pay for the whole year upfront).


  • It technically works as a “web-browser” without injecting any code or API calls into the LinkedIn page.
  • For sales reps, it’s an affordable tool to build LinkedIn sales funnels.
  • Has a convenient inbuilt LinkedIn Helper CRM


  • You’ll need to download and install the software on your device. Your prospecting will be interrupted if you close it.
  • Few of its automation features can take some time to understand clearly.


Top 25 LinkedIn Outreach Automation Tools to Scale Your Social Selling - PhantomBuster

PhantomBuster is a lead generation and scraping tool that works across 20+ platforms, including all major social media platforms. It can help you to automate specific tasks—referred to as “phantoms”—or create “flows,” which are a sequence of automated actions.

You can use it to scrape and export the results of a LinkedIn search into Google Sheets or Excel. Or even enrich your database with its contact enrichment.

Case in point: Arnaud Renoux, who helps Series A to Series D B2B tech companies scale, shares a simple 10-step strategy to steal someone’s audience using PhantomBuster.

Pricing: Its “Starter” plan costs $69 per month (You can pay for the whole year upfront to save 20 percent.) It comes with 20 hours of monthly execution time and five slots for Phantoms.


  • It's an easy to use no-code automation software.
  • You can scrape, gather, and build lead lists quickly.
  • By connecting PhantomBuster with ChatGPT (through Zapier), you can automate sending personalized LinkedIn messages.


  • Most of its automation is limited to Twitter and LinkedIn.
  • Its scraped data may occasionally be inaccurate, and need cleaning.

Meet Alfred

Top 25 LinkedIn Outreach Automation Tools to Scale Your Social Selling - Meet Alfred

A multi-channel LinkedIn campaign management platform, Meet Alfred, can help you build customized sequences incorporating LinkedIn, email, and Twitter. Its set of features includes personalization, A/B testing of messages with templates, lead generation via LinkedIn data scraping, and more.

You can generate a lead list based on people who have engaged with your LinkedIn posts, are part of a specific group, or are attending an event.

Pricing: $59 per month for the “Personal” plan. You can save up to 30 percent by paying for the whole quarter upfront.


  • The platform is compatible with all users: LinkedIn Premium, Sales Navigator, and Basic.
  • It comes with InMail safety limits and reply detection to help avoid LinkedIn jail.


  • The software can be buggy when you try to access its features.
  • Its customer service can be unhelpful.
  • The tool can get you banned if you fail to comply with the user agreement.
  • As the company is based out of Australia, they comply only with the terms there. They can refuse you a refund even if you get banned on LinkedIn.

Octopus CRM

Top 25 LinkedIn Outreach Automation Tools to Scale Your Social Selling - Octopus CRM

If you want a personal CRM with automation and stats on your LinkedIn performance, the Octopus CRM is a great fit. You can automate your LinkedIn tasks, such as sending automated messages in bulk, auto viewing hundreds of profiles, endorsing the skills of your connections, and more.

It also has the option to bypass the weekly invite limit of LinkedIn by sending 500+ connection requests per week by email. Its analytics features are also handy for evaluating the performance of your campaigns, your number of profile views, and your social selling index.

Pricing: Its “Starter” plan comes at $9.99 per month (you can save 35 percent by paying for the whole year upfront.) But it has some restrictions.


  • It has a user-friendly interface.
  • The company has put together helpful video tutorials to explain its features.
  • The tool helps to keep you on the good side of LinkedIn by sending you warnings when it detects excessive activity on the platform.


  • It can have more templates for reaching out to prospects.
  • You need to be on the highest paying tier to experience its whole suite of features, such as building personal LinkedIn lead generation funnels.


Top 25 LinkedIn Outreach Automation Tools to Scale Your Social Selling - LinkedCamp

LinkedCamp is a cloud-based automation tool that can help you generate qualified leads on LinkedIn. It can send automated messages, view profiles, send connection requests, and conduct other activities on LinkedIn.

It can create dynamic and targeted lead generation campaigns based on people that liked or commented on your posts, voted in a poll, registered for a specific event, or are members of a specific LinkedIn group.

You can also combine up to 9 smart actions to create a sequence and establish conditions for specific outcomes.

Pricing: Starts at $69 per month for its “Turbo” plan. You can save 30 percent by paying for the whole year upfront. You can book a free 30-minute demo of the platform.


  • You can add personalized images and GIFs with dynamic text layers to improve the engagement of your campaigns.
  • Comes with features such as auto warm up, inbuilt safety limits, and scheduling of tasks in a specified time zone.


  • It can have issues with data import via CSV files.
  • Its customer support can be slow and unreliable.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Top 25 LinkedIn Outreach Automation Tools to Scale Your Social Selling - LinkedIn Sales Navigator

The official LinkedIn tool that can mine leads from your profile, LinkedIn Sales Navigator, is a must have prospecting tool if your budget allows. It comes with advanced search filters, richer lead profiles, the ability to add notes and tags to organize prospecting leads, and an expanded version of “Who’s Viewed Your Profile.”

Case in point: Here are ten ideas to build a sales pipeline with a Sales Navigator account, shared by Andrew McCarthy, Head of Account Partners-APAC at LinkedIn.

Pricing: The “Sales Navigator Core” costs $79.99 per user per month.


  • You can access additional information about prospects on LinkedIn to qualify your leads better.
  • Many automation tools we discuss in this post work better on the top of a Sales Navigator account.


  • As it’s built on top of LinkedIn, its functionalities don’t extend to help you with your sales processes.
  • Its integrations with other platforms and even CRMs are limited—or not as advanced as they can be.


Top 25 LinkedIn Outreach Automation Tools to Scale Your Social Selling - Lemlist

While primarily a cold email software, Lemlist can also function as your LinkedIn outreach automation tool. You can use it to scrape contacts via any LinkedIn search directly to your outreach campaigns.

The platform can help you write personalized messages, A/B test them, and email your prospects. You can launch multi-channel campaigns that include LinkedIn profile visits, invites, messages, cold calling with integrations, and other manual steps.

Pricing: $59 per seat per month for the Email outreach plan. But you’ll need to get the “Sales Engagement” plan at $99 per user per month to access its automated LinkedIn outreach features. Choosing to pay annually offers significant savings, reducing the cost to $50 per month for the standard plan and $83 per month for the Pro Plan,


  • It can connect with your LinkedIn and mailbox and lets you run multi-channel sequences.
  • The company also offers tools such as lemstack that can save you time while doing cold outreach.


  • Some of its CRM integrations can be buggy.
  • It can be expensive if your business needs are limited to LinkedIn.


Top 25 LinkedIn Outreach Automation Tools to Scale Your Social Selling - Skrapp

A useful email lookup and data enrichment tool, Skrapp can save you time in your B2B lead generation efforts. You can also upload a sheet and have it verify emails in bulk. It’s essentially an email research platform that can help you scale your sales outreach.

Pricing: Its “Starter” Plan costs $49 per month for 1000 emails. You can save 17 percent by opting for an annual plan.


  • Its LinkedIn extension can be handy for verifying the emails you found on LinkedIn and sales navigator.
  • Makes it super easy to get lead lists from LinkedIn.


  • The quality of its contacts data can be subpar—especially when you’re looking for the email of a single person.


Top 25 LinkedIn Outreach Automation Tools to Scale Your Social Selling - LeadConnect

LeadConnect is a simple LinkedIn automation tool that can put your outreach on autopilot. You can create sequences involving sending connection requests, personalized follow ups, and detecting replies.

To define your audience, you can use a LinkedIn search or upload a CSV. And start connecting with your prospective clients easily.

Pricing: $25.95 per month (with savings for paying for the quarter upfront.)


  • It can sync profiles with HubSpot and help in easy lead nurturing or management.
  • It also integrates with tools like Hunter.io and lets you find business emails easily.


  • It works as a Chrome extension, so your device needs to remain turned on for the tool to function.
  • There can be occasional glitches in the tool, though the support is generally helpful.
  • For its limited set of features, it’s not really a great value for the cost.


Top 25 LinkedIn Outreach Automation Tools to Scale Your Social Selling - LeadLeaper

A robust email finder Chrome extension, LeadLeaper, can help supercharge your LinkedIn research. It can quickly pull email addresses and other contact info directly on LinkedIn. You can use it to conduct targeted sales outreach in conjunction with other tools.

Pricing: $39 per month for the “Sales Pro” plan with 3k email credits.


  • Integrates with G Suite and Office 365, enabling you to send personalized emails from the platform itself.
  • It includes drip email campaigns and email personalization.


  • The platform is pretty limited beyond finding email.
  • Information—especially around the contact numbers—can be inaccurate.


Top 25 LinkedIn Outreach Automation Tools to Scale Your Social Selling - WeConnect

We-Connect is a LinkedIn outreach platform that offers seven different types of campaigns and comes with intuitive Smart sequences. You can send invitations, auto follow, visit profiles, message group members, set up drip follow up, send free InMails to open profiles, etc.

They are also going to launch email automation and AI assist tools soon to help you engage better with your prospects.

Pricing: $49 per month (get two months free by paying annually.)


  • You can download your campaign data and use it for retargeting, email campaigns, etc.
  • It offers a reliable and affordable way to manage multiple accounts.


  • Their customer support response time can be slow.


Top 25 LinkedIn Outreach Automation Tools to Scale Your Social Selling - Albacross

A B2B intent data provider, Albacross can help you identify your anonymous website visitors. With its “LinkedIn Matched Audiences” integration, you can turn your identified high-value accounts into new ad audiences. It can help streamline your retargeting efforts and convert more deals.

Pricing: €79 per month for up to 100 identified companies.


  • You can access real-time buying intent data and spot in-market buyers from your website.
  • Do cross-channel LinkedIn retargeting to your ICP on autopilot.
  • Your sales team can access insights about your accounts inside the CRM and make their outreach messaging more targeted.



Top 25 LinkedIn Outreach Automation Tools to Scale Your Social Selling - Crystal

How would you like personality data insights on your new leads? Crystal provides guidance about your buyer to optimize your call, email, and meeting. It can help you connect with prospects at a deeper level—right from the first conversation.

Its Chrome extension can act as your sales assistant and provide you with personality insights of the LinkedIn profiles you visit.

Pricing: Its “Premium” plan costs $49 per month and comes with 200 yearly credits.


  • Can integrate with your CRM and predict anyone’s personality with a click.
  • Get real-time insights and feedback on your email messages to make them more appealing to your prospects.
  • Pursue advanced segmentation guided by personality traits.


  • Our personalities are dynamic, so take the tool’s suggestions with a grain of salt.


Top 25 LinkedIn Outreach Automation Tools to Scale Your Social Selling - Waalaxy

Third-last on our list of LinkedIn lead generation tools is Waalaxy. It can combine email and LinkedIn and help you scale the professional social network as your lead acquisition channel.

You can use it to extract lists from all kinds of LinkedIn accounts: Basic, Sales Navigator, Premium, and Recruiter Lite. And then start a personalized prospecting campaign using its templates.

The company has also launched an AI for sales prospecting that can find hundreds of qualified prospects—from your current client list—in a few minutes.

Pricing: Its “Advanced” plan costs €112 per month, but paying for the whole year can save you 50 percent. Inbox Waalaxy for LinkedIn messaging costs an additional €20 per month.



  • You can’t set up a sequence from scratch but use one of the pre-designed ones.
  • It’s a Chrome extension, and not cloud-based.


Top 25 LinkedIn Outreach Automation Tools to Scale Your Social Selling - LinkedRadar

A LinkedIn data scraper and message automation platform, LinkedRadar, lets you build a targeted list of your ideal prospects using keywords. It can launch an outreach campaign and connect with your prospects automatically.

Pricing: Its “Start” Plan costs $19.9 per month.


  • It provides you with a country-based IP address and comes with Smart Limits to ensure good LinkedIn safety.
  • Saves time spent on repetitive LinkedIn tasks.
  • The company also has a bunch of tools to automate tasks on other social media platforms.


  • It works as a Chrome extension, so you need to keep your browser tab active.


Top 25 LinkedIn Outreach Automation Tools to Scale Your Social Selling - Salesloft

A leading sales engagement platform, Salesloft, offers integration with the LinkedIn Sales Navigator for users on the Advanced or Advanced Plus plan. You can use the Salesloft cadence workflow to bring some functionality of the LinkedIn Sales Navigator into Salesloft.

The steps you can bring into Salesloft are: research, introduction, connection request, or InMail. As the names of these steps suggest, they are useful for getting real-time insights on your prospect’s companies, getting introduced to them via a mutual connection, sending a LinkedIn invitation, or a message to them via LinkedIn InMail.

Essentially if your team members are already using the platform, they can integrate sales email, phone, and LinkedIn touchpoints in their sales cadences.

Pricing: They offer Essentials and Advanced plans, but you need to contact them to get a quote.


  • You can execute multi-channel prospecting while improving your team’s efficiency.
  • Incorporate recent news and information from LinkedIn sales navigation into your existing sales processes.


  • The company offers complex and opaque pricing.
  • It has a steep learning curve.

Streamline Your LinkedIn Outreach Efforts with the Top 25 Automation Tools

The automation tools in this post can save you significant time while elevating your social selling game. Use them responsibly and strategically because ultimately, human relationships are built on real people having genuine conversations.

Your goal with LinkedIn outreach should be to scale your relationships while saving the time you’re putting into mundane tasks. With the launch of groundbreaking new AI software in recen tyears, the capabilities of these tools could drastically improve. As a sales professional, you need to stay ahead of the curve and integrate automation into your sales workflow today.

Close proudly offers not just the LinkedIn Headline Generator but also the LinkedIn Summary Generator. These AI-driven tools are designed to refine and elevate your LinkedIn presence, ensuring your profile captures the essence of your professional persona and stands out in the competitive digital world.


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