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LinkedIn Summary Generator

Level up your LinkedIn summary to get more profile views & stand out with potential customers, partners, and employers.

An AI LinkedIn Summary Generator that Doesn’t Suck—Get More Love on Your LinkedIn Profile Today

If talking about yourself in the third person gives you the ick, but you still need to write a professional summary, then you’re in the right place.

Maybe you tried templates that just didn’t do you justice. Or maybe you’re struggling to find the words that show potential employers or prospects that you actually know what you’re doing, without sounding like a snob.

That’s exactly why we built this AI-powered LinkedIn bio generator. 

Selling products might come easy to you, but selling yourself can be downright painful. Lucky for you, this is an area where artificial intelligence really excels. AI isn’t afraid to flaunt your assets. And it isn’t too embarrassed to play up your awesome accomplishments. 

Whether you’re a sales rep looking to reel in prospects or trying to land your dream job, the summary is a crucial part of your LinkedIn profile. Our free LinkedIn Summary Generator will take your current summary section from “meh” to majestic. 

How to Use Our Free LinkedIn Summary Generator 

Your LinkedIn profile Summary is the “About” section below the headline, Featured, and Activity sections. It's a wide open space that gives you 2,600 characters to show off your personality, highlight achievements, and draw visitors in.

While your LinkedIn headline is the first impression people get, the About section allows you to share a more complete picture of your skills and goals. Think of it as a cover letter addressed to anyone who visits your profile.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur building your personal brand, a sales rep looking for potential clients, or a hard worker in the middle of a job search, this free tool is a great place to start your journey.

Ready to upgrade your LinkedIn summary and supercharge your LinkedIn profile? Here’s how our LinkedIn Summary Generator can help.  ⬇️

Add Your Current LinkedIn Summary 

Head to your LinkedIn profile and snag your current LinkedIn Summary. If you haven’t updated it recently, take a few minutes to update your professional experience, accomplishments, or career goals. No need to make it perfect (that’s what our tool is for!), but make sure to include important details like new roles, updated skills, and awards. 

Pro tip: Don’t have a LinkedIn summary? Look at the About section from other folks in your industry. Don’t copy and paste, but use them as inspiration. Then, use our Summary Generator tool to make it even better.

Select a Tone That Fits Your Industry or Personality 

Slide down to the tone section and choose a tone based on your industry and overall goals. If you’re trying to attract hiring managers for job opportunities in a more buttoned-up industry, you might want to go with a formal or professional tone.  On the other hand, if you’re looking to connect with prospects for your bouncy house business, you could definitely be more casual and choose the funny or creative tone. 

Once you’ve chosen a tone, hit “Generate LinkedIn Summary.”

Not sure which tone to pick? Test out a few to see which sounds the most like you! 

Review the Generated Summaries 

With the click of a button, our ChatGPT-powered tool generates a well-written summary for your review. Take a look through and see what appeals to you. Is the tone of voice what you were looking for? Which pieces of this summary grab you by the lapels and refuse to let go? Which parts make you roll your eyes? 

If you love it, go ahead and hit that “Copy to Clipboard” button at the top.

Copy Your LinkedIn Summary—Or Try Again 

Our AI-powered tool is pretty awesome. But at the end of the day, AI writing tools need a great prompt to deliver a great result. If you don’t love the first results, try adding some details and hitting that lovely “Generate LinkedIn Summary” button again.

Make sure to proofread your new summary and spend a few minutes making it yours. Add relevant keywords your audience might search for on LinkedIn—or terms from job descriptions you’re trying to land. You could also play around with a different call to action, another way of wording your work experience, or other optimizations.

In the end, this is your LinkedIn Summary—so, make it feel like you!

Want to Get Noticed? Here’s How to Write a Compelling LinkedIn Summary

Whether you’re on the hunt for your dream job, want to grab a prospect’s attention, or just want to put your best professional foot forward on social media, a well-optimized LinkedIn profile is key to standing out online. The first step is nailing the LinkedIn headline. Then, it's time to polish your LinkedIn summary. 

Here’s how to write an attention-grabbing, prospect-attracting LinkedIn summary.  

1. Use a Hook To Pull Folks In 

Most LinkedIn summaries are a total snooze-fest. Dare to be better. 

Start off with something bold and attention-grabbing. You might pose a thought-provoking question, share a quote that sticks in your brain, or spill a brief anecdote that screams, "This is me!" The goal? Make 'em curious as hell.

Example:  "Hi, it's me—the marketing expert you didn't know you needed, and the solution to all your branding challenges!"

2. Discuss Your Background  

Next, share your journey. Did you start off small and build steam over the years? Did you launch a killer startup that helped you learn the ropes early? Maybe you worked in a call center before getting your MBA. Whatever your journey looks like, make sure to share the ups and the downs. Nobody wins all the time, and failures are just as important as successes. 

Example: "I learned marketing basics during my internship at Acme Inc., before pivoting to becoming a sales rep at Elder Fudd Industries. The skills I learned in both those roles led me to Bugs Bunny LLC.”

3. Used Keywords That Resonate With Clients or Recruiters 

Search engines like Google use keywords to deliver relevant content. Did you know LinkedIn has a similar algorithm? If someone is looking for a SaaS copywriter, that’s what they’re likely to search for. 

Strategically incorporating industry-specific terms increases your chances of recruiters or potential customers finding you. It’s LinkedIn’s version of SEO, ranking people by the profiles that match the search terms they deem important. Including relevant keywords not only enhances your professional credibility but also makes it for the right folks to find you.

Example: "I have more than 7 years of experience in marketing data analytics and have a deep understanding of GA4, Sequel, and Qlik.”

4. Outline Your Accomplishments 

Now it's time to toot your own horn. Did you graduate with honors? Win a prestigious award? Maybe you helped your last company reach impressive sales goals. Whatever you’ve done, now is the time to talk about it. Aim to share specific metrics and accomplishments, not just bland platitudes. 

Example: "In 2024, I received the prestigious “Top Sales Associate” award by the Derek Zoolander Center for Kids Who Can’t Read Good. In my role at DZCKWCRG, I've consistently met and exceeded sales targets. In 2024, I helped our team exceed our $2 million Q4 sales goals."

5. Highlight Key Skills 

This section is all about making yourself shine like the star you are. Highlighting all your skills—not just the ones in your job titles. Whether you're a negotiation wizard, an analytics master, or have mastered underwater basket weaving, this is your final opportunity to tell prospects and prospective employers why you’re such a badass. Don’t brag, but don't hold back, either. 

Example: “In addition to having the skills to close more deals, I also have a deep understanding of sales analytics, sales forecasting, and mentoring newer sales reps to become the next generation of high-performance sales professionals.” 

Make the Best LinkedIn Profile Summary—Use Our AI LinkedIn Summary Generator

Ready to make your professional entrance to the world of LinkedIn? 

Whether you’re…

  • A job seeker hoping to make a great first impression on recruiters and potential employers
  • An entrepreneur or founder building a personal brand
  • A sales rep trying to attract potential clients and prospects

…this AI writing tool for LinkedIn is a great place to start.

Use it to generate great ideas, and then curate them into a LinkedIn summary that screams YOU!

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