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Write Stronger LinkedIn Headlines in Seconds

Use this free AI headline generator to stand out from the crowd today.

Are You Making the Most of Your LinkedIn Headline Real Estate? Capture More Attention in Your Industry with a Better Headline

When was the last time you absolutely blew an opportunity to introduce yourself? Maybe you wanted to talk about how perfect you were for a job, but ended up going on a rant about your former boss. Or maybe you wanted to flirt with the pizza delivery girl and ended up talking about gas.

GIF Embedding Embedded GIF

Either way, if you’ve been anywhere near here… I’m guessing it probably didn’t go well.

Here’s the thing—your LinkedIn headline is prime real estate where you can introduce yourself to your online network (and encourage more people to get in touch with you). So whether you’re a job seeker hoping to stand out to recruiters, a sales rep hoping to connect with potential customers, or a small business owner networking with other entrepreneurs, your LinkedIn headline is a big deal.

Don’t waste that space—use our free AI LinkedIn Headline Generator tool to create a headline that stands out from the crows.

How to Use Our Free LinkedIn Headline Generator 

Ready to create the perfect social media introduction? Here’s how to get started with our AI-powered headline generator:

Add Your Current LinkedIn Headline

First, start with your current headline. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy or creative—in fact, if you don’t have a headline yet, just go ahead and add your job title and industry. 

LinkedIn Headline Example (Screen Shot) for AI Generator Tool

Select a Tone From the Dropdown Menu

Next, use the dropdown menu to choose the tone of your headline. You can choose from:

  • Automatic
  • Professional
  • Creative
  • Formal
  • Casual
  • Funny
Tone Options on Free LinkedIn Headline Generator Tool

Once that’s done, slap that “Generate LinkedIn Headlines” button!

Review the Generated Headlines 

The tool will start to generate headlines based on the information you gave it—your current headline, and the tone you’re looking for.

You’ll see a bunch of new, exciting headlines popping up in the list, and you can either copy all, or copy individual headlines that suit your fancy.

Improved LinkedIn Headline Using Free AI Powered Tool (Examples)

Choose the Best LinkedIn Headline or Try Again 

After you generate LinkedIn headline options, it’s time to choose a winner! Give that guy a gold medal and stick him on your LinkedIn profile for the world to see and enjoy.

Of course, if you’re not sure about any of the options, you can go ahead and use our AI tool to generate more headline ideas for you! Keep going until you find the one that screams: “YES! This is me!”

How to Write a Compelling LinkedIn Headline that Gets You Noticed 

Your LinkedIn headline shows up everywhere—in your profile, in LinkedIn search results, in every post and comment, in your dreams, in the sky with a skywriter…

Okay, forget about the last two. But your headline is generally the first impression you give when people come across you on LinkedIn.

So, how do you make sure it grabs their attention? Let’s discuss four top tips for a good LinkedIn headline that boosts profile views (plus examples + templates).

1. Keep it Short

Remember—you’ve got limited real estate to work with here. LinkedIn gives you a character limit of 220, so you need to stay under that.

That said, if you do use all of those characters, your headline will be cut off depending on where it’s displayed.

So, don’t list out all your skills, past positions, schooling, or other things. Save those for their respective places inside your LinkedIn profile.

An effective LinkedIn headline is like a short elevator pitch: it tells people exactly what they can expect from you in just a few words.

That said, you also want to make sure you’re getting the most out of this space—for example, if you’re looking for your next job, you don’t want to simply put “Unemployed” as your headline. (Seriously, it’s scary how many people do this.)

Here are some examples of engaging LinkedIn headlines when you’re on a job search:

  • “Senior Digital Marketing Manager | B2B & B2C Customer Experience”
  • “UI/UX Developer—Front & Back End—Experienced Seeking Full-Time Opportunity”
  • “3D Animator | Digital Artist | Seeking Entry-Level Opportunity!”
  • “Creative & Experienced Head of Marketing | Open to New Remote Opportunities”

Use your imagination (or our free tool!) to come up with a headline that hits home.

2. Tailor Your Headline To Your Audience 

LinkedIn will automatically generate a headline using your current job title and company name. But this isn’t necessarily eye-catching to your target audience (or potential employers).

While this is a fine example of a LinkedIn profile, that headline could be doing more work.

Think of this as the tagline for your personal brand—you need to make it stand out to your target audience.

So, first off—who is your target audience?

If you’re looking for a job in sales, your target audience might be recruiters or sales managers.

If you’re looking to sell services to business owners in the logistics industry, then that’s your target audience.

For a great LinkedIn headline, use keywords that speak to the people you’re trying to target. If you’re a salesperson, don’t shy away from that, and avoid using code words (like account growth manager, client advisor, or other hidden sales titles). Using the word “sales” in your headline generates trust, and may help prospective customers find you.

Here are some examples of great LinkedIn profile headlines for salespeople:

  • “Head of Sales @ [Company Name] | B2B Lead Gen Expert”
  • “Lead Generation and SaaS Sales | Sales Development at [Company Name]”
  • “Customer Advocate | Sales Rep at [Company Name]”
  • “Helping companies build their marketing tech stack | Sales @ [Company Name]”

In some cases, your headline could even be a call to action. Just look at how this creator uses his headline as a CTA to subscribe to his newsletter:

3. Include an Attention-Grabbing Value Proposition 

Your headline isn’t just about you—whether you’re searching for a job, trying to network, or building a list of prospects to sell to, your headline should be focused on the value you provide.

Here’s a fantastic example of a headline that features a value proposition:

Show your value, and the right people will be attracted to your profile. Here are some more examples of entrepreneurs, job seekers, and sales reps using their profiles to sell:

Focus on the outcome of working with you, and you’ll have a LinkedIn headline that doubles as a marketing tool.

4. Don’t Over-Do It 

Your LinkedIn headline is not the place to put all of those fancy adjectives your mom uses to describe your work. So cut the crap and avoid phrases like:

  • Master of sales!
  • Superior baking expert
  • Award-winning life coach
  • Best salesperson on the planet

Not only does this make you sound like a schmuck, but it’ll also affect whether people can find you in a LinkedIn search. After all, LinkedIn has its own type of SEO algorithm, so if the relevant keywords of your personal brand aren’t present, you probably won’t show up when people search.

So, think about your rankings (and the impression you give people) and tone it down a little in your headline.

Remember, there is no such thing as the perfect LinkedIn headline. But with these tips and our free LinkedIn headline generator, you’ll be able to use the power of AI to build the best headline you can—and attract the right people to your profile.

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