12 Successful CRM Implementation Case Studies to Learn From

CRM implementation can seem like a monumental task to complete. From knowing which CRM to choose, to understanding how to fit it in with the rest of your sales stack, there’s a lot involved from pricing to convincing decision-makers to making sure it works well from the start.

If you’re looking for CRM implementation case studies to give you ideas and confidence to get started, then look no further.

12 CRM Case Studies

Want to get this done right (the first time)? Learn from the CRM case studies of companies that implemented a new CRM successfully to improve the customer experience, drive customer engagement, and increase revenue.

1. How Customer.io Uses Automated Handoffs to Enable Smarter Sales

Company: Customer.io

Customer.io is an established martech provider that needed a CRM to work better with both an inbound and outbound sales process. Plus, they needed it to fit well with their current tool stack and give them automated workflows.

This case study interview with Alex Patton, Director of Marketing and operations at Customer.io, digs deeper into the technical setup the company uses with its CRM platform and how that process maximizes the team’s time and productivity.

CRM case study customer.io

2. 6 Tips for Assessing Your CRM + Optimizing Workflow—from a Revenue Coach

Company/Organization: High Kick Sales

Kyle Stremme’s consulting firm, High Kick Sales, enables sales teams to create an optimized process and tech stack. This case study explores the insights Kyle gained from helping B2B and B2C companies develop their CRM systems and processes, plus details on how he helps managers analyze their current CRM and decide on a better system.

CRM case study high kick sales example

3. Implementing Customer Relationship Management (CRM) in Hotel Industry from an Organizational Culture Perspective

Company: Anonymous UK hotel chain

This study, done by the International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management, examined a hotel chain in the UK as it implemented a new CRM, noting what worked and what didn't about its implementation process.

They administered a questionnaire to 346 hotel chain managers and found that organizational culture readiness was one of the most determining factors in the success of a CRM implementation.

4. Choosing and Implementing a CRM for Small Business

Company: Bean Ninjas

Bean Ninjas is an accounting firm for eCommerce businesses. Their tech stack was dissonant and unconnected, and their ‘CRM’ (actually a project management tool) didn’t even have email built-in. The lack of functionality was impacting their business.

Their self-written case study goes through choosing the right CRM, implementing the system into a more optimized sales workflow, technical integrations, and the end results.

CRM case study example Bean Ninjas

5. How AAXIS Digital is Saving an Estimated $250,000 by Switching from Salesforce to the HubSpot CRM Platform

Company: AAXIS

This CRM implementation case study focuses on how an enterprise company migrated from one extensive CRM to another, saving them lots of money on a system they weren’t using to the full.

The case study explores how they chose their new CRM and their accomplishments with it, including increasing marketing automation and better aligning sales and marketing. For specific Salesforce resources, check out our list of CRM implementation resources.

6. Replacing HubSpot with Close: Scaling Trufan in a CRM Reps Love

Company: Trufan

Trufan (now Surf for Brands) is a fast-growing SaaS startup with a tech-savvy target market. So, they needed a CRM that could move quickly alongside their team, helping them build well-constructed automation that could scale as they grew.

This CRM implementation case study shows how a wrong decision slowed their progress and how a new solution helped them scale faster.


Wondering how Close stacks up next to today’s top CRMs? Compare Close to other CRMs.

7. A Successful CRM Implementation Project in a Service Company

Company: Anonymous service company from Slovenia

This academic case study by Piskar Franka and Armand Faganel examines the process a service company in Slovenia followed alongside CRM consultants to implement a new solution.

They concluded that a proper CRM implementation can improve customer relationships, achieve greater information sharing between employees, and lead to better strategic decisions. This is mostly interesting for historical purposes, as it gives some insight into the complexity involved in implementing a CRM into a larger company in 2007.

8. Hownd Cut CRM Costs by 80 percent in 2 Weeks—While Saving SMBs During COVID

Company: Hownd

Hownd works with brick-and-mortar businesses to get more foot traffic, and their mission since the start of the pandemic is to help SMBs get back on their feet and recover. They needed a CRM that would help them cut their costs to help others and help them move quickly to fill the needs of their customers.

This case study/COVID success story shows how Hownd found the right CRM for their business, cut costs, streamlined their process, and continues to help SMBs survive through hard times.

crm case study Hownd

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9. The Ultimate Team Effort: How the Close Sales Team Joins Forces to Build More Solid Deals

Company: Close

This unique case study is the story of our CRM software company and how we’ve implemented our CRM tool into our sales stack. It digs into the nitty-gritty of technical setups and integrations, API, and how it all works together for a smooth, profitable process.

10. Switching to HubSpot Adds up for Casio

Company: Casio

This enterprise CRM implementation case study shows how consumer electronics company Casio switched from a custom-built CRM to one that was more inclusive for their marketing and sales teams. It shows how they updated their inbound marketing process and increased their new customer sales by 26 percent.

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11. The Unique Sales Process ResQ Club Uses to Power It's Mission to Zero Food Waste

Company: ResQ Club

ResQ Club, a Finnish company on a mission to make zero food waste a reality, needed a CRM solution that would help them track customers and partners and scale quickly.

This case study shows how they used Close to build their own custom processes with Custom Fields, email sequences that are personalized to different European cities, and Smart Views that keep sales reps focused on the right deals.

12. Strategic Issues in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Implementation

Company: Anonymous UK manufacturing company

This paper from 2003 by Christopher Bull from the Department of Business Information Technology at Manchester Metropolitan University Business School discusses the effects of a strategic customer relationship management process and how it affected this manufacturing company.

The results of this study highlighted that CRM implementations frequently failed. It also referenced a study of 202 CRM projects, which concluded that only 30.7 percent of organizations said the CRM implementation improved how they sell to and service customers.

Testimonials that Highlight the Benefits of CRM Implementation

What kind of benefits should you expect once you’ve implemented a new CRM? It depends on your company and current pain points. If you are considering switching to a new CRM or implementing one for the first time, here’s what real CRM users say:

1. Nick Parker, Founder at FTOCloud

“With Close, we're able to keep track of hundreds of deals and clients over multiple months while simultaneously unifying our team's communication.”

2. Tim Griffin, Founder & CEO at Cloosiv

We didn’t start getting traction until we started using Close. I don’t know if the company would still be here if we hadn’t implemented it.”

Read the whole story here.

3. Maryl Johnston, CEO at Bean Ninjas

“The real benefit of Close is less about sales admin time and more about closing more deals. Because Close makes it very easy to stay in touch with customers and allows Sales to manage their pipeline without needing a sales admin, we can now go into Close and see all the leads in a broad view.”

12 Successful CRM Implementation Case Studies to Learn From - Close CRM Pipeline

‎4. Aimee Creighton, Sales Administrator at Bean Ninjas

The biggest win for me is the cut-down in labor time of setting up leads in our task management system (not designed for lead management) and ensuring all fields are filled out. It significantly reduced the time-intensive manual process of documenting leads. I feel like Close has completely cut that down, and everything is right there from the dashboard. I think it’s been worth the investment.”

5. Monika Tudja, Business Development Manager at Now Technologies

I can't imagine my work-life without Close - I've been using it at my previous company and I 'demanded' implementing it on my first day at the current one. I'm useless without Close. Seriously thinking about getting an account for my personal life.”

6. Sara Archer, Director of Sales and Marketing

Since we've started using Close, we've QUADRUPLED our average revenue per user.”

Read how they did it here.

7. Sarah Haselkorn, Head of Sales at MakeSpace

You guys [at Close] have been a HUGE part of our growth so far, and with your support I have so much confidence that our sales team is set up to scale.”

8. Duncan Burns, VeggiDome

“I am able to stay on top of my outreach, correspondence, and follow-up seamlessly AND relax enough to do a better job, knowing that I'm not missing a beat!”

9. Michael Grady, Lazarus

This is a CRM that is all about focus with no bloat which is exactly what inside sales needs.”

10. Aubrey Lim, ThreeTrees

“My first time using a CRM. 8 months in and it's frictionless to use. My favorite features: being able to pull up colleagues' emails to a particular lead, bulk-uploading contacts, email templates.”

12 Successful CRM Implementation Case Studies to Learn From - Close CRM.

‎11. Timothy Corey, Director of Sales at Commonwealth Joe

“Close allows us to see where we should spend our time and effort. We can look at our sales for the same quarter last year and know what worked well and what didn’t -- this allows me to know where to put my energy, on what companies, and in what markets.”

Ready to Write Your Own CRM Implementation Success Story?

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