12 CRM Implementation Resources for Sales Managers

You know you need a new CRM. But how do you start the process? Where can you get templates to make a clear plan? How do you explain to your manager why a new CRM is necessary?

We’ve curated a list of 12 of today’s top CRM implementation resources for high-performance sales teams. Check out these resources if you want to give your team a tool that will empower them to work twice as hard for half the work.

These CRM implementation resources will help you set up your own plan, build a reasonable timeline, set clear goals, and avoid common pitfalls.

12 CRM implementation Resources for High-Performance Sales Teams

Your sales team is unstoppable. But you want to add a high-powered tool to their sales stack that will help them close more deals.

That said, the process of switching from one solution to another is tricky. That’s why we’ve created the ultimate guide to CRM implementation for you:

1. The Ultimate CRM Implementation Guide from Close

Cost: Free

This ultimate resource is a guidebook, checklist, roadmap, template, and cost breakdown all rolled into one. You’ll learn:

  • How to make a successful CRM implementation plan
  • What kind of timeline you should expect
  • Success factors to look for
  • Challenges and risks when implementing a new CRM (and how to prepare for them)
  • The real cost breakdown of CRM implementation

Get started here:

CRM Implementation PDFs (2)

These CRM implementation process PDF downloads are great for the planning stages of your CRM implementation:

2. Planning and Implementing Customer Relationship Management Projects

Cost: Free

This PDF discusses five major phases of CRM implementation (developing the CRM strategy, building the CRM project foundations, specifying the needs and selecting the partner, implementing the project, evaluating performance), the tools and processes you'll need, and how to manage the project.

3. Salesforce CRM Implementation Plan

Cost: $9.99 per month for membership to Scribd

Learn a specific blueprint to implement Salesforce as a CRM. On a high level, they break the implementation process down into the following steps:

  • Building your team
  • Defining and prioritizing your goals
  • Defining your process
  • Mapping your process to Salesforce CRM functionality
  • Defining the reports you need
  • Training your administrator
  • Communicating with your users

They then provide a more detailed breakdown of what's involved in each step.

Are you experiencing issues with Salesforce's support or features? It might be time to consider other CRM options. Check out this article for a detailed comparison of Salesforce alternatives.

CRM implementation PPTs, presentations, and slideshows (5)

Looking to build some enablement content around your new CRM? Use these presentations to collect key data for the migration and build a more well-rounded plan.

4. CRM Implementation Timeline PPT

Cost: A monthly subscription to SlideGeeks starts at $49.99

Want to make a case for why a specific CRM implementation could benefit your company? This editable CRM implementation timeline template for PowerPoint makes it easy to build your own timeline and get a visual overview of the project if you want to deliver an effective pitch.

This template is completely editable and might be suitable for those who don't have basic graphic, design, or presentation skills.

5. CRM Requirements Roadmap

Cost: Monthly subscription to Demand Metric starts at $50

Use this CRM implementation roadmap PPT template to see which aspects of CRM different teams need. Map out how functions are currently completed, and see what can be done inside a CRM system.

6. CRM Implementation Roadmap Process with User Support

Cost: Monthly subscription to SlideTeam starts at $49.99

This CRM implementation process PPT template allows you to customize your own implementation roadmap, with 5 main steps built in: Explore, Plan, Configure, Train, and Deploy.

7. CRM Strategy and Implementation

Cost: Free

This presentation discusses how a customer relationship management strategy works, how to set it up, and insights for implementation.

8. Overview of Effective CRM Implementation and Operation

Cost: Free

Dig into the overall CRM solution architecture, the systems connected with your CRM, and how it all ties into effective implementation.

CRM Implementation Papers & Studies (4)


If you’re looking to learn more about CRM systems as a whole and the companies who have implemented them, these CRM implementation resources are just right for you:

9. CRM Implementation: Effectiveness Issues and Insights

Cost: Free

First of all, this research paper was published in 2006—when the CRM space was very different from the way it is today. A lot has changed. Nonetheless, even back in the day, there was a stark contrast between the promise and the realities of a successful CRM implementation.

In reality, CRM adoption was a painfully slow process that failed to meet expectations. According to this paper, successful implementation depends on a number of factors such as fit between a firm’s CRM strategy and programs and its broader marketing strategy, and intraorganizational and interorganizational cooperation and coordination among entities involved in implementation.

10. Implementing a System of Customer Relationship Management

Cost: Free

This paper discusses the history of the term 'CRM', and how this original theory plays into developing a strategy and implementing a CRM system in business today.

It began in the 1990s when the phrase Customer Relationship Management was popularized. This is a dense 28-page read, but if you're interested in the most commonly recurring issues during the implementation of a CRM system, it will be insightful. No solutions are provided, but challenges are illuminated.

11. CRM Roadmap

Cost: $9.99 per month for membership to Scribd

This paper discusses the stages of CRM implementation and how each affects the overall business vision.

12. Contemporary Challenges in CRM Technology Adoption: A Multichannel View

Cost: Free

Learn more about the key issues that impact multichannel CRM implementation and how to overcome these challenges. Remember that this research was conducted in 2014—and while some of the challenges pointed out in this document remain unresolved, much has changed since in the CRM space. The entire research paper is, however, freely accessible.

Use These Resources to Make Your CRM Implementation a Success

If you’ve made it this far, it means you’re the kind of person who likes to do things right the first time. You don’t want to sit on the fence between two systems during the migration process, and you don’t want to waste time switching to a CRM that won’t work for your team.

If you’re looking for a high-powered sales CRM that’s agile, customizable, and built for startups and SMBs, try Close completely free for 14 days.

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