Skyrocket your sales by integrating your Close data with Plecto. Connect your Close CRM data with Plecto for real-time, actionable insights on your sales KPIs. 

Make your sales data actionable 

Visualize your sales KPIs on real-time dashboards that keep track of your sales team’s activities and performance. Plecto’s state-of-the-art integration supports relational data, enabling you to easily measure data related to calls, leads and more!

Save hours of time with automated reports 

Make use of Plecto’s automated reports to effortlessly identify the key trends in your sales data. Plecto’s reports operate in real-time, so once you have set up your report, we’ll take care of the rest. 

Motivate and engage your team

Struggling to spark that all-important motivation amongst your sales reps? Use Plecto’s gamification features to ignite that competitive spark amongst your sales team. Hold sales contests, set up notifications and bag virtual coins in the Reward Store. 

Centralize and cross-combine with your other systems

With 120+ native integrations, cross-combine your Close data with other systems on your tech stack for one single source of truth. 

Connect your Close data to Plecto, and start boosting your team’s performance with a free 14-day trial today!