Master Metrics CRM Integration

Master Metrics lets you visualize your data in real-time, gather insights, and increase performance. Create dashboards and watch your KPIs evolve.  

Powerful: Leverage search functionality and create time-based reporting for your Lead and Opportunities queries.  

Highly Customizable: Answer specific business questions creating custom queries and dashboards.

With Master Metrics answer all your business questions:

  • What is the conversion rate per acquisition source per week for this quarter?
  • How many calls do you need to schedule to send a proposal? Does this number change per industry or customer segment?
  • What percentage of proposals closed to Won? Does this change by sales rep? Or by acquisition source?
  • And many more!

Also, with our Meta and Google Integrations you will be able to attribute your campaign data ($$ Ad Spent and more!) to each lead inside your CRM. You will be able to track the performance of each Campaign (or Ad Set or Ad) for the whole sales funnel.

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