How to get inspired when you’re feeling the quota blues

Not moving the needle on your quarterly sales quotas as much as you need to? If you feel like you’re constantly playing catch-up and don’t have the motivation to get over the hump, you’ve come to the right place.

It’s never a good feeling…

You know what your quotas are and what it’ll take to achieve them, but you just can’t seem to find the extra motivation you need to make it happen.

The good news is this: There are plenty of sales motivation techniques you can use to get yourself out of that rut and back on your A-game.

And in this post, I’m going to share seven ways you can inspire yourself to crush your quotas and get back on track. Let’s go!

1. Avoid negativity

Negativity is contagious.

If you’re spending a lot of time around negative people, those pessimistic feelings are going to rub off on you. The same goes for time you spend online—if you’re constantly scrolling through Twitter and Reddit feeds full of negative comments and conversations, it’s going to be tough to stay positive and motivated.

Instead, surround yourself with positivity.

It won’t always be easy to block out the negative influences, but anytime you catch yourself following a rabbit hole of negativity online, put the phone down.

2. Build winning habits

There’s no better time to kickstart a good habit than the present. A good habit can be a major change to your routine, or something small but impactful:

  • Wake up early to get a head start on your day
  • Make time for a workout every day—even if it’s an at-home routine
  • Be consistent with your follow-ups
  • Go to sleep early to make sure you get enough rest

There’s no cap to the number of positive habits you can explore. Anything you think will motivate you to do your best work and keep your mind focused on what matters is worth chasing.

Remember: Good habits don’t just stick overnight. They take time and consistency. But the first step is and always will be making the decision to start working toward the good habit.

3. Step back to see the big picture

Sometimes we get caught up in the day-to-day and can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel. And when you’re stuck in the weeds just making calls and sending emails with no sense of direction, it’s easy to lose sight of what you’re actually trying to achieve and the plan you and your team created to get there.

Hit pause. Take a step back. Re-familiarize yourself with the high-level sales strategy your team is working with. Use the goals, objectives, and rationale you established to motivate yourself to keep going.

4. Do something right now

Seriously—grab a notepad and write down something you can do right now that’ll help you get one step closer to closing your next deal.

It doesn’t have to be huge.

It doesn’t have to (and shouldn’t) take you hours to complete.

It should be something that takes 5, 10, maybe 30 minutes at the most and will get your mind moving in the right direction again. Anytime you’re feeling a lack of motivation in the future, come back to this one thing and do it.

5. Stop comparing yourself to others

This is one of the biggest lessons you can learn in the sales world…

It’s OK to look at salespeople who are crushing it on the daily for inspiration and extra motivation. That's why we're always advocating for sales leaderboards, and even built a dedicated leaderboard feature into our CRM. It’s not OK to look at these people with jealousy and hate.

Put your ego aside and turn those imposter syndrome feelings into something positive.

6. Reflect on your past successes

Think back to last year, last quarter, last month—even just last week. Think about the last time you closed a deal or achieved something big.

  • What actions did you take to get there?
  • What mentality did you approach the situation with?
  • What can you copy from that process right now?

To make this kind of reflection even easier in the future, document your wins and the actions you took to achieve them.

7. Get daily sales motivation videos in your inbox

Last but not least, if you’re looking for some extra motivation every morning, sign up for daily sales motivation videos from yours truly (or check out our collection of sales motivation quotes, each also with its own video).

Every day, I’ll send a quick video directly to your inbox to get you motivated and excited to crush your calls, emails, and conversations that day. Go get'em!


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