21 Sales Memes Everyone Doing B2B Sales in 2024 Will Get

Let’s face it: the fast few years haven't gone like any of us planned.

But if you’re a salesperson, things have probably been especially rough for you. (Which is why we've gathered some of our favorite sales memes for you.)

Those goals you set for the year, like crushing your quotas every month or quarter, have likely gone out the window.

If you’re looking for some comic relief to the misery that is selling today, you’ve come to the right place. Here are 21 sales memes only salespeople will understand, along with some ideas of how to break the cycle of bad months and start selling again:

1. The Cheap Competitor

sales meme my prospect going to my competitor

In a global crisis, it’s normal for your customers to want the absolute lowest price. So they go running off behind your back, never to be seen again. All for an extra 25 cents.

Actually, when you’re negotiating a price and a competitor underbids you, there are some specific strategies you can use to save the deal. First, try to get your prospect to set price aside for a moment and focus on value. Do they really like the other product better than yours, or are they just attracted to a lower price tag on a product that isn’t even worth that much?

Next, align yourself to their goals and needs. If they really need something cheaper, don’t be lured into a price war with a competitor. Help your prospect get what they need, even if that’s not your product, and they may realize that you’re the kind of partner their business really needs.

Btw, if you're looking for something more sustainable than the quick relief a sales meme provides, check out our free sales resources.

2. I’ll Wait

sales meme i

Right now, it might just not be the right time for your prospects to buy. The best way to treat prospects that are hurting because of the crisis is just to wait a bit for the dust to settle. Then, follow up.

In fact, we’ve developed a follow-up formula that has been proven to work. With patience and persistence, that deal can still head towards a win, even if that win happens down the road.

3. Too Good to Be True?

sales meme too good to be true

Honestly, with so much bad news surrounding us, anything that seems easy or simple is automatically thrown under suspicion.

You know that hot new lead that was just assigned to you? How much are you willing to bet that they don’t qualify?

Here’s the point: Doubts will get you absolutely nowhere. Now is the time for action. If you’ve been handed a hot new lead, go for it!

To make sure you’re not wasting your time, develop your sales prospecting skills. When you successfully prospect, qualify, and prioritize your leads, you’ll avoid being paralyzed by doubt. Instead, you’ll move forward with a clear action plan.

4. Unhappy 2023 Checks

Sales memes - 2023 checks.

If you can relate to this sales meme, you have my sympathies.

But if you’re frustrated by lower commissions, let’s go back to the source: your pipeline. It’s probably not looking as full and happy as it did a few months ago.

That said, don’t fall into the trap of blaming your pipeline or your leads for a bad quarter. Despite the crisis, many businesses are still selling their products, and you can too.

Now is the time to get creative and find ways to fill that dry sales pipeline with undiscovered opportunities.

5. Per My Last Email...

sales meme per my last email

Finding it harder to get a response to your emails? You’re obviously not alone.

But don’t give up! By sending the right follow-up emails with the right messaging inside, you will get a response. Here are some ideas on sending follow up emails for different situations.

6. After the Morning Zoom Meeting

sales meme braveheart

While your morning sales huddle might seem like a huge motivational boost, you might find it hard to keep that momentum going throughout the workday.

Honestly, dealing with the current crisis isn’t easy for anyone. But there are specific things you can do to keep your emotions in check and keep working, such as:

  • Managing your time and your habits
  • Expecting disruptions
  • Finding ways to successfully combat stress
  • Practicing mindfulness

Here are some more ideas on winning the emotional war in sales.

If you’re a sales manager leading those morning sales huddles with your team, how can you make sure your motivation carries throughout the day for your team?

Take a look at this article for 19 sales motivation techniques you can use to boost your team’s productivity and energy.

7. Taking It to the Next Level

sales meme best friends

Probably not. But it’s fun to get excited about new LinkedIn connections.

Actually, LinkedIn can be a powerful tool for sales outreach. In fact, 7 in 10 B2B businesses say that they’ve acquired a new customer from LinkedIn. The key is to learn how to use the platform well.

In other words, don’t be a LinkedIn stalker.

If you take a good look at the prospect’s profile, you’ll probably come across some sort of common ground or a connection that you can use as an introduction. Then, take the relationship to the next level by keeping your message short and sweet, and asking a question they care about.

Who knows: Maybe you will end up being best friends.

8. When You Try to Eat Lunch

sales meme customers when you eat lunch

This sales meme may be a bit of an exaggeration (we hope).

But if you’ve ever had your phone buzzing like crazy while you’re trying to eat, then you know what this is like.

Resist the urge to answer the phone with your mouth full. I’m begging you.

If you’re using the right CRM, this tool can help you with productivity and keep you on top of all the calls you need to return. For example, in Close, each rep has their own personal Inbox.

sales meme guide close in box

Here, you’ll see the tasks assigned to you for the day, as well as any missed calls, voicemails, or emails that you need to catch up on.

In case you want to unlock the potential of your B2B sales funnel, try incorporating insights from our detailed article on the significance of B2B CRMs.

9. How Long It Really Takes to Make a Decision

sales meme time to make a decision

There are some prospects that seem like they can never nail time a decision timeframe.

If your prospects are constantly postponing their purchase, the best way to push them toward a purchase decision is to hyper-customize your pitch to their specific needs. If you can convince them of the value, you can convince them to purchase.

10. Still Worthy

sales meme i

Yes, you are still worthy!

Although the pandemic has knocked us down, all successful salespeople know that you can only win if you get back up and keep selling.

During (and after) a pandemic, you can still close deals. One of the biggest mistakes a rep can make right now is assuming that their prospects don’t want to buy because of the current situation.

Keep working, keep selling, and you will see results.

11. New Leads Vs. Old Prospects

sales meme foll up

New leads are exciting, but if you spend all of your time on them, you’ll end up neglecting the prospects you have in your pipeline.

There’s no such thing as an old hot lead. While the leads are hot, you need to keep following up with them until you get a purchase decision.

So, learn to balance your time between new leads and prospects you’re already working on. Then, you’ll have a balanced pipeline and a consistent flow of new deals.

12. Do You Qualify?

sales meme too eager

Ever had that twinge in the back of your mind, wondering if this person is really a good fit for your offer?

You don’t want to waste time with prospects that don’t qualify, but you also don’t want to abandon a prospect too soon. The key is asking the right qualifying questions in order to get a clear view of your prospect’s situation.

Check out our list of 31 B2B qualifying questions to help you find out:

  • If they fit your ideal customer profile
  • What their needs are
  • How purchase decisions are made at their company
  • What their budget is
  • Whether they’re interested in or fed up with the competition

Then, you’ll remove any doubts about whether or not they qualify.

13. Baloo the Gatekeeper

sales meme gatekeeper

Yes, it can seem like the gatekeeper is a huge blocker to your ultimate goal: getting to the decision-maker.

But actually, the best way to get past the gatekeeper is to stop thinking of them as a blocker and start thinking of them as a powerful ally.

There are specific strategies you can use to get past the gatekeeper and use their influence and position to your advantage. Basically, you need to provide value to them, build trust, and manage their objections.

Then, you can get the gatekeeper on your side.

14. When They Think the Rate is Too High

sales meme just watch

Sometimes, prospects object to the price because they really don’t have a budget for it. But sometimes, they still don’t understand the value of your product.

And other times, they’re using a price objection to hide a completely different objection.

It’s your job as a salesperson to figure out what this price objection really means. That involves asking the right questions.

If the prospect really is concerned about the price because they’re lacking funds, then help them understand the ROI of your product, and how much it would cost them if they don’t purchase your product.

15. Still Waiting...

sales meme waiting

Many times, sales is a waiting game. And honestly, that’s a stressful game.

Dealing with stress in sales isn’t easy, mainly because of the highly competitive nature of the job. But if you’re waiting for a prospect to make a decision or you’re stressed about your sales numbers being down, there are specific steps you can take to manage your stress.

First, follow the basic principles of stress management, including:

  • Getting enough sleep
  • Eating healthy foods
  • Exercising regularly
  • Knowing when to stop working

Then, focus on the data behind your failures. If you’re down on your numbers, take time to understand why. Is it because you weren’t calling as many prospects during the crisis? Were you trying to reach an unrealistic goal?

Once you understand the root cause of the problem, you can take steps to fix the problem. And a clear plan to move forward is one of the best solutions to stress.

16. Overcoming Objections Like a Pro

sales meme overcoming objections

During this crisis, you’ve probably come across the same objections over and over again. After all that time practicing, you’ve become a master at overcoming the objection of price or bad timing.

Still looking to improve your objection game? Here are 40+ examples to help you handle sales objections.

17. The Proposal That Flopped

sales meme be a lot cooler if you did

Either that prospect is absolutely crazy, or your proposal just wasn’t cool enough.

Let’s assume it was the latter.

If you want to create a proposal that grabs your prospect’s attention, you need to make it pop.

Sure, you’re not a designer. But building a proposal that is colorful and well-designed isn’t as hard as you might think, and it can have a big impact on how your proposal is viewed by prospects.

Also, being creative by allowing for digital payments and signatures can help move deals along, especially during this time.

18. When Your Leads are Beyond Cold

sales memes defrost leads

Unlike these sales memes, cold leads are no fun.

Since you don’t want to waste your time on leads that aren’t going to buy, what can you do to productively work with cold leads?

You could start by trying these 15 cold email templates. Their purpose is to take those cold leads and turn them into warm prospects that are on the road to purchase.

Also, by improving your qualifying skills, you’ll work smarter to prioritize the leads that really qualify for your product. That way, you’ll spend less time on cold leads that are a bad fit.

19. Are You Really Busy?

sales meme in a meeting

Does it seem like you’re always calling at a bad time?

True, this might just be an excuse not to talk to you. But if the prospect is really busy, you might try a little harder to improve the timing of your sales calls.

The best way to do that is to have a better understanding of your prospect. What’s their normal work schedule like? Are they busier at certain times of the week or month? If they’re working remotely right now, how does their family life play into their work routine?

The better you understand your audience and their day-to-day lives, the easier it will be to call or email at a time that is right for them.

20. When You Have to Put on Your Work Laugh

sales meme lame joke

Sometimes you need to make sacrifices to get the sale.

Sometimes that sacrifice is your soul.

Looking for a better way to close the deal? Check out these 16 sales strategies (none of which involves using your work laugh).

But we also think you should know this: Humor impacts the response rates to your sales emails (but if you're the one making the joke, you can make it good)!

21. That Sales Humor Sucks You in

sales meme yoga

Wow, that time just flew right by! But if your sales manager hasn’t caught you looking at the best sales memes, that’s not an excuse to keep looking.

Now, it’s time to get motivated and get back to work!

Bonus memes:

Be Inspired to Keep Selling


As a salesperson, you can relate to the sales memes above. You may even need some more LOLs to carry you through the week, featuring CRM humor or cold calling memes. Because laughing about it is definitely better than crying!

But here’s something you need to remember: Even though times are tough, salespeople are still selling. Businesses are still running. And people still need your product.

So, don’t let this year get you down. Instead, now is the time to rise to the occasion and meet these new challenges head-on.

Feeling like you need some extra motivation before you hit the phones again? Check out our repository of 151 sales motivation quotes to boost your motivation and get started.

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