Sales Enablement Manager Job Description [Free Template]

A great sales enablement strategy can be the difference between a deal won and a deal lost. Having a sales enablement manager on your team can make it 10x easier for your sales team to be successful.

For an inside sales team, the potential impact of sales enablement is huge.

If your sales team has easy access to a collection of tools, templates, cheatsheets, and other resources they can share with prospects, they’re going to spend less time trying to explain the benefits and perks of your product to each prospect.

Instead, they can share a resource that does it for them. This means they can focus on addressing the prospect’s hesitations and speaking to their pain points, rather than spending the entire call trying to communicate the value of their product, or how they differ from their competitors.

And sales enablement resources come in many forms...

“Schedule a call” email templates:


Follow-up email templates:


Or pre-built comparison charts:


Want a comparison chart like this for yourself? Download your free copy of the Sales Enablement Toolkit and get a fill-in-the-blanks template.

The list goes on. And since you’ve found your way to this post and made it this far, I’m going to assume you’ve bought into the “why” behind sales enablement. So at this point, it’s time to dive into how you can get started and who you need to hire.

But first things first...

What does a sales enablement manager actually do?

A sales enablement manager’s primary role is to provide the sales team with resources to help them sell more efficiently and effectively.

These sales enablement resources can be…

  • Blog posts
  • Training programs
  • Free tools
  • Calculators
  • Worksheets
  • Templates
  • Demo videos
  • Etc.

For example, the Close team put together an instant pricing comparison calculator for our sales team to use when a prospect is trying to understand annual costs:


The sales enablement manager works with the sales team to prioritize the assets, then leads the development of each tool.

Sales enablement manager job description template

Since sales enablement is still a relatively new (and growing) field, what exactly you should include in your job description can vary depending on the role they’ll be playing on your sales team. Regardless, this job description template is the perfect place to start.

Here are the seven sections you should include in your posting:

  1. Company overview
  2. What they’ll be doing
  3. Their typical day
  4. Required skills
  5. Nice-to-have skills
  6. Benefits & salary ranges
  7. How to apply

Company overview

Describe your company, what you do, who your audience is and what makes your culture one to get excited about. Your first two sentences need to appeal to ideal candidates and set a tone for the job posting.

What you’ll do:

Talk about what they’ll be responsible for from a high-level perspective. You don’t need to dive into the specific day-to-day tasks they’ll be tackling just yet; instead, this section should get them excited about the opportunity.

Your primary role as sales enablement manager will be to work with and assist the sales team by developing resources, templates, calculators, etc., to help make the sales process more efficient and effective.

Your typical day:

Share the typical working hours for your team, and explain what an average day in the life of a sales enablement manager at your company will look like. This is where you can get a little more task and project-specific to reveal what they’ll be focused on and who they’ll be working with and reporting to.

On a daily basis in this role, you’ll be responsible for:

  • Reporting directly to the director of sales
  • Leading the creation of spreadsheet and document templates to assist the sales team
  • Developing training videos that the sales team can share with prospects to help with onboarding
  • Partnering with the sales management team to identify resource gaps, identify opportunities to create more efficient sales processes, and prioritize which assets should be developed first
  • Etc.

Required skills:

These are the must-have skills for the role. If the candidate doesn’t have the majority of these abilities, they likely won’t be a great fit for the position.

  • 5+ years of experience in sales enablement, sales development or content marketing
  • Experience with managing and navigating all aspects of CRM software
  • Strong analytical skills and ability to interpret insights from data
  • Excellent copywriting and content development skills
  • Etc.


And these are the ideal-but-not-required skills that would help them do even more within the role—think coding knowledge, data analysis experience and familiarity with your industry.

  • Previous experience in the [YOUR INDUSTRY] industry
  • Previous experience in a sales enablement manager role
  • Understanding of startup growth strategies and KPIs
  • Etc...

Benefits, salary range & perks:

Self-explanatory here. Lay out the benefits, job perks and expected salary range for this role. This’ll depend heavily on your company size, your industry and where you’re located. Your goal with this section is to sell them on the bonuses and benefits beyond the work itself.

  • Tech budget to hook you up with all the tools and gadgets you need (laptop, phone, etc.)
  • Full health coverage: [DETAILS]
  • Salary range: $90K–$140K [VARIES BY LOCATION, INDUSTRY, ETC.]
  • Fully covered fitness membership (yoga, gym, etc.)
  • Etc.

How to apply:

Give them clear next steps. How do they apply? Is your posting on AngelList? Should they email you an application? What should they include in it? Don’t make them guess at what to do.

To apply, please click the “Apply Now” button below and answer the questions that follow:


Now over to you

Take this template, make it your own, then publish your posting. If you have a careers section on your website, start there. Then start sharing it on social channels, AngelList, LinkedIn, etc.

And when you find and hire the perfect candidate…

We just created eight fully customizable sales enablement templates you can use to sell more efficiently and effectively—and we’re giving them away for free.

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