Sales Certification Programs: 17 Best Options for Reps & Managers

There is always, always, more you can learn. And if you’re certified, you can show off what you have learned to the world.

True, there’s no standardized certification for sales professionals, but the best sales certification programs will help you:

  • Set up foundational sales skills
  • Become a more niche-focused asset
  • Improve win rates
  • Build better habits
  • Enjoy selling again

So, if you want the benefits of a sales certification, which sales certification programs should you look into?

We’ve curated the top 17 certifications for sales professionals—take a look, and pick the right ones for you.

2 Free Certifications for Sales Professionals

If it’s free, it’s better, right?

Here are three free certifications for sales professionals that will truly make a difference in the way you sell:

1. Successful Negotiation: Essential Strategies and Skills

From: University of Michigan

This online course through Coursera offers beginning sales reps the skills and knowledge to negotiate, engage, pitch, and close new sales leads.

2. Sales and Negotiation Skills

From: Alison

Overcoming sales objections and negotiating a win-win situation are key skills for sales. This sales certification program helps students understand communication strategies and three phases of negotiating.

3. The Language of Sales

From: EdApp

In this course, enrollees will learn about the importance of developing relationships with buyers, how to develop convincing arguments, and how to handle tough sales scenarios with resilience.

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11 Online Sales Certification Programs

Online learning or bust! Here are the top sales certification programs you can complete online:

3. SaaS Sales Method Training

From: Winning by Design

Cost: $1500

For sales professionals looking to niche down in the tech world, this course is a great introduction to SaaS sales. If you’re a new AE or an SDR looking to move to the next level, this course will teach you how to bring more impact to your customers, how to do discovery and demos, and how to close more deals.

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4. Value-Based Sales Training: SaaS/Software Sales

From: ValueBased

Cost: Contact for pricing

Coming from a team that has over 40 years of experience combined, students will learn through interactive sessions as well as live online training and coaching before getting their sales certification.

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5. Virtual Sales Training certification

From: Hoffeld Group

Cost: Contact for pricing

To build a fantastic mix of sales skills, the virtual training from Hoffeld includes 20 individual courses, including:

  • Asking High-Value Questions
  • Sales Presentations
  • Selling With Stories
  • Selling & Emotions
  • Neutralizing Competitors

After each course, you’ll get a certificate, plus at the end of all 20 courses, you’ll receive a sales certification for the Hoffeld Group’s selling methodology.

6. Develop Your Sales Knowledge and Skills

From: LinkedIn

Cost: Subscription to LinkedIn Learning

This learning path from LinkedIn learning includes sales foundations such as becoming a trusted partner for your customers, developing soft skills, asking great questions, and more. At the end, you’ll have a certification that can be presented on your LinkedIn profile.

7. Essential New Skills Sales

From: LinkedIn

Cost: Subscription to LinkedIn Learning

This learning path is shorter than the last and includes a more basic version of essential sales skills for reps looking to improve. It also includes lessons on virtual selling and showing empathy in sales.

8. B2B Sales Masterclass: People-Focused Selling

From: Kevin Dorsey

Cost: $94.99 (or $13.99 if you wait for a discount)

Kevin Dorsey is here to teach you top-tier methods for discovery, demos, follow-ups, and more without being shady or pushy.

9. JB Sales On Demand

From: JB Sales

Cost: $419 per year

Another legend of sales training, John Barrows, has developed a series of online courses with other big names, like Morgan Ingram, Devin Reed, and more. Here you’ll find two main certification courses: Filling the Funnel and Driving to Close.

10. Action Selling Certification

From: Action Selling

Cost: Contact for pricing

To get certified in the Action Selling process and methodology, this online course teaches you the principles of Action Selling through online video courses and ebooks.

11. SPIN Sales Training

From: Huthwaite International

Cost: Contact for pricing

With a tried and tested methodology for sales, the SPIN sales course is built for anyone who works customer-facing—whether that’s sales management, business development, or account management.

12. High Impact Sales Strategy in a Digital World

From: Northwestern Kellog

Cost: $8,600

This live online program helps develop B2B value proposition strategies, create a modern sales and customer engagement strategy, and drive implementation. Made especially for chief sales officers, VPs of sales, and other company leaders directly involved in the sales process.

13. Advanced MEDDPICC Course

From: MEDDIC Academy

Cost: $597 for 1 year

The MEDDPICC methodology is a well-known qualification strategy. This sales certification program teaches students exactly how to qualify new leads with 15 modules that total over 2 hours of content.

4 Sales Manager Certifications

Sales managers who are excellent at coaching and training their team are the ones who take the time to train themselves.

If you’re looking to move up to a sales management position or simply want to improve your skills as a manager, these sales manager certifications are a great starting point.

14. Sales Management Certificate Program

From: American Management Association

Cost: $2,495 (for members), and $2,795 for non-members

Specially developed with new sales managers in mind, this course will help you make a smooth transition into sales management, recruit new talent, set SMART goals, and develop key principles of leadership.

15. Become a Sales Manager

From: LinkedIn

Cost: Subscription to LinkedIn Learning

If you’re an AE looking to boost your skills for future promotion, this is a great learning path to help your sales career. Learn how to train and retain top talent, manage sales territories, and motivate your team with compensation and quotas.

16. Certified Professional Sales Leader

From: National Association of Sales Professionals

Cost: $895

Made for sales managers, directors, or VPs of sales, this 6-week online course helps students build leadership habits that work, equip their sales teams with skills and tools, and develop a high-performing team.

17. MEDDPICC for Managers

From: MEDDIC Academy

Cost: $1,173 for 1 year

Managers who want to coach their teams in the MEDDIC methodology should look into this course. Instead of simply teaching what the process is, this course is designed to help managers assess and train their own team members in the MEDDIC qualification process.

Get Those Shiny New Sales Certificates on Your Profile

Although you probably won’t do every one of these courses, we hope that a few have stood out to you. When you take the time to go through a structured, informative sales certification program, you’ll develop key skills that will help you advance your career.

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