16 RocketReach Alternatives You Can Use to Generate Quality Leads

To effectively close deals and grow your business, you need to give your sales teams the tools they need. This starts with high-value leads.

Tell me if this sounds familiar…

You're surfing the interwebs and stumble across a website—one you've never heard of before. It's got a flashy design and great content. Best of all, the company that owns the site is smack dab in the middle of your target audience. They'd make a stellar customer for you!

There's just one problem: you can't find any personal contact information on this website. You really want to contact their leadership team and strike up a sales conversation. But how?

Why don't you try using RocketReach, which is designed to help you connect with any professional? It doesn't matter if you want to sell B2B, build partnerships, recruit talent, or find investors. RocketReach will help you access the contact details you need.

Now, RocketReach isn't a perfect tool. Some people think it's too expensive. Others claim it lacks the essential features they need. This article is for folks who like what this software has to offer, but for one reason or another, want to evaluate the top RocketReach alternatives.

The Pros and Cons of RocketReach

Before I hit you with 16 RocketReach alternatives, I want to explore the pros and cons of this offering. Why do some people love it? Why do others take a hard pass? Let's find out!

The Pros of RocketReach

So, what does RocketReach do well? It has an extensive database, is available as a browser extension, and can help users create full email campaigns. Let's take a closer look at these benefits.

An Extensive Database

RocketReach claims to have "real-time verified data for 700 million professionals across 35 million companies, worldwide." That's a lot of information! Chances are, RocketReach can help you connect with the right people, which is the entire point of the tool. Maybe that's why 95% of the S&P 500, including major brands like Google and Microsoft, use it.

A Browser Extension

With an easy-to-use Chrome extension, you can simply install the app, search the internet or navigate to a professional's social media profiles, and then click a button inside RocketReach. The software will search through millions upon millions of contacts to find the information you need.

Full Email Campaigns

Lastly, RocketReach allows users to send business emails to the professionals they find. This feature, called Compose, will connect to your email address. That way, the messages you send appear personal and have a greater chance of actually reaching your target recipient's inbox. Compose even features email analytics to improve your campaigns.

The Cons of RocketReach

Despite the benefits above, not everyone has a high opinion of RocketReach. Some people believe the tool produces inaccurate information and costs too much money.

Inaccurate Information

Yes, RocketReach boasts a massive database. But if the information inside said database is inaccurate, does it matter? Previous users complain that RocketReach wasn't able to provide them with quality data. As such, they weren't able to contact the professional they wanted.

Less than Affordable

RocketReach isn't known as the best "bang for your buck" option. The software is rather expensive—especially with its questionable accuracy rate. If you're looking for a cheap contact finder and email validation tool, you might want to look elsewhere.

6 Best Alternatives to RocketReach for Small Businesses

As your business grows, you'll need to scale your tools to manage your company effectively.

The six RocketReach alternatives that I've listed below have a range of useful features. As such, each can be used to elevate your lead generation efforts to new heights.

1. Crunchbase

Best Alternatives to RocketReach for Small Businesses - Crunchbase

Source: Crunchbase

Cost: $49/user/mo (Pro) | Custom Pricing (Enterprise)

Best feature: Intelligently search and target new opportunities.

Launched in 2007 by Michael Arrington, Crunchbase is the leading platform for discovering company, investor, and funding data in the startup space.

Using advanced search filters, analysis tools, and company alerts, Crunchbase will let you intelligently search and target the best lead and partnership opportunities for your business. Find prospects, investors, and more to help develop the important relationships your company needs to succeed.

2. Hunter

Best Alternatives to RocketReach for Small Businesses - Hunter

Source: Hunter

Cost: $0/mo (Free) | $49/mo (Starter) | $149/mo (Growth) | $499/mo (Business) |

Best feature: Find emails in seconds and connect with the decision-makers that matter.

With Hunter, you'll be able to connect with viable candidates for your business. Use the domain search feature to find companies to partner with, the email finder to pinpoint individual contact details, or the email checker to ensure the email addresses you've collected are legit.

3. AeroLeads

Best Alternatives to RocketReach for Small Businesses - AeroLeads

Source: AeroLeads

Cost: $39/mo (Take Off) | $59/mo (Climb) | $99/mo (Cruise) | $249 (Enterprise)

Best feature: Connect with decision-makers for high-impact results.

Use the AeroLeads software to search top professional sites like LinkedIn, CrunchBase, and more. When you do, you'll quickly find the email addresses and phone numbers of the top decision-makers you want to connect with. You can then track these leads effectively.

4. Skrapp

Best Alternatives to RocketReach for Small Businesses - Skrapp

Source: Skrapp

Cost: $0/mo (Free) | $39/mo (Starter) | $99/mo (Seeker) | $299/mo (Global)

Best feature: Specialized B2B lead finders and outreach options.

Skrapp helps professionals find verified B2B email addresses for specific individuals. Users can also perform domain searches to quickly collect multiple emails from a website. This data can then be exported to your CRM of choice so that sales and marketing teams have access.

5. Nymeria

Best Alternatives to RocketReach for Small Businesses - Nymeria

Source: Nymeria

Cost: $39/mo (Nano) | $79/mo (Micro) | $159/mo (Kilo) | Custom Pricing (Custom)

Best feature: Collect verified emails with one click, improving the value of your leads.

The Nymeria browser extension allows users to collect email addresses with one click. Find verified emails connected to professional and social network accounts. Doing so will help you build valuable email lists that have high delivery and open rates. Said email lists can then be exported and sent to sales reps for outreach purposes.

6. UpLead

Best Alternatives to RocketReach for Small Businesses - UpLead

Source: UpLead

Cost: $0/mo (Free Trial) | $99/mo (Essentials) | $199/mo (Plus) | Custom Quote (Professional)

Best feature: Filter leads in a variety of ways to make lead generation easier.

UpLead was designed for B2B professionals. Use this tool to build accurate prospect lists, free of bad-fit buyers and low-quality leads. Or supercharge the lists you already have with UpLead's data enrichment feature. Simply upload a CSV file with basic information: personal and company names, website URLs, etc. Then let UpLead find additional information for you.

5 Great RocketReach Competitors That Suit Startups

As a startup, you need to cut back on expenses. The following solutions don't have all of the bells and whistles that RocketReach has. But they're much cheaper and will still help you generate quality leads for your company.

7. EmailMatcher

RocketReach Competitors That Suit Startups - EmailMatcher

Source: EmailMatcher

Cost: Free

Best feature: Search a name and domain to quickly get an email address.

AmpleMarket's EmailMatcher tool is a Google Chrome extension that helps you find email addresses. All you have to do is input an individual's first and last name, as well as their website domain. Email Matcher will then find relevant contact details for you.

8. Anymail Finder

RocketReach Competitors That Suit Startups - AnyMail Finder

Cost: $14 (50 verified emails) | $49 (1,000 verified emails) | $149 (5,000 verified emails) | $299 (25,000 verified emails)

Best feature: Find any professional email address with 97% accuracy.

Anymail Finder provides you with authentic email addresses that you can use as sales leads. With their pricing plan, you only pay per verified email, which means you'll never waste money on bad contact information. Plus, the tool has a stellar 97% delivery rate.

9. Lusha

Great RocketReach Competitors that Suit Startups - Lusha

Source: Lusha

Cost: $0/mo (Free) | $49/mo (Pro) | $79/mo (Premium) | Contact for Pricing (Scale)

Best feature: Top level tools to find your company's ideal customers.

Lusha is a fantastic RocketReach alternative for B2B companies. Once you add this app to your tech stack, you'll be able to find leads using "laser-sharp filters" such as intent data based on each lead's behavior, and technology data based on the tools your leads already use. Also worth mentioning, Lusha has a handy browser extension, which makes it easy to source email addresses, phone numbers, etc. while you surf LinkedIn.

10. FindEmails

RocketReach Competitors That Suit Startups - FindEmails

Source: FindEmails

Cost: $29/mo (Basic) | $49/mo (Better) | $99/mo (Best)

Best feature: Connect with company decision-makers instantly.

FindEmails helps users find and connect with decision-makers. Search for specific people by typing their names into the search bar. What if you want to contact a specific company, but don't know who to email? Just type in the company name and role instead. The tool is very accurate and easy to use—especially because it includes a handy Google Chrome extension.

11. GetEmail

RocketReach Competitors That Suit Startups - GetEmail

Source: GetEmail

Cost: $0/mo (Free) | $49/mo (Basic); $99/mo (Standard) | $149/mo (Premium) | $399/mo (Ultra)

Best feature: Find anyone's email within seconds.

GetEmail leverages big data and machine learning to find email addresses. The best part? The process takes seconds to complete. Search for contacts and find valuable leads. With GetEmail, making business-building connections is a pretty simple process.

5 RocketReach Alternatives for Enterprise Businesses

Looking for a comprehensive, feature-rich service to splurge on? One of these enterprise solutions should fit the bill. Just know, they cost more than many other tools.

12. LeadCandy

RocketReach Alternatives for Enterprise Businesses - LeadCandy

Source: LeadCandy

Cost: $99/year (Basic) | $399/year (Standard) | $599/year (Plus) | $999/year (Gold) | Custom Pricing (Enterprise)

Best feature: The 95% email accuracy guarantee.

Use LeadCandy to quickly find email addresses for quality leads, then tap the email verification tool to verify each one with 95% accuracy. LeadCandy will also let you enrich contact details, giving you a full picture of your prospects and allowing you to send more personalized messages.

13. Zoominfo

RocketReach Alternatives for Enterprise Businesses - Zoominfo

Source: ZoomInfo

Cost: Contact for Pricing

Best feature: The largest B2B contact database in the industry.

Zoominfo is another popular app that will allow your sales team to source contact information and score leads—just like RocketReach. What makes Zoominfo unique is its massive B2B database. Sign up for this tool and get instant access to 65M+ direct dial phone numbers and 150M+ verified email addresses. Beyond the database, Zoominfo gives users the ability to view buyer intent, track their website visitors, analyze sales calls, and more.

14. SalesIntel

RocketReach Alternatives for Enterprise Businesses - SalesIntel

Source: SalesIntel

Cost: $69/year (Individual) | $199/year (Teams) | Contact for quote (Professional)

Best feature: Find comprehensive B2B contact data to drive revenue.

Make meaningful B2B contacts that will help you drive growth and revenue for your business. With SalesIntel, you'll always have access to the most comprehensive, accurate contact and company details. Once you do, you can easily connect with potential customers.

15. Clearbit Connect

RocketReach Alternatives for Enterprise Businesses - Clearbit Connect

Cost: Contact for quote

Best feature: Find email addresses in under 5 seconds.

With Clearbit Connect, you can find email addresses for each of your prospective clients—as well as related personal details—in a matter of seconds. This integration pairs seamlessly with Gmail, too, making it extremely to use. And there's an available Google Chrome extension, which means you can source leads while perusing LinkedIn.

16. ContactOut

RocketReach Alternatives for Enterprise Businesses - Contact Out

Cost: $0/mo (Free) | $99/mo (Sales) | Contact for quote (Recruiter) | Custom Pricing (Team)

Best feature: Its Chrome extension uses LinkedIn's data to provide quick & easy access to your prospect’s contact information.

Finding email addresses can be time-consuming and frustrating. ContactOut will help you do it in less time and without the usual headache. Use it to get in touch with certain companies and/or specific professionals. The tool also includes a reverse email search and a contact lookup service that allows you to find names, addresses, phone numbers, social media profiles, and more.

A RocketReach Comparison Table: See How These Email Finders Stack Up

Use the table below to quickly compare RocketReach alternatives. A quick glance will help you determine what you can do with each tool, so you can decide if it's right for you or not.

Email Finder Tool Company Database Professional Contact Info Domain Search Contact Verification Lead Management
CrunchBase No Yes Yes Yes No
Hunter No Yes Yes Yes Yes
AeroLeads No Yes Yes Yes No
Skrapp No Yes Yes Yes No
Nymeria No Yes Yes Yes No
EmailMatcher No Yes Yes No No
Anymail Finder No Yes Yes No No
FindEmails No Yes Yes No No
GetEmail No Yes Yes No No
LeadCandy No Yes Yes Yes No
SalesIntel No Yes Yes Yes No
Clearbit Connect Yes Yes No No No

What Features Does Your Email Finder Tool Need?

In this section, I'll outline a few top features to look for in your email finder tool of choice. Each one of them will help ensure the success of your sales prospecting efforts.

A Company Database

A company database is exactly what you think it is: a database that contains company contact information. Various email finder and verification services will give you access to their databases in exchange for a fee. This is important when attempting to develop business partnerships, execute B2B sales, and/or attract investors to your business.

Professional Contact Info

This feature will help you pinpoint contact details by searching for an individual's name. Tools that have this feature usually scour websites and social networks for information, including job titles, email addresses, and phone numbers, which is especially helpful for B2B sales.

Domain Search

The domain search feature will allow you to quickly scan website domain names for contact information. Want to engage a specific company in a sales conversation, but don't know who to talk to? Domain search functionality will quickly turn up email addresses, phone numbers, etc. for multiple employees, who you can then contact when you see fit.

Contact Verification

Contact verification is a useful feature. With it, you'll be able to quickly verify the information your email finder tool comes up with, ensuring accuracy. When this happens, your email bounce rate will go down, while the delivery rates, open rates, and response rates of your outreach campaigns will go up. You'll also be able to make direct dials with more confidence.

Lead Management

Lead management features will allow you to collect, track, and organize the leads you generate with your email finder tool. You can then integrate this with your outreach system to fully manage your email marketing and sales efforts, while boosting efficiency.


Finally, top email finder tools will provide an API—or, at the very least, connect with Zapier—so that you can integrate them with the solutions you already use.

Are you a fan of Close CRM? How about Salesforce, HubSpot, or Pipedrive? Wouldn't it be awesome if your email verifier used automation to send the leads it sources to your CRM of choice? Of course it would. That's why quality integrations are essential for this kind of tool.

Improve Your Sales Prospecting with RocketReach Alternatives

It doesn't matter if you're employed by a cutting-edge SaaS startup or a well-established enterprise business. You need contact information to make sales. The RocketReach alternatives I talked about above will help you get said information quickly and easily.

All you have to do now is choose the right tool for your organization. Just remember, you can always upgrade your solution in the future. Get the best app for your business right now. That way you can supercharge your prospecting efforts in less time. Good luck!

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