Reset yourself: 3 minute mindfulness for sales reps

I admit it - sales and mindfulness don’t usually go together. But I believe they should. Practicing presence, meditating and being mindful is one of the secrets of my success. Don’t worry - I won’t go off on a philosophical tangent here. I’ll keep this practical, a simple sales hack you can use in your everyday battle to be a top producer.

Sales is a competition. You’re competing against other companies, you’re competing against other members of your sales team, but first and foremost, you’re competing against yourself. You always want to become better than you were last year.

You’re driven, hungry and ambitious. That’s good.

Sustainable success

But you’ll be able to perform better in the long run if you balance your desire to succeed with a practice that grounds you.

A lot of high-achievers are so determined to succeed because they:

  • constantly beat themselves up over the things they could have done better (in the past)
  • are busy planning how to do things better (in the future)

What many miss out on is: what’s happening right now. The present moment.

Close more deals with mindfulness

Here’s a thing you can do to be more effective in your next sales call. It takes three minutes, but it’ll help you to get a lot more out of your work day.

1. Relax & reset

Before you get on a sales call, take a few deep breaths, relax the muscles in your body and let go of whatever was on your mind before. If you’ve just been on another call, consciously conclude that - you don’t want to carry over anything from a previous conversation into the next one. Just make sure that there’s a clear break between whatever activity you were just engaged in and what the next activity is, and redirect your mind into the present moment.

2. Envision the desired outcome

Close your eyes and imagine how you want the next call to play out. What would be the perfect scenario? What would the other person say? How would you feel when you hear them say it?

3. Prime your mind

You want to bring a strong and clear intention into your next sales conversations. The easiest way to do this is to ask yourself these 3 simple questions:

  1. What’s my goal?
  2. What are the potential obstacles and how am I going to overcome them?
  3. What do I want to learn from this call?

Then pick up the phone and crush it. Your energy will be infectious, your sense of clarity and direction will help you lead the conversation, and you’ll be a lot more persuasive.

Less stress, more sales

Don’t get caught up in the frantic chase of breaking new sales records. Whatever your destination is, you can get there by being skilfull rather than by burning your candle at both ends.

Take three minutes before your next important sales call to relax and reset, envision your desired outcome and prime your mind, and you’ll be a much more efficient sales person.

After all these years in sales, millions of dollars sold, hundreds of reps coached, there’s one thing I’ve learned: the number one thing that will determine your success in sales is how well you manage your emotional energy.

If you can stay creatively engaged, motivated and inspired by the challenges you face in your job, there’s endless potential to grow, evolve and create bigger wins.

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