27 Best Lead Generation Tools to Supercharge Your Sales in 2024

We talk a hellllll of a lot about negotiating with prospects and sealing deals at Close HQ.

But those of us who’ve been in sales for long enough know that acing that final client meeting and signing the contract is only half the battle. What comes before that can also make or break the deal.

Yep. We're talking about finding the right leads.

The mistake many startups and small businesses make is trying to fill their sales pipeline in any way possible. Unfortunately, this can lead to poor product fit, lots of unanswered emails, and a ton of wasted time.

But with the right lead generation tools in your toolkit, your sales team can find higher quality prospects and book meetings without spending hours scouring LinkedIn or Google.

In this guide, we're sharing our top 27 lead gen tools and how they can help you build a healthy sales pipeline. Let's take a look 👇

Why is B2B Lead Generation Important?

Lead generation is the very starting point of any sales strategy.

According to Statista, nearly 41 percent of marketing decision-makers say the number one lead generation strategy is connecting with prospects one-to-one. More research in 2023 by Content Marketing Institute found the best way to generate leads is to create brand awareness, build trust and credibility, and educate your customers.

I mean, without leads… what is sales? We need someone to sell our products to. Those people should need the product, and it should solve their problems. That's it.

But many sales teams are falling short and struggle to find high-quality leads.

So, what exactly is lead generation? 🤔

In a nutshell, it's when marketing and sales teams discover leads and determine if turning them into potential customers is viable. Creating a system that weeds out visitors that have a good chance of becoming paying customers is important because it can:

  • Increase revenue. It's simple science. The more leads in your pipeline that are viable, the more likely it is that your team will boost conversion rates. Using lead generation tools can help SMBs streamline their sales process and generate high-quality leads, which means more money in your bottom line.
  • Tighten up your marketing machine. Successful lead generation helps you figure out what customers really want. The right lead generation tools can tighten up your marketing, target specific audiences based on their needs, interests, and behavior, and turn them into paying customers.
  • Cut costs. Sending out cold emails. Picking up the phone and calling leads. It all costs your team time and money. Lead generation tools carve out a more cost-effective way to convert prospects and save time spending hours on dead leads.

The key is choosing the right tools for your lead generation toolkit. Some focus on getting the right leads into your pipeline, while others help book meetings and get on a call with prospects.

Here are 27 of the best lead-generation tools to help add big dollars to your bottom line 👇

1. Close CRM

Close Lead Generation Tool

Yes, we put ourselves at the top of the list. We're biased as hell. But we know Close is the best sales platform for teams who want to manage leads, automate lead nurturing, and increase conversion rates. Our sales platform has everything from advanced sales workflows to automated follow-ups, outbound lead functionality, call tracking, and lead management—all under one roof.

If you want a place to talk with leads 1-on-1, track every deal movement, and make every lead feel like they're the only one in your pipeline—Close is the lead generation tool for you.

Best Close Features

  • Automated email workflows to follow up with leads ensures nobody slips through the cracks and your reps chase every opportunity
  • Close's pipeline views give sales leaders a detailed snapshot of where every lead is at based on status, source, or deal viability. This makes it easy to figure out which deals sales reps should spend their time on
  • Our built-in Power Dialer allows sales reps to call and chase multiple leads at once


Plans start at $49/month, billed annually (includes 1 user).

Pro Tip: Enhance your lead generation strategy with Close's Call Assistant. This AI-powered tool revolutionizes the way you interact with and qualify leads. With automatic call transcriptions, you can quickly review conversations for key details, ensuring no valuable information is missed.

2. Pipedrive

Pipedrive lead generation tool

As the name suggests, Pipedrive is allllll about the pipeline and generating leads.

It has tons of features a sales team needs to track deals, manage prospects, and keep an eye on metrics. Once a lead drops into your sales funnel, you can track deal worth, close probability, and follow up with them in a single dashboard.

Best Pipedrive Features

  • Sales teams can manage their entire pipeline and narrow down which deals to focus on thanks to the tool's intuitive interface
  • In-depth reporting and analytics so sales leaders can get granular details about what's working and what's not
  • Integrated email allows teams to nurture and follow up with leads without leaving the platform


Plans start at $9.90/user/month

3. Salesforce

Best Lead Generation Tools to Supercharge Sales in 2023 - Salesforce

The big dog. Salesforce is a cloud-based B2B lead generation tool that's used by over 150,000 companies to manage prospects and close deals.

The reason it's so popular is its customization abilities. Salesforce can be changed to suit any sales team's needs, workflows, and selling techniques to give them the best chance at turning leads into paying customers.

That customization comes with a price as it's more complex to set up. But if you have the time (and money), Salesforce is a great choice to capture leads.

Best Salesforce Features

  • Sales teams can create custom fields, workflows, and reports to suit their strategy and leads
  • The platform has built-in AI that uses datasets and machine learning to give sales reps insight and predictions into which leads are more likely to convert
  • Fits easily into existing tech stacks thanks to extensive integrations with popular sales tools


Plans start at $25/user/month

4. ActiveCampaign

Best Lead Generation Tools to Supercharge Sales in 2023 - ActiveCampaign

ActiveCampaign is an all-in-one automation platform that's part marketing, and part sales.

It's designed to help teams create targeted campaigns to bring in high-quality leads and automate follow-ups using email sequences. But it goes beyond those features as well. It also has a built-in customer relationship management (CRM) platform and analytics, so lead details can be stored and tracked so your team doesn't let any opportunities slip through the cracks.

Best ActiveCampaign Features

  • It's a lot cheaper than some of the tools on our list, so it's perfect for small startups with tight budgets
  • Advanced segmentation and email automation thanks to features like tags and lists to target specific lead groups
  • Integrates with 920+ apps (both natively and via Zapier), including lead generation tools like Close, Instapage, and Leadpages


Plans start at $29/month and include basic but powerful features

Discover the best alternatives to ActiveCampaign that offer unique features and pricing.

5. VoilaNorbert

Best Lead Generation Tools to Supercharge Sales in 2023 - ViolaNorbert

Ever wanted to speak to that one decision-maker at a company you've been trying to lock down a deal with?

VoilaNorbert is the answer. This lead generation tool scrapes data across the internet to help sales teams find (and verify) email addresses for potential leads and decision-makers at specific organizations. Just type in the lead's name or domain, and ViolaNorbert will provide their most probable email address along with other information it finds, like business addresses or LinkedIn profiles. Just like other email finders, like Hunter or Lusha, it’s a fast way to find real, verified email addresses.

Best VoilaNorbert Features

  • The email finder has a search bar and Chrome extension to search and verify email addresses in seconds
  • Built-in discussion tab for sales reps to take notes on whether they've made contact with the lead
  • Bulk list export to shift data into your CRM platform to streamline follow-ups and lead generation activities


The first 50 email address searches are free. Paid plans start at $49/month

Oh, I forgot to mention! If you want to uncover the ways in which B2B CRMs can enhance your sales funnel, check out our enlightening article, designed to help you succeed.

6. Marketo Engage

Best Lead Generation Tools to Supercharge Sales in 2023 - Marketo

Marketo, now known as Marketo Engage since its acquisition by Adobe, is a marketing automation platform designed for enterprise-level businesses to drive engagement and conversions using targeted email lists.

It has all the features teams expect, like automated email marketing tools, lead management, and trigger-based messaging (like exit-intent pop-ups). While it's not the prettiest tool in the toolkit, it definitely works—over 22,000 teams now use it for lead generation!

Best Marketo Features

  • Email sequences with dynamic content and personalization to win leads over
  • Advanced lead segmentation helps teams target leads based on specific characteristics
  • Granular reporting tracks lead-generation campaigns to see which techniques are bringing in the most prospects


No pricing information is available. Teams must contact Marketo for a custom quote ( 🤑)

7. Drift

Best Lead Generation Tools to Supercharge Sales in 2023 - Drift

Source: Drift

Out with the robochat. In with the humans (kinda).

Drift's conversational marketing campaigns changed the game when it came to engaging with website visitors. It automates a potential lead's first touch and chats with them to qualify them as a prospect before connecting them with a sales rep. This speeds up the sales process and saves reps a ton of time chasing down dead leads so they can focus on viable prospects.

Best Drift Features

  • The conversational chatbots can be customized using prebuilt sequences or playbooks built from scratch
  • Automated lead qualification and routing to help sales teams focus on the most promising leads
  • The chatbot remembers if a lead has visited your site in the past and picks up where the conversation left off


Plans start at $2500/month

8. Reply.io

Best Lead Generation Tools to Supercharge Sales in 2023 - ReplyIO

Reply.io is a sales automation platform that tracks leads and automates outreach all under one roof.

Teams can integrate Reply.io with existing CRM tools, track how many leads they've contacted, automate email follow-ups, and analyze which messages get the most engagement. Using this data, it's easier to sharpen outreach messaging and customize it to create personalized replies to leads to book a meeting.

Best Reply.io Features

  • Emails can be personalized to engage leads using fields like first name, company name, and business need
  • Teams can automate follow-ups for unresponsive leads to increase the chance of engagement
  • The platform's detailed analytics track email engagement rates, campaign performance, and sales pipeline activity


Plans start at $60/user/month

9. MailChimp

Best Lead Generation Tools to Supercharge Sales in 2023 - MailChimp

MailChimp is usually considered an email marketing platform, but it also has some pretty understated tools for lead generation.

Thanks to pop-ups, embedded opt-in forms, and integrations with platforms like LinkedIn, you can easily collect lead data like names and email addresses. This information can then be used to personalize emails and marketing to reach out to leads and connect with them 1-on-1.

Best MailChimp Features

  • The template library is a good starting point for teams to create email campaigns quickly
  • Easy to set up automated outreach campaigns to connect with customers when they fill out a signup form
  • Detailed reporting tracks how engaged leads are if they are opening certain emails multiple times, and even what links they click


Free plan for up to 2,000 contacts. Paid plans start at $6.5/month

10. Unbounce

Best Lead Generation Tools to Supercharge Sales in 2023 - Unbounce

Unbounce is a landing page builder to create lead generation campaigns.

It's specifically built for teams who don't have coding skills or the budget to pay for a developer every time they want to launch a new campaign. Just use the drag-and-drop builder to customize one of the out-of-the-box templates, and boom… you have a landing page ready to collect lead data.

Best Unbounce Features

  • A/B testing features to see what landing page features and variations work best with your target audience
  • Lead information is collected and stored inside Unbounce, ready to export to your sales CRM
  • Integrates with other marketing tools like Facebook Pixel and Google Analytics to streamline lead generation campaigns


Plans start at $99/month

11. HubSpot

Best Lead Generation Tools to Supercharge Sales in 2023 - HubSpot

HubSpot is an all-in-one marketing, sales, and customer support platform that packs a punch.

Inside the dashboard, sales teams will find features like lead engagement monitoring, email templates, pipeline management, and call tracking. Every touch with a lead is tracked, and campaigns can be automated to stay on top of every prospect in your pipeline.

Marketing features, such as pop-ups, live chat, and SEO features, can be easily integrated into your website, especially with the built-in HubSpot WordPress plugin.

Best HubSpot Sales Features

  • The tool has a library of lead-gen email templates that are ready to use out-of-the-box
  • Ability to add on marketing and customer support features (with a higher price tag)
  • The notes feature means multiple sales reps can get up to speed on each lead and reach out to them


Free plan available. Paid plans start at $20/user/month

Psst… Want to get all the marketing goodness of HubSpot with the sales agility of Close? Check out our native Close + HubSpot integration.

12. Calendly

Best Lead Generation Tools to Supercharge Sales in 2023 - Calendly

Does Thursday morning (GMT) work for you? No. Okay, how about Tuesday at 2 pm (EST)? No. Okay, well…

Ugh. We all know how frustrating it is trying to book a slot on a lead's calendar. Thanks to Calendly's scheduling platform, your sales reps can book meetings and appointments without the back-and-forth emails. Just plug it into your calendar tool, like Google Calendar and Outlook, and your leads can pick a free time slot that also suits them. Easy!

Best Calendly Features

  • It saves a ton of time going back and forth trying to book a meeting time (and potentially losing the lead altogether)
  • Reps can create multiple meeting types for different scenarios, like a 15-minute chat with a new lead or a longer meeting for a demo
  • Integrates with your existing calendar so you're never double booked


There's a (limited) free version. Paid plans start at $10/user/month.

13. SavvyCal

Best Lead Generation Tools to Supercharge Sales in 2023 - SavvyCal

A similar tool to Calendly, SavvyCal is a scheduling tool that also can add the whole sales team to an account.

It's perfect for sales teams who are meeting with leads for more in-depth conversations (like if a developer is joining to answer specific questions) or if multiple people are needed for a demo. We also love it thanks to the SavvyCal + Close native integration—any new meeting will trigger an automatic update in Close and create a new lead profile. It saves time and keeps your pipeline flowing!

Best SavvyCal Features

  • Teams can create custom scheduling links with specific availability and different meeting types
  • Group meetings are perfect for more complex deals, especially when more than one person from your sales team needs to be in the room
  • Allows prospects to overlay their own calendar onto your sales team’s availability, so they can choose the perfect time
  • Integrates with all main calendar platforms like iCloud Calendar, Google Calendar, and Microsoft Outlook


There is a free trial. Paid plans start at $12/user/month

14. Dripify

Best Lead Generation Tools to Supercharge Sales in 2023 - Dripify

Dripify is a marketing automation tool for LinkedIn, built to help you set up customized sequences to keep potential leads engaged.

It nurtures leads, has customizable drip sequences for LinkedIn messaging, and tracks activity to measure individual campaigns' success. Once a campaign is launched, you can add custom lead lists (to target specific industries or customer types) and create sequences based on your end goal.

Best Dripify Features

  • Segment leads based on their interests, industry, behavior, and interests so they feel you are connecting with them personally
  • Dripify scores leads based on how engaged they are with your emails. If a lead opens your messages and clicks links, the platform will prioritize them
  • Pre-built campaigns and sequences are ready out-of-the-box and can be customized to suit your sales goals


There's a 14-day free trial. Paid plans start at $39/month

15. Prelo

Best Lead Generation Tools to Supercharge Sales in 2023 - Prelo

Prelo helps sales teams find leads based on a specific niche and verifies them independently.

Your sales team gets a list of real leads with detailed information like company location, funding rounds, number of employees, and the big one—the decision maker's contact details.

Best Prelo Features

  • Your sales team can search and verify leads based on industry, location, funding, and size to find leads that match your ICP
  • The information is verified to ensure it's all up-to-date and accurate (no more bounced emails!)
  • You can export lead lists and upload them to your CRM so it's easier to follow up


There is a forever-free plan. Paid plans start at $49/user/month

16. Digioh

Best Lead Generation Tools to Supercharge Sales in 2023 - Digioh

If you want to craft and customize lead generation campaigns that are all about the wow factor, take a look at Digioh.

It's a lead generation platform where teams can build campaigns using contact forms, surveys, promotions, and quizzes to grab the attention of potential prospects. We love this tool because it's super easy to use and focuses on quality designs and automation.

Best Digioh Features

  • Teams can customize forms to ensure they're collecting the right data from leads
  • Segment leads to personalize messages and boost engagement
  • Built-in themes and designs to launch campaigns quickly


There's a free trial. For access to paid plan trials, please contact them directly to request one.

17. Facebook Lead Ads

Best Lead Generation Tools to Supercharge Sales in 2023 - Facebook Lead Ads

Source: Moosend

Facebook Lead Ads does what it says on the tin—it helps teams find leads on Facebook.

Simply build an ad using the business dashboard, and you can share it on any platform Meta owns, including Instagram and Messenger. These ads usually double up as a signup form to collect contact information, like phone numbers and email addresses, so teams can follow up with leads from their CRM.

Best Facebook Lead Ads Features

  • Facebook Lead Ads has access to Meta's data, which means super detailed targeting
  • The forms can be customized to collect specific information
  • It integrates with most major CRMs like Close, Salesforce, and HubSpot


Ads are charged on a pay-per-click basis that varies depending on your target audience

18. UpLead

Best Lead Generation Tools to Supercharge Sales in 2023 - UpLead

UpLead is designed for teams chasing leads using basic qualifiers like job title, industry, company size, or location.

This tool offers optimization when collecting new leads. First, it matches potential leads with your target audience; if they are a match, UpLead verifies them. When UpLead's work is done, your team is left with a detailed lead profile that usually includes a contact number, social media links, industry, and job title.

Best UpLead Features

  • Teams can search leads based on name, industry, job title, location, company size + more
  • Every email address is verified to ensure you aren't chasing dummy leads
  • The list feature is a nice touch. Sales reps can create custom lists and take ownership of a lead to ensure there's no doubling up


Plans start at $99/month for 170 search credits

19. Typeform

Best Lead Generation Tools to Supercharge Sales in 2023 - Typeform

Typeform is a simple form-builder that creates customizable lead generation forms.

There's not much to say about it other than the designs can be customized to your brand, the forms are engaging, and the data is filtered straight into your CRM. What more do you need?

Best Typeform Features

  • Questions on each form can be customized depending on your campaign (e.g., product launch or lead qualification)
  • The form builder is super easy to use, and it has a library of templates that are ready to use
  • No coding skills needed!


Free plan available. Paid plans start at $25/month

Ready to enhance your lead game? Our guide on MQL vs. SQL is a click away.

20. Drip

Best Lead Generation Tools to Supercharge Sales in 2023 - Drip

Drip does one thing, and it does it well—it chases leads down using drip email sequences.

If you need lead generation software that doubles as a nurturing tool and can trigger emails to send to leads based on actions, Drip may be the platform to do it. Not only does it track a lead's behavior and automatically send out messages based on triggers (e.g., if they click on a product link, they will get a follow-up message asking to book a meeting), but it also personalizes every email.

It's the closest your team will get to personally nurturing leads without spending hours in their inbox.

Best Drip Features

  • The visual workflow builder is perfect to help you see what emails will send to leads on a specific date or trigger
  • Drip scores leads based on engagement, opens, and link clicks
  • It can link up with other platforms in your tech stack, like SMS or social media channels, to make sure all your bases are covered


There's a free trial. Paid plans start at $39/month

21. Ortto

Best Lead Generation Tools to Supercharge Sales in 2023 - Ortto

Ortto is another all-in-one sales enablement platform that puts a lot of the behind-the-scenes lead generation work on autopilot.

Think of Ortto as your automated sales assistant. It can find qualified leads, create records in your CRM, and manage relationships in the background. Not only does this mean more spare time for your team to follow up with prospects, but it also tackles a lot of the boring work (ahem, manual tasks) involved in closing deals.

Best Ortto Features

  • The platform captures leads and inputs data into your CRM.
  • It can automate email follow-ups, call scheduling, and lead profile creation.
  • Ortto tracks your sales team's performance so you can see how well sales reps are doing with their day-to-day tasks.


There's a free trial. Paid plans start at $509/user/month.

22. LeadFuze

Best Lead Generation Tools to Supercharge Sales in 2023 - LeadFuze

LeadFuze helps sales teams find leads that match their ideal customers and automate outreach.

It's another all-in-one platform that comes with lead generation tools along with list building, prospect profiles, and reporting features so teams can follow-up more efficiently.

Best LeadFuze Features

  • Find leads quickly based on criteria like industry, company size, location, and job title
  • The platform fills out customer profiles and finds crucial information like their email address, social media profiles, and addresses
  • Automated email and social media outreach allows teams to follow up with leads


There is a free trial. Paid plans start at $147/month

23. Tami

Best Lead Generation Tools to Supercharge Sales in 2023 - Tami

Tami is a sales automation platform that's a little more complex than some other tools on our list but, used right, it can streamline outreach and allow teams to follow up at scale.

The tool scrapes public data and creates lead profiles with company age, online sales, revenue, and industry information. From there, sales teams can create automatic outreach sequences and follow up with leads that fit their ICPs. And thanks to the extra revenue and company sales information, teams can focus on high-value leads.

Best Tami Features

  • Send automated and personalized messages to leads straight from the platform
  • Detailed metrics that track lead behavior, engagement, and overall campaign success
  • Customizable workflows allow teams to create and automate processes based on their specific sales and marketing strategy


There is a free trial. Pricing is available on request

24. LeadsBridge

Best Lead Generation Tools to Supercharge Sales in 2023 - LeadsBridge

LeadsBridge is a lead generation platform that basically helps your sales tech tools talk to each other.

It builds "bridges" between platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, and even TikTok so you can capture customer information and store it in a database. Just pick the form template for your campaign, fill in the blanks, and upload it to your chosen source. LeadsBridge then plugs into your existing CRM and tech stack to filter leads into your pipeline in real-time.

Best LeadsBridge Features

  • Customizable workflows to automate lead management strategies
  • Real-time lead notifications so sales reps can follow up with new opportunities immediately
  • 370+ plugins with popular CRMs (ahem, Close), social media platforms, and email marketing software tools


LeadsBridge offers a free trial, after which pricing starts at $22/month

25. Conversify Labs

Best Lead Generation Tools to Supercharge Sales in 2023 - Conversify

Conversify Labs is a LinkedIn marketing automation tool that customizes follow-ups with leads so they feel personal.

Using the tool, you can add custom fields, product recommendations, and even links to your calendar so leads can book meetings. There are also options to add timing delays to each message so it hits your lead's inbox at the right time.

Best Conversify Labs Features

  • Teams can build targeted prospect lists so the tool knows which leads to follow up with
  • Plug Conversify Labs into your lead gen platforms like LinkedIn so it can reach out to potential prospects, send connection requests, and follow up automatically
  • Run A/B tests to see which automated messages leads are engaging with


There's a free (but limited) plan. Paid plans start at $44/month

26. Leadfeeder

Best Lead Generation Tools to Supercharge Sales in 2023 - Leadfeeder

Leadfeeder is a website tracking tool that’s great for inbound-heavy sales with high-value, low-volume leads.

It tracks website visitors and their engagement with your site and funnels this information into a (really simple) dashboard. In real-time, sales reps can see who is checking out your pricing and product pages and get their hands on information like lead quality, previous visits, and possible contacts at the company.

Best Leadfeeder Features

  • Tracks leads that visit your website--even if they don't sign in
  • Pulls lead information like company website, location, social media links, and previous engagement so you can get more context about where they are in the funnel
  • Lead scores based on visitor behavior to help teams prioritize follow-ups
  • Integrates with 1500+ other tools


There's a free trial, and paid plans start at €139/month

27. LinkedIn

Best Lead Generation Tools to Supercharge Sales in 2023 - LinkedIn

The last lead generation tool on our list needs no introduction. LinkedIn is used by millions of sales reps across the globe to reach out to leads and start a conversation.

It's arguably the most valuable tool to search for viable leads, make 1-to-1 connections, and talk to decision-makers about how your product can help them. Added tools like Sales Navigator and InMail also deserve a shoutout for helping sales reps manage leads, track interactions, and find viable prospects within searches.

In our book, LinkedIn is a non-negotiable addition when building out a lead generation toolkit.

Best LinkedIn Features

  • LinkedIn Sales Navigator has advanced search filters and lead recommendations to help find prospects.
  • Send direct messages to leads using InMail.
  • View shared connections and leverage them to strike up a conversation with leads.


There's a free plan available. To get extras like Sales Navigator and InMail, you need a paid plan which start at $79.99/month.

Ready to take your lead generation to the next level? Learn how to generate leads with LinkedIn.

Let Lead Generation Tools Do the Work and Fill Your Pipeline

Just that, really. Lead generation tools are now so advanced and automated that there is no reason for you to send out emails manually or spend hours scouring LinkedIn for prospects.

If you invest in the right tools and put them to work, sales teams can automatically find the right leads and automatically follow up with them. If a lead is genuinely interested in hearing your pitch, they can reach out and book a slot on your calendar—then the ball is in your court to close the deal.

Want to see why Close is the best tool to generate leads, talk to prospects, and close deals? Try it free for 14 days here.


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