19 Best Email Checker Tools: Verify Your Email Lists for Authenticity

You've done the work: hired talented salespeople, implemented a proven sales process, and properly incentivized your team to work hard and close deals.

But, none of that matters if your sellers don't have a quality list of leads to contact.

I have good news: an email checker tool can help. By validating and verifying email addresses for authenticity, you can easily eliminate fake emails from your lead list, boost your deliverability rate, and increase sales.

The question is, which email checker tool is right for your sales team? I've done the heavy lifting to research and compare 19 email verifier tools and explain the differences between them. That way, you can focus less on research and more on crushing quota.

But before diving into the tools, I want to take a minute to help you understand what an email checker tool is and why it benefits sales teams like yours.

Why? Because this information will help you make an informed decision for your team—one that enhances your delivery rate and sender reputation, while improving your outreach efforts.

So, without further ado, let's get started!

What is an Email Checker Tool?

An email checker tool, sometimes referred to as an email verification API tool, is designed to validate email addresses and ensure their authenticity.

This helps reduce high bounce rates and seriously improve your outreach campaign's delivery, open, and response rates.

Let's cover these benefits, as well as a few others, in greater detail:

  • Your emails get where they're supposed to go: Invalid email addresses actively harm your company. Your reps will waste time contacting nobody. And your sender reputation will suffer, which means more of your messages will end up in the spam folder. (There’s a technical reason for this: messaging bad emails will make your IP address look like a spammer. This will cause SMTP servers to reject your messages, which means your recipients will never get your emails, even if their addresses are completely valid.) Email checkers prevent all these issues.
  • You can trust the analytics in your email service provider: Why are your open and response rates in the toilet? Do your reps write garbage emails? Or do they send messages to garbage, typo-ridden addresses? You can't accurately judge your reps' performance if they don't have quality leads to contact. An email checker tool will help ensure they do.
  • You won't waste money on bad emails: Newsflash—email service providers charge users to access their tools–and most charge by contact. If your email list is full of outdated, catch-all, and/or disposable email addresses, you'll pay extra every month, but won't generate extra revenue. An email checker tool will help you remove these emails from your list.
  • You'll make more sales and generate more revenue: An email checker tool will help your company close more deals, which will lead to more cash in your company's coffers. How so? It's all the things I've already talked about. Your emails will actually reach legitimate prospects, and your analytics will be accurate. This will allow you to close more deals. Or, at the very least, adjust your email strategy so that your reps can make more sales.

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What Common Features Do Email Verification Tools Offer?

Not every email checker tool is the same, but they typically have similar features, all supporting the function of validating email addresses. You just need to ensure the tool you choose has the features your team needs. Here are a few top features to look for:

  • Email verification: Validates and verifies email addresses for authenticity.
  • Real-time verification: Validates and verifies email addresses for authenticity in real-time, instead of waiting hours or even days.
  • Bulk email checker: Validates and verifies an entire list of emails in bulk via a CSV upload or an API integration.
  • Email list filtering and sorting: Filters personal and role-based email addresses to better sort and organize contact lists.
  • Misspelled domain detection: Detects potentially misspelled email addresses and suggests modifications the user can accept or deny.
  • Syntax validation: Automatically detects and corrects syntax errors found in email addresses.
  • Domain validation: Identifies emails with inactive or invalid domain names known for spam and abuse.

When choosing an email checker tool, make sure it has the functionality that your team needs—either built-in or as add-ons. And remember, you might not need certain tools now, but want them in the future as your email list grows. (On a related note, check out our list of email guessing tools, which will help you predict your prospects' emails.)

How Do Email Checker Tools Work?

Okay, one more thing before we dive into my list of top email checker tools. How do these apps actually work? It's a good question. Luckily, I have a good answer:

Email checker tools use a variety of email data points, such as email format, domain information, and mail server response, to determine the validity of a specific address.

Email checker solutions, often referred to as email testers, email verification apps, and email validation tools, are not the same thing as email finders, extractors, and guessers.

Let's take a closer look at these latter three tools to see how they're different:

  • Email Finder: The tools find and gather valid email addresses by typing a professional’s name, job title, company, domain name, etc. into a search bar.
  • Email Extractor: These tools find and extract email addresses from website domains using an automated tool, saving their users a lot of time and energy.
  • Email Guesser: These tools predict business email patterns and offer potential email variations based on a person's first name, last name, and website domain.

8 Email Testers to Turbocharge Your Email Outreach Efforts

The following email checker tools specialize in email verification and validation.

They focus on checking emails for authenticity, helping you reduce hard bounces and improve your delivery, open, and response rates. They do not help users find emails, extract emails, or guess what a prospect's email might be.

I came up with this list by researching the most popular tools, then comparing based on features, usability, and price. Let's have a look:

1. MailTester

Cost: $39 to $299 a month (depending on features and monthly/annual pricing)

The best thing about it: 99% accurate email verification and validation

Availability: Web app

MailTester is equipped with a variety of top-notch verification tools that test and check the validity and authenticity of email addresses. The result? Customers have an improved delivery and open rate. You can join them and reduce your bounce rate from 20% or 30% to 1% or less. Start with 100 free credits to decide if you like how the service works.

2. Email-checker.net

Cost: Free for 100 emails | Between $27 for 2,500 credits and $2,499 for 500,000 credits (Premium Plan)

The best thing about it: Incredibly simple interface and free credits

Availability: Webpage

The Email-Checker browser tool makes validating emails extremely easy. Simply type in an email address, and it will check whether or not it's valid and authentic. Best of all, this free email checker won’t cost you any money unless you want access to email verification features and API functionality. If you do, just sign up for the premium plan.

3. Email Hippo

Cost: Free

The best thing about it: Verify email addresses within seconds from a web browser tool

Availability: Webpage

Input any email address, and Email Hippo will assess it, then spit out a quality score. This will help your sales team determine which addresses are valid and which meet your parameters for qualified leads. It’s a great free email address checker for startups and small businesses.

4. VerifyEmailAddress.org

verify email address finder

Cost: Free

The best thing about it: A free, trusted email verification service since 2010

Availability: Webpage

VerifyEmailAddress.org is a simple browser tool that lets users verify email addresses by typing them into a search bar—without even having to create a free account first. Doing so will help you improve the delivery and open rates of your outreach emails. Use it to check your entire email list for authenticity and make the most of your marketing campaigns.

5. NeverBounce

Cost: $10/mo to $999/mo; Custom Pricing (Enterprise)

Freemium Offer: 1,000 free credits when you sign up

The best thing about it: Use a pay-as-you-go or subscription model to validate emails

Availability: Webpage

With NeverBounce, you can get access to real-time verification to ensure the authenticity of the emails you collect from signup forms, online databases, and just about every other source. Reduce your email bounce rates and make sure your prospects actually get your emails. This will do wonders for your sales and email marketing campaigns.

6. Emailable

Cost: Prices as low as $0.00135 per verified email, depending on how many credits you buy.

The best thing about it: Verify email addresses in a variety of ways.

Availability: Web app

‎With Emailable, you can input individual email addresses to validate their authenticity. You can also use a bulk email verifier to input a large list of emails. Or, if you want to do everything within your app for added convenience, you can use their API.

7. ZeroBounce

Cost: Pay-As-You-Go pricing for $0.009 to $0.00225 per credit

Freemium Offer: 100 credits/mo

The best thing about it: Its AI-powered email scoring validates emails for your leads

Availability: Web app

‎Next up, ZeroBounce, an AI-powered tool that will score the email addresses on your list and validate them for authenticity. One of the best things about this email tester is that it ranks the emails it's given. You can then easily predict your campaign success rate with this information. I should also mention that emails can be verified in bulk, saving tons of time.

8. CaptainVerify

Cost: Between $7 (1,000 credits) and $2,000 (5,000,000 credits)

The best thing about it: Test emails without registration attempts

Availability: Web app

CaptainVerify easily identifies if an email address is valid or not, which will improve your email delivery rates. Input the addresses individually or in bulk to check the authenticity of your emails. Overall, CaptainVerify is a simple tool that's used by thousands of brands.

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11 Email Finder Tools That Check Email Address Validity

If you want more than email verification, there are a number of email finder tools that come with this feature built-in (or available as an add-on). I’ve identified them based on the type of tool they are—software, web browser, browser extension—so you can find the tool you need.

1. Adapt

Cost: Contact for quote

The best thing about it: Adapt finds professionals' contact details on LinkedIn and Sales Navigator to expand your reach and automate follow ups.

Availability: Web app, Browser extension

2. Name2Email

Cost: Free

The best thing about it: Name2Email finds email addresses directly inside Gmail

Availability: Browser extension

3. Nymeria

Cost: $39/mo (100 credits) to $159/mo (1,000 credits)

The best thing about it: Nymeria searches the social and professional profiles that you’re browsing, providing only verified email addresses with one click

Availability: Browser extension

4. Hunter.io

Cost: $49/mo (500 searches) to $499/mo (50,000 searches)

Freemium Offer: 25 searches/mo + 50 verifications/mo

The best thing about it: Hunter finds and compares emails with its unique base of 100+ million professional email addresses. It can also be used for bulk verification purposes.

Availability: Web app, browser extension

5. GetProspect

Cost: From $49/mo (1,000 valid emails) to $99/mo (5,000 emails)

Freemium Offer: 100 emails/mo

The best thing about it: Use GetProspect to search for leads based on specific criteria

Availability: Web app

6. LeadMine

Cost: $49/mo (250 credits) or $149/mo (1,000 credits)

Freemium Offer: 10 credits/mo

The best thing about it: Use LeadMine to find, capture, and export B2B contact information

Availability: Web app, Browser extension

7. Sellhack

Cost: Between $5/mo (100 credits) and $99/mo (2,500 credits)

The best thing about it: With Sellhack, verified email addresses are backed by a 100% bounce protection guarantee

Availability: Web app, Browser extension

8. Skrapp

Cost: Between $39/mo (1,000 emails) and $299/mo (50,000 emails)

Freemium Offer: 100 emails/mo

The best thing about it: Use Skrapp to source verified emails on LinkedIn

Availability: Web app, Browser extension

9. Lusha

Cost: $49/mo (unlimited emails and 40 phone credits) to $79/mo (unlimited emails and 80 phone credits) | Custom pricing (Enterprise)

Freemium Offer: 50 credits/mo for emails, and 5 for phone

The best thing about it: Use Lusha to find contact information for prospective leads

Availability: Web app, Browser extension

10. AeroLeads

Cost: $39/mo (2,000 credits) to $249/mo (30,000 credits) | Custom pricing (Enterprise)

Freemium Offer: 50 credits and 100 email verifications/mo

The best thing about it: AeroLeads makes it easy to connect with decision-makers

Availability: Browser extension

11. LeadFuze

Cost: $147/mo (500 credits) or 397/mo (Unlimited credits) | Custom pricing (Enterprise)

The best thing about it: Find leads by name or market quickly, then automate your outreach campaigns with LeadFuze

Availability: Web app

Improve Your Outreach Campaigns With an Email Checker Tool

You should always verify email addresses before using them in an outreach campaign. Doing so will help you score better delivery rates, which, in turn, will help you build a higher-quality sales pipeline that results in more sales.

Choose a simple email checker tool if you only need email verification capabilities. If you want to find, extract, and/or guess emails, choose one of the fully-fledged solutions mentioned in the second section.

One more piece of advice: make sure the cold emails you send are top quality. If they aren't, it won't matter how accurate your email list is. These templates will help you get the job done.

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