20 B2B Data Providers for High-Performance Sales Teams

The success of your business depends on the quality of the customers your sales team brings in. To attract higher-quality customers, they need to know as much as possible about each prospect before adding them to the sales pipeline.

That’s why high-velocity sales teams need reliable B2B data providers for faster, more accurate prospecting.

The right B2B data solution gives your team the right information about key accounts and contact information for the decision-makers they need to close the deal with.

But which sales lead database is suitable for your team? Which one will get you the B2B data you need (without the fluff you don’t need)?

We’re about to dig into the top tools for high-performance sales teams to get the most from their prospecting and discovery efforts.

20 Best B2B Data Providers for High-Performance Sales and B2B Marketing Teams

Comparison of Sales Prospecting Tools A detailed look at various tools available for sales teams to enhance their prospecting efforts.
Company Price Best for Free trial Outstanding feature
Zoominfo Not listed Larger sales teams with a higher budget for prospecting tools Yes Largest B2B sales lead database
Apollo Free, or starting at $49/month/user Startups and SMB sales teams Yes Very specific prospect search with alerts and lead scoring built-in
SalesIntel Not listed SMB sales teams Yes On-demand research help is available
Datanyze Custom pricing based on your business needs Sales teams, marketing professionals, and businesses of all sizes Yes One-click find and enroll in an email sequence
Vainu Starting at $7,250/year European revenue teams using ABM or TAS methods No Auto-add companies to your CRM when they meet a list of criteria
LinkedIn Sales Navigator $99.99/month LinkedIn-heavy prospecting teams Yes Alerts on saved leads
Lusha Free, or paid starting at $99/month Midsize sales teams doing heavy outbound sales Free version Web extension, 5 free contacts every month
Clearbit Customized pricing plans Fully-fledged revenue teams looking to use ABM or TAS models across marketing and sales teams No Alerts tell sales reps when target accounts visit the company website
VoilaNorbert Free, or starting at $49/month Fast-moving sales teams that need a simple B2B data tool, without the frills Free version Chrome extension for lead search while browsing
Uplead Free, or starting at $99/month SMB sales teams that need deep technographic data Yes Unused credit rollover, and a refund for bounces
Segment Free, or starting at $120/month Inbound sales teams and startups Free version and 14-day free trial Very robust API, 300+ integrations, compliance help
Leadfeeder Free, or starting at $79/month Inbound-heavy sales process with high-value, low-volume deals Yes Identify website visitors that don't fill out a form
Seamless.ai Starting at $94.70/month High-velocity sales teams with a clear ICP Yes AI data verification
Adapt.io Not listed Startups, lean sales teams that need an easy tool to save time Yes Chrome extension gives you B2B sales lead data from websites and LinkedIn
Leadspace Not listed Large revenue teams using ABM or TAS models No Next-step recommendations with AI
DiscoverOrg Not listed Large revenue teams Yes Department-level org charts (along with their responsibilities)
LeadGenius Free, or starting at $50/month High-volume sales teams that need help to scale their prospecting and outreach, especially those using Salesforce Yes Connection to Salesforce allows you to send LinkedIn messages to prospects without leaving the CRM
Klarity Not listed Small businesses starting to build their ABM strategy No Data segmentation
Sonar Not listed Small businesses and startups Yes Buying intent signals; connects directly to Close CRM
Crunchbase Free firmographic data search, paid plans start at $29/user/month Small sales teams Yes Live updates on a business and market scale

1. ZoomInfo

Best for: Larger sales teams with a higher budget for prospecting tools


ZoomInfo is known as one of the largest B2B databases for sales teams, with over 150 million contacts and 100 million companies in its records.

This includes global data from companies worldwide, which is regularly gathered and renewed with AI and human efforts.

ZoomInfo also offers a complete set of sales intelligence data tools for sales teams, including buying intent data, conversation intelligence, relationship intelligence, and customized workflows that use your ideal customer profile to trigger actions.

Pricing: No pricing information is listed. ZoomInfo pricing plans are customized to the use case, depending on features and functionality, number of licenses, and credit usage.

Free trial: Yes

What people say:

★★★★★ "My #1 tool for sales"

Aside from my current CRM Software, this is my number 1 tool for sales in my organization.

The features present in ZoomInfo allow you to find the exact information you need as soon as you search for it, all in one place. It integrates with a host of other platforms, including our CRM for seamless batch contact uploads and immediate knowledge of who owns the account to make sure you're not duplicating efforts. The Sales Certification program was top notch and I highly suggest it as a resource to learn how to use Zoominfo in a sales role but also for in-depth Sales knowledge.

I plan on diving deeper into the Engage certification next. It's really exciting to work with a product this well designed, making my job so much easier and more exciting to know it's only going to keep improving.
★★★★☆ "Great tool, slow interface, does the job"

My only qualm with Zoominfo is the speed of the interface, the website itself is laid out very intuitively, but the load speeds can be brutal at times. Some of the higher-level tools are not as self-explanatory as the majority of the website. Due to the lack of training on these, it feels like the tool is just a lead grabber at times. On top of this, some contacts are either out of date or improperly tagged within the companies. The scoring of the references is also dodgy at times, and it gets complicated figuring out what's what within the companies.

2. Cognism

Best for: Global teams that need highly accurate contact data across North America and Europe.

Cognism is an ideal provider of quality, up-to-date, and accurate B2B data. It is also a great option for compliant mobile phone numbers.

Top features:

  • High-quality mobile phone number coverage in the US.
  • The most complete data in the EMEA.
  • Intent data powered by Bombora.
  • Advanced contextual data points and sales trigger alerts.

Pricing: Check out the Cognism pricing page. Try Cognism with 25 free leads.

What customers say:

“Compared to Lusha and ZoomInfo, Cognism has the best level of high-quality, compliant data on the market. Cognism is very forward-thinking, and no other tools provide the breadth of features available all in one succinct platform.” - Metrikus.io"

3. Apollo

Best for: Startups and SMB sales teams


This B2B data provider comes with a LinkedIn scraper and a robust internal database. Real-time updates and enrichment are available, as is lead scoring, which updates in real time based on your leads' actions.

Inside its B2B database, Apollo offers a very specific prospect search with over 200 data points, as well as alerts and automatic lead scoring.

They refresh data every three months and will even refund you for bounced emails.

Pricing: Free, or starting at $49 per user per month (if billed annually)

Free trial: Yes

What people say:

★★★★★ "Amazing Platform to Source Leads"

I can run a search specific to exactly what I need. The return results are highly detailed, providing useful information that gives me a better insight into a Company. All of this put together, my communication and sales have increased.

The LinkedIn extension is hands down worth its weight in gold. Such a vast number of people use LinkedIn, with the Apollo extension, I can obtain contact information for an individual in a matter of seconds versus hours and sifting various google searches.
★★★★☆ "Solid outreach platform"

I really like the variety of reports that can be pulled regarding outreach stats and also the granularity of the filters that can be applied when searching for new prospects to contact. In addition, the support from Apollo CSM Joanna has been outstanding.

There is a limit on the number of filters that can be applied in the prospect search. The search engine is very strong, but I run into error messages stating that there are too many filters applied sometimes. Frustrating because the filters are what I like best about the product.

4. SalesIntel

Best for: SMB sales teams


SalesIntel is a data provider that works with a human research team to search for and verify B2B contact data, firmographic and technographic information. The team double-checks its own database by calling numbers and sending emails to ensure a low bounce rate.

While the database isn’t as large as other tools in this list, SalesIntel offers on-demand research, meaning if you can’t find the information you need, the team is there to find it for you.

SalesIntel also offers website visitor tracking, helping you identify the B2B companies browsing your site.

Pricing: Starts from $69/month.

Free trial: Yes

What people say:

★★★★☆ "Getting back requested information."

I like the fact that when there is no information about a company, you can request it, and SalesIntel will get it back to you in less than a day. The other nice thing is since I started to use the Rev Driver, I can get company info with just one click of the mouse. I like the fact that it will give you the cell phone numbers of C-level employees and tell you when people are searching for your products and services. It also knows when people have been looking at our website.
★★☆☆☆ "Lacking in many places, great customer service though"

SalesIntel has great customer service. I have had quite a few issues with the platform but every time I bring up an issue my account manager and their service team are quick to respond and eager to help. I really appreciate good customer service, it makes unfortunate experiences more present and SalesIntel has done that for us.

Unfortunately, everything that they sold us on (ex. the human-verified contacts and Salesforce integration) has not been up to par. I would say 30-50% of the human-verified emails have bounced back. I have found that I need to go to each contact's LinkedIn page to make sure that they still work at the company and are still in the role the SalesIntel says they are. On top of that when they are not at the specified company I would have to report it to them and write out what was wrong which takes a few minutes. I feel that at that point I am doing a lot of work to make sure that these are the right contacts for me to be targeting, and the Salesforce integration is very fickle. I am not pleased.

4. Datanyze

Best for: Sales teams, marketing professionals, and businesses of all sizes

B2B Data Providers - Datanyze

Datanyze helps you find your ideal customers by tapping into a vast database of over 100 million companies and 50 million contacts. With their Chrome extension, you can easily gather contact information from LinkedIn profiles, including verified work emails.

In addition to providing a comprehensive directory of business data, Datanyze offers a range of tools to help you engage with your prospects. These include alerts when a potential lead visits your website and integrations with popular CRMs like Salesforce.

Pricing: From $0 to $39/month (billed annually)

Free trial: Yes

5. Vainu

Best for: European revenue teams using ABM or TAS methods


Vainu is a B2B database focused on the European business scene. It sends real-time, in-depth firmographic and technographic data directly to your CRM.

The tool includes detailed data enrichment, automatic updates to your CRM data, the company's latest news, and workflow triggers. Their database includes 29M European companies pulled from 260K data sources, and all data is GDPR compliant.

Pricing: Vainu pricing is customized to the business and depends on how many users/databases you need. Pricing starts at around 3,500 EUR per year for one user.

Free trial: No

What people say:

★★★★☆ "An excellent software for many different uses"

I use Vainu for presales purposes. When we get inbound leads, I use Vainu to check out the companies and import them into Dynamics as a sales opportunity. Vainu provides us with plenty of helpful information and is also very customizable (you can create lists for your ideal customers, inbound leads, competitors, etc.).
★★★★☆ "Vainu requires some work for setting up but using it is a breeze"

Vainu requires a lot of work to set up correctly. Their team has been a huge help with it though, they are magical.

For a detailed guide on selecting the best CRM for your B2B business, check out our informative article on B2B CRMs.

6. LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Best for: LinkedIn-heavy prospecting teams


No list of B2B data providers would be complete without LinkedIn. Obviously, this is the place we all go when we need information about people, and many sales reps are using LinkedIn regularly to gather contact data and even do sales outreach.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a paid tool that takes your LinkedIn prospecting to the next level. You get advanced lead and company search, recommendations based on ideal customer profile criteria, personal notes and tags on LinkedIn profiles, as well as a direct import into your CRM.

The difference between this and other tools is that you can only base your search on information that’s available on LinkedIn. So the data accuracy is dependent on how often your prospects are updating their LinkedIn profiles and company pages.

If your target market isn’t heavy LinkedIn users, this may not be the right option for your team.

Pricing: Starting at $99.99/month

Free trial: Yes

What people say:

★★★★★ "Great for discovering new sales contacts"

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a very powerful tool for finding new contacts, which our sales team leverages to generate more opportunities. Sales Navigator provides the ability to find decision-makers within a certain company and filter by location, title, connections, and many more. It also provides the ability to send InMail to new contacts, allowing users to send larger messages to contacts you're not yet connected with.

The only drawback of the LinkedIn Sales Navigator experience is that the database is limited to people with LinkedIn profiles. For certain industries and age groups, this can be a challenge, although there are still lots of people on LinkedIn, and we are able to find a large majority of our customers on LinkedIn.
★★★☆☆ "Great source of leads for B2B"

The search capability of Sales Navigator is excellent. Extra filters with up to 100 pages of results can give you 2500 results per search. Very impressive.

Frankly a bit expensive. Over the years, Linkedin has taken away many features in the Free accounts and made you pay for them.

7. Lusha

Best for: Midsize sales teams doing heavy outbound sales


A high-accuracy B2B database with over 100M business profiles and 15M company profiles, Lusha is a top contender for teams willing to spend a bit to make a lot.

Lusha has a browser extension that works on Chrome, Firefox, and Edge. The extension gives you company and contact information at a glance while you’re browsing LinkedIn or other B2B websites. You can also bulk-enrich lists, build saved searches, and automatically keep your CRM data up-to-date using Lusha’s rich API.

Pricing: Free with five credits per month, or paid starting at $36 per user per month

Free trial: Free version

What people say:

★★★★★ "Seamless lead sourcing for sales newbies and pros alike!"

We've been using Lusha for about 6 months to power the top of our sales funnel. It's a great, intuitive system with regular updates.

Best bits:
- The Quality of information is the highest I've seen on such platforms;
- The UX is flawless;
- Great integrations at both ends (import via LinkedIn, saving directly into our CRM);
- Stellar Customer Support

I'm a cheap startup founder, so of course it's a lot of money - but we do view it as an investment that's worth it.

The industry that our customers are in (Commercial Real Estate Agencies) are particularly difficult to reach and, believe it or not, reticent to share their contact details online. Lusha, combined with Sales Navigator, has shored up the top of our funnel, allowing us to prospect and build effective lists of potential customers.

We've seen a 300% increase in sales calls since using Lusha.
★★★★☆ "A great tool for prospecting"

I am using Lusha to find the contact details for prospecting. In some areas, it works really well, but in some areas, it needs improvement, for example, the Middle East. The quality of data is really good and helps us create better pipelines for our sales quotas. I have used others as well, but Lusha is coming out best among the ones tested. It is fulfilling our need for fresh data to work on. The interface is simple to use, and I loved the extension personally, as it offers data extraction from LinkedIn and makes it simple to prospect.

The dislikes are the availability of data in some regions. When I was working in Qatar, I found much less personal data compared to Europe and the Americas. Another issue is that the pricing is a bit high compared to other platforms in the market.

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8. Clearbit

Best for: Fully-fledged revenue teams using ABM or TAS models across marketing and sales


Sitting at the higher end of the pricing spectrum, Clearbit offers much more than a simple lead search.

This B2B data provider comes with five solutions: Advertising, Reveal, Enrichment, Prospector, and Alerts. With specific features for sales and marketing, this tool is worth considering if your teams are already well-aligned and working within an ABM or TAS sales model.

Clearbit also offers many plug-and-play integrations with top B2B sales tools. Its database includes over 200M contacts and refreshes every 30 days.

Pricing: Not listed. Clearbit offers "flexible" pricing plans based on your database size, monthly web traffic, and monthly contacts created.

Free trial: No

What people say:

★★★★★ "A must-have for ABM-focused organisations"

All the unique B2B data points contained in Clearbit's Enrichment product have been indispensable in helping us shape our Named Account strategy.

It's also been super helpful in improving personalisation in our email outreach.
★★★★☆ "Valuable data and a great time saving product"

Clearbit Enrichment is an extremely easy-to-use tool. It integrates directly with Salesforce and enriches Lead, Contact, and Account records for which we may have incomplete or out-of-date data. Enrichment has saved us a significant amount of time by decreasing the amount of information we need to research manually to create a new "complete" Account record. We use Enrichment to append all of the missing data for important Account fields, saving hours each week. Enrichment on Leads allows us to append information for fields that may not have been included in the form submission.

We also use Enrichment to keep our data up to date. The refresh feature allows us to have accurate data on our Accounts. It is also very helpful that Clearbit flags when any Leads/Contacts have switched roles so that we can update our records if needed.

There is some room for improvement on the match rate for personal emails. Clearbit is very strong with their matches for work emails, though.

9. VoilaNorbert

Best for: SMB and startup sales teams that need a simple B2B data tool


VoilaNorbert is the only function with none of the frills. If you want a simple prospecting tool to get the right contact information and close deals, that’s exactly what VoilaNorbert does best.

This B2B data solution allows you to find email addresses, verify emails, and enrich contacts. It comes with a Chrome extension to hook up to your LinkedIn and a functional API.

Pricing: Paid plans start at $39/month (billed annually)

Free trial: Yes

What people say:

★★★★★ "It Really Works"

I've tried Norbert at the same time as some other services to compare and while Norbert will find the email, the others won't. The others seem to just comb the company's website which I've already done. I don't know how Norbert does it but it works and it's rare they can't find an email. And when they can't, nobody can.

I also like their trial and payment system. I don't have to subscribe as I can buy a certain amount of credits at a time whenever needed.
★★★★★ "Norbert does exactly what you need it to do"

I love how it displays scores of accuracy for emails it has found. It’s either 60, 80, or 100. The system is quite strict with itself too: I’ve had quite some good results even when using email address Norbert marked with 80% confidence. In fact, accuracy may be this software’s strong point. You get quality.

There’s little to dislike. Norbert is a simple tool with a single purpose and it fulfills that purpose well. The experience through which that happens is quite efficient and friendly for the user.

10. UpLead

Best for: SMB sales teams that need deep technographic data


UpLead is a smaller B2B database that focuses on accuracy. It offers 62 million contacts and 14 million company profiles and guarantees 95 percent accuracy.

You can set all kinds of filters, including for job titles, locations, and industries. Not only do they regularly renew their data, but each lead you select also goes through a real-time email verification to ensure your emails always reach their target.

They also offer a Chrome extension that allows you to see contact and technographic data on a B2B website and an in-depth technographic data search in their prospecting tool.

Pricing: Paid plans start at $99 per month for 170 credits (each additional credit is $0.60). You also get unused credit rollover, as well as a refund for bounces.

Free trial: Yes

What people say:

★★★★★ "Lead Generation in a Flash!"

Uplead is a powerful tool that enables users to view contact details per specific region (specific demographic). It gives accurate data of our target market who would be interested in our offer.

Limited data, because they only provide reliable and accurate contact info and do not include unverified contact details (which are totally junk or useless anyway).
★★★★★ "Best Overall Platform I've Found So Far"

I love how you can search by multiple parameters, including technology. Then being able to take a complete list and integrate them into Outreach, was a huge bonus, and what sold me.

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11. Segment

Best for: Inbound sales teams and startups


This solution offers deep customer data and a well-built API to collect, clean, and control your data. Segment tracks touchpoints across different channels, including website actions, and translates that into attitudes and buying intent. While mainly built as a marketing tool, Segment can help inbound-heavy sales teams see buying intent data and customer insights.

Pricing: Contact for a quote

Free trial: Free version (collect data from 2 sources, 10,000 monthly users included), or 14-day free trial

What people say:

★★★★★ "Save money, time and a lot of pain!"

Very easy to implement, with connections for lots of systems. I love especially the ability to send data to an external database (BigQuery or any SQL DB) and also the consistency of data across multiple platforms/systems.

It gives a perfect view of the customer journey: no info is lost and there's data to take whichever decision to create better customer experiences. You can easily understand which features of your product are more used and which are neglected, you can segment your audience and do one-to-one marketing, and you know exactly how valuable each user is! It saves time in coding (you code once and it's done for all the platforms/systems you have to connect). You can experiment with new platforms very quickly (no additional code required, so no engineer involved and you speed up time!).
★★★★☆ "Very easy to connect sources of data to destinations"

The interface is simple and easy to use for non-technical people to understand.

Billing options jump up quickly - would like some middle ground to support smaller businesses.

12. Leadfeeder

Best for: Inbound-heavy sales process with high-value, low-volume deals


Leadfeeder gives you hidden data on the people visiting your website, allowing you to discover new inbound leads that haven’t filled out a form yet. With Leadfeeder, you can auto-qualify with behavioral and demographic filters that segment which leads get added to your contact lists.

Pricing tiers go up based on the number of leads identified, not the traffic on your website.

Pricing: Free version with limited data, or paid starting at $99/month

Free trial: Yes

What people say:

★★★★☆ "Works really well, seems to find the right people- a great piece of software"

Our sales are high value, but low frequency. Grabbing every opportunity is critical to our success. Leadfeeder has allowed us to concentrate on those people that have a genuine interest. It integrates with HubSpot without any hassle or faff. You connect it up and it just works.

We also particularly like that it covers a wide time frame and shows the frequency of visits- it's really important for us to understand how frequently, and to what depth people visit our site.

The accuracy isn't 100%, it's not bad, but I wouldn't totally rely on it! Other than that, it works well, it's easy to use and my whole team makes use of it.

If you're a small business, ensure you have the volume to actually make use of the data. If you only have a few visitors per day, it's worth considering whether or not you'll get maximum functionality out of the software.
★★★★☆ "Identify Traffic & Integrate Workflows"

For a niche audience, and organizations that are working remotely there is less data that might justify the pricing. But if you have good traffic and easily identified companies visiting your site, amazing!

13. Seamless.ai

Best for: High-velocity sales teams with a clear ICP


Seamless relies heavily on an AI data verification process to update contact data in real time. The tool comes with a Chrome Extension that allows you to search for lead data as you browse a website. You can also input your ideal customer profile and get lead recommendations sent to you automatically.

Pricing: Contact for a quote

Free trial: Yes, and includes 50 credits

What people say:

★★★★☆ "Generally really accurate data, great for cell phones & easy SFDC + LinkedIn integration"

Seamless works super well with LinkedIn Sales Navigator, you can bulk find contact details on your entire lead list and then import to Seamless as a List (which can then be imported to Salesforce in bulk as leads or contacts). I find that Seamless often has more contact data in general than Lusha and it's good to cross-check against ZoomInfo which also I find to be outdated. People always update LinkedIn, so you know you're getting solid data and they're great with cell phone data.

We're a start-up aka, the BDRs and AEs are doing a lot of the heavy lifting on finding the right contacts. It's essential for our prospecting to get to the right people and Seamless has been a huge part of us being able to bulk upload quickly and figure out decision making structure.
★★★☆☆ "Lots of clicks, frustrating process."

The Seamless search engine is powerful and finds good information. The Chrome extension adds great functionality, allowing you to pull names from any website. It is integrated with LinkedIn Sales Navigator so pulling names from LinkedIn is amazingly easy. The Chrome extension is perhaps more useful than the search capabilities of the app.

Once I purchased Seamless I tried to use it. There are few onboarding materials and it was very frustrating. After a week I found I could sign up for an intro live webinar that was very helpful and after the webinar the onboarding team reached out and answered questions. Once I was able to see all the features I found the product helpful. But their onboard process needs help.

14. Adapt.io

Best for: Startups and lean sales teams that need an easy tool to save time


This sales contact database boasts over 100 million contacts, with 1M weekly updates. You can use 20 filters (e.g., job titles, direct dial, email address) in the Lead Builder tool and sync directly to your CRM. Their Chrome extension allows you to search LinkedIn and B2B websites for contact details.

Pricing: Paid plans start at $49/month.

Free trial: Yes

What people say:

★★★★★ "First I've found that actually does what it says on the tin!"

The Chrome browser integration and its sheer level of accuracy when I manually check many of the results is beyond that which I've seen from other '.io' email scrapers and verifiers. This saves me countless hours of flicking back between RocketReach and Google "@.....com" search queries, and at my rate of hourly salary as a business development manager, saving just one hour means it has already paid for itself.

I have only been using Adapt for a couple of days, but the fact is, there's not a great deal of complexity to the extension that I could have missed, even at this early stage.
★★★★☆ "Useful tool to find email addresses to increase engagement with prospects."

Most value for money tool when finding emails compared to other tools on the market and very recently more accurate than previously. It is in a very easy-to-use sidebar which you can click over whilst you are on LinkedIn without being intrusive with a handy copy to clipboard feature which saves time during mass data input into a CRM.

The customer service team is also quick and friendly and always on hand to solve any particular issues in the few instances where I have had to contact them but usually, everything runs smoothly. I am yet to try the other tools of the suite and am currently only utilizing the email finder.

15. Leadspace

Best for: Large revenue teams using ABM or TAS models


This high-volume data management system is great for companies dealing with many inbound or outbound leads. It offers B2B data and verifying at scale and AI-powered, real-time data enrichment. The system's AI will also provide ICP analytics, predictive lead scoring, and buyer intent scores.

Pricing: Not listed

Free trial: No

What people say:

★★★★☆ "Leadspace is helping us reach our full potential"

In previous experiences, Leadspace has always been very flexible to our needs, taking on additional resources to accommodate for the models and features we wanted to see in our account scoring model. I do like the accuracy in the enrichment which is superior to other vendors we have used. It's easier to trust the data we get back.

The enrichment credits are very conservative - even test calls have been used against our limits - and it requires setting up a lot of additional logic in our instance to ensure we are only enriching those that truly need it so we aren't wasting any calls. This takes up additional time to get leads to Sales while also sometimes ignoring records that may benefit from new information.
★★★☆☆ "Leadspace leads the customer data platform space"

I like its ability to learn more about the type of prospect I am looking for as I interact with it more and more.

Their support/customer success team needs more resources in order to better support their customers.

16. DiscoverOrg

Best for: Enterprise revenue teams using ABM


DiscoverOrg (now owned by ZoomInfo) offers customizable target account management with specific criteria for ideal customers and automatic scoring for both the contact and the company based on your criteria.

This includes firmographic and technographic data, department-level org charts, and responsibilities of each contact within the organization. They also offer B2B buyer intent data. By the way, if you want to explore the potential of intent data providers in driving higher conversion rates, we have a great article that covers that.

Their tools are geared towards go-to-market teams and work to give you the most up-to-date information with a 95 percent accuracy rate. The data is reverified by humans every three months.

Pricing: Not listed

Free trial: Yes

What people say:

★★★★★ "SDR's Best Friend"

I have been using Discover org since 2015. That was my first experience with lead generation and made my job so much easier. Last year 2019, when I started using ZoomInfo and Discover org together but separately I appreciated different aspects of both. I love that this tool allows me to quickly search for the RIGHT contacts in mass. The ability to save searches, and recent searches are available for view if I forget to save them, building lists with very specific advanced filters. The option to bulk export into CSV files. These are all pretty standard things but really help me do my job well. The org chart mapping capabilities are great too! By far my favorite tool at work.

17. LeadGenius

Best for: High-volume sales teams that need help to scale their prospecting and outreach, especially those using Salesforce


This machine-learning software offers global B2B data for busy sales teams. Set up customized one-click connections to bring the right data into your tools. LeadGenius can also work directly with a dedicated data scientist and account manager to handle data extraction and management.

Their Salesforce integration is well-developed, allowing you to send LinkedIn InMail messages from within Salesforce.

For large sales teams working on many deals and limited time, LeadGenius is a tool to consider.

Pricing: Contact for a quote.

Free trial: Yes

What people say:

★★★★★ "Excellent team and strategic approach to Business Development"

LeadGenius has been an invaluable partner to our business. I run business development at a small firm, and they make my work appear as if I have an entire team behind me. Not only do they undertake the requested tasks (lead sourcing, lead enrichment, data verification, and other daily requests) but they strategize on how to make my efforts more efficient, such as researching competitors and doing analysis, building out target lists, and strategizing on how to create more traction with my email efforts. Not to mention their turnaround time is short, especially if/when I have urgent last-minute requests.
★★★★☆ "Effective B2B lead gen tool!"

I like that there is live in-person training and support available 24/7 to help you with the tool and make sure that you are making the most of it. The tool provided us with the necessary infrastructure needed to build a strategy for managing and acquiring leads. Previously, we didn't have a strategy in place so it was very difficult to manage and acquire new leads. Since implementing this tool, it has freed up the capacity for our staff to work on other initiatives to grow our business.

Although you are able to generate an ample amount of leads with this software, the leads are sometimes irrelevant which can be a waste of time. Some of the leads we have received have been outdated or what we call "dead leads". You need to watch out for those if you plan to use this tool. I think there could be ways to make leads more relevant to the consumer and thus save time.

18. Klarity

Best for: Small businesses starting to build their ABM strategy


This B2B data vendor offers over 60M contacts in their database, including B2B contact data, technology insights, and buyer intent data. With tools for both sales and marketing, such as data segmentation and custom audience builds, Klarit is great for combined revenue teams looking to get a step up on account-based marketing.

Pricing: Not listed

Free trial: No

What people say:

★★★★☆ "Easy to use - buyer intent is a nice feature and the lists are pretty clean."

The service is easy to use, good UX. The buyer intent feature is a great idea. I like the ability to target based on intent - and the option to download previously downloaded contacts or exclude them at the click of a button.
★★★☆☆ "Good value for money"

The tool is fast and responsive, intuitive, and easy to use, with various categorizing opportunities to create an outreach campaign or start with ABM. In the sense of value for money, I feel it's a good deal. It includes 11 or so categories for prospect filtration, such as job details (level, function, type), technology in use, and buyer intent. Even though a bit more in-depth data possibilities would be great, I am happy with the simplicity of it all for now.

It is not possible to filter out contacts using certain technology and having a certain intent. It's one or the other. Overall the data diving should be better in terms of being able to exclude some parameters in more depth.

19. Sonar

Best for: Small businesses and startups


This B2B intent data provider tracks buying intent signals for your own customized ICPs. You’ll see what your highest-value leads are doing, including starting a trial with a competitor, increasing the ads budget, closing a funding round, and more.

Sonar sends you real-time email alerts as these events happen, or you can use their Slack integration to keep the whole sales team up-to-date.

Best of all, Sonar has direct integration with Close CRM, meaning all of your buying intent signals end up in the lead profile in your CRM.


Pricing: Not listed

Free trial: Yes

20. Crunchbase

Best for: SMB sales teams


Crunchbase is a live business database that offers free firmographic data. Thus, you can learn more about the companies in your pipeline without paying a cent.

But paid plans come with a lot more: you’ll see buying signals, trigger events, technographic data, and live updates within the industry or market.

Pricing: Free firmographic data search, paid plans start at $29 per user per month

Free trial: Yes

What people say:

★★★★★ "Fast easy access to the company data I need"

When I need to get quick insights about a company, its investors, and employees -- I always turn to CrunchBase. It's my single most "go-to" source we use to get the facts and stats we need on potential partners, companies to acquire, and threats to our business model.

CrunchBase could do a better job on smaller companies that are not (now) able to be found in CrunchBase. By linking CrunchBase to other sources of business data, it would be nice to dig up some stats and facts on the lesser-known companies out there.

Choosing a B2B Database: 5 Steps to Finding the Right Provider for Your Business

Above, we’ve given you a lot of options. So, how do you choose the right data provider for your sales team and your business?

Answer these four simple questions, and you’ll have a much better idea of which solution is right for you:

1. What Kind of Data Do You Want?

B2B data encompasses a wide range of information. The best solution for your business will depend on the type of data you really need.

Make a list of exactly the type of data you want. For example:

  • Demographic data
  • Individual contact information
  • Technographic data, the technologies a company is currently using
  • Firmographic data, such as company size, location
  • Organizational data
  • Buying intent data and signals
  • Data from social media platforms

The more specific you are with the type of data you need, the easier it will be to narrow down your options to the right B2B data vendor.

For example, do you need a simple tool to find accurate contact information? Then VoilaNorbert is a good option to consider.

Or, are you looking for in-depth technographic data for your prospects? Then UpLead should be near the top of your list of options.

List your top data needs, and then match that to the right B2B data provider.

2. What Kind of Contact Info Volume Do You Need?

Depending on the pricing plan you choose, many of the options in the list above allow you to perform a certain number of B2B company or contact searches within a specific time frame.

Think about your B2B lead generation volume and the number of searches that your team will be doing, plus how specific your searches will need to be. This will help you determine which solution and pricing tier works for your team.

Even once you choose a solution, pay attention to the quality of the data it delivers over time. If you need ultra-specific searches, you may find that the quality decreases the more you search since the database doesn’t have enough contacts that perfectly fit your targeting.

3. What’s Your Budget?

As you’ve seen in the list above, prices can vary greatly depending on the B2B data solution you choose.

The pricing plans also change from tool to tool, with some forcing you into long-term commitments, others charging you per contact search, and others giving you month-to-month options.

First, you’ll need to determine exactly how much you are willing to spend on B2B sales lead data. The price you’re willing to spend depends on the ROI you expect. Since your primary return will come from the time saved by your sales team, calculate that number and think about how much you’re willing to spend.

Then, match that budget with the search volume you need. This will show you which tools offer a pricing plan that fits your budget and search volume needs.

4. Does the Solution Meet the Standards of a Good B2B Data Provider?

Data quality and customer experience are two elements that can vary between B2B data solutions. So, make sure to read the fine print and see if your chosen solution meets the standards it should in these areas:

Accuracy: The worth of a B2B database is measured by the accuracy of the datasets you find. Does your chosen solution have a high accuracy or email deliverability guarantee? Will they refund you for bounced emails or incorrect phone numbers? Do they automatically update the data once you purchase it? Some data points, like job titles, can quickly become outdated.

Compliance: Depending on your location, you may need to meet certain government regulations regarding data protection. Make sure the solution you choose is GDPR and CCPA-compliant.

Customer support: As with any software solution, good customer service is important to your decision. Will the company help you find the data that you need? Will they give you training on the more advanced features of the software? How quickly will they respond when something goes wrong?

Consider these factors when choosing the right B2B data tool for your business.

5. How Well Does the Data Solution Work with Your Stack?

The best B2B data provider for your sales team depends heavily on the sales stack you’re currently using.

Most data solutions integrate directly with major CRMs, such as Salesforce. But if you’re using another CRM or outreach tool, you must check if your chosen data solution integrates with your existing stack.

Now, dig deeper—how does the integration work? Can you directly import leads into your CRM? Does it update and automatically refresh your contact data? Or do you need to export, edit, and import the data manually?

The simpler the process, the better. If your data tool creates more manual work for your team, you’ll be less likely to see a big ROI.

Choose Your B2B Data Providers Wisely

The data your team uses to understand their target market will affect how quickly and smoothly they can do their job (which is moving sales conversations forward rather than chopping away at time-consuming tasks for checking and correcting low-quality data)

With better data to support their sales efforts, your team will close deals quicker and develop deeper relationships with new customers.

With the tools above, we’ve given you a starting point. Now, choose the B2B data solution that fits your budget, gives you the data your team needs, and connects easily with your current stack.

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