The Startup Sales Success Course

Create a predictable & repeatable sales model for your company in 30 days.

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Perfect your mindset + workflow

We’ll light up your blindspots so that you can become a better sales leader, right away. You’ll also learn how to avoid the 7 deadly startup sins, mastering the art of the perfect follow-up, and how to give a demo that actually sells.

Free templates that win deals

You don’t need to start from scratch with every deal you work. We’ll teach you how to sell (and scale) faster with our free sales script templates, cold email templates, and more.

Every sales hustler deserves to win. This no-bullsh!t sales process course gets you there.

Featuring 8 templated assets for easy customization.

Case Study Template
Competitor Comparision Chart
Case Study Template
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Steli Efti
CEO of Close

Meet your sales coach

Steli Efti has helped more than 200 venture-backed startups build and scale their sales processes, closed thousands of deals worth tens of millions of dollars, and trained thousands of sales professionals.