Allegrow CRM Integration

Allegrow is the #1 platform for inbox placement. This means measuring and optimizing your outreach so that more of your emails reach the primary inbox, rather than the spam folder. Learn how to connect Allegrow to Close here

The platform is specialized for outbound teams to avoid the spam folder sustainably, while monitoring sender reputation and email domain health. This is achieved with the top 360-degree solution for inbox placement inside outreach, including the following functionality:

  • The Safety Net: Email risk analysis at the point of sending inside Close. Gives SDRs a safety net to avoid them sending to contacts which will hurt their sender reputation.
  • Reporting on Reputation: providing a single source of truth for the exact percentage of your email traffic reaching the primary inbox vs the spam folder each day.
  • Health Scores: See how every rep ranks against their peers for sending health to avoid risk and provide support where it’s most required.
  • Content Testing: Allows you to A/B test your workflow emails and see which content delivers more to the primary inbox and at what rate.
  • Interaction Emails: Provide positive signals from real corporate mailboxes to improve sender reputation and warm up email accounts.
  • DKIM, SPF and DMARC Testing: Uses real email traffic to highlight any authentication issues hurting your deliverability and resolve them.
  • AI Content Drafting to help you create better content tests with less friction.