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25 remote sales resources to close deals and manage teams better

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December 11, 2020

When you want to be an expert, you need to learn from the experts.

So it makes sense that, if you want to become an expert remote sales manager, remote salesperson, or remote exec, you should take your cue from the people who have already been doing it for years.

In this chapter, we’re going to give you a list of the absolute best resources available for remote sales workers, no matter what your role is. Here’s what you’ll find:

  • Remote sales resources for managers leading remote teams (10)
  • Resources for remote salespeople to improve virtual close rates (8)
  • Top resources for sales executives to keep virtual teams on track (7)

10 remote sales resources for managers leading remote teams

For remote sales managers to successfully lead their teams, they need to learn the right skills to be aware of what’s happening with their team without micromanaging, build culture and camaraderie intentionally, and coach with style.

Check out these 10 resources that help you do just that:

1. The ultimate remote sales guide for teams who want to keep crushing it

Resource Type: Guide

How do you build a remote sales team? How do you manage and coach your reps remotely, set goals, measure performance, and what tools do you use to empower your team to close those deals? We cover all this, and more, in the other chapters of this guide—remote sales knowledge we've gained since we started selling remotely back in 2014.

2. Master Managing Remote Teams

Resource Type: Online course

This paid course includes 6 hours of video content, 20 assessments, and a dedicated community of other managers. For new remote sales managers, this course helps you get on your feet and advance your leadership skills in a remote setting.

3. The keys to maintaining a great culture within a remote sales team

Resource Type: Article

Team culture got you down? This is a mini-guide to keeping your team culture top-notch, even if your team is fully distributed.

4. Remote Work FAQs: Answers from WFH Experts

Resource Type: FAQ

This online WFH forum references loads of valuable articles and resources on specific WFH topics. Also, you can ask your own questions and get answers from WFH experts.

5. The ultimate guide to remote work

Resource Type: Guide

Zapier is a 100% distributed team, so their advice for working from home and managing remote teams is built from proven experience. Learn the pros and cons of working across time zones, how extroverts can still thrive in a remote setting, and how to avoid remote burnout.

6. How to build and manage a remote sales team

Resource Type: Webinar

This webinar with Ryan Burke of InVision, Salvatore Tocco of Process Street, and Nick Persico of Close, digs into the proven methods that these remote companies are using to build and manage their sales teams remotely.

7. Practical Tips to Do Remote Sales Effectively

Resource Type: Article

This in-depth article goes from the technical side, such as setting up your remote team with the right equipment, to specific sales activities, such as outreach and closing.

8. The Ultimate Guide to Remote Team Building Activities

Resource Type: PDF

Team building for distributed teams is a whole new world. This guide dives into specific ways to keep your virtual sales team engaged and happy.

9. The Definitive Guide to Remote Sales Coaching

Resource Type: PDF

Looking for new ways to coach your remote sales team? This guide shows you how to coach individuals and teams, what tech you can use to coach, plus advanced tips.

10. The Remote Sales Management Bundle

Resource Type: PDF bundle

This bundle includes three PDF downloads: A checklist for call coaching, a guide for discovery calls, and a competitive selling cheat sheet.

8 resources for remote salespeople to improve virtual close rates

For salespeople, working from home is generally the same as working in an office. After all, reps still need to generate leads, talk to prospects, have meetings, and close deals: The only difference is that everything must be done virtually.

These eight remote sales resources dig into the mechanics of succeeding at virtual sales, as well as some ideas on keeping up your motivation and productivity while working from home.

11. The Expert Guide to Remote Video Sales Calls

Resource Type: PDF

A guide with a vetted, end-to-end approach to using video in your sales calls and closing more deals. Everything you need to close more deals on Zoom. Includes step-by-step instructions and checklists that help you nail every virtual demo.

12. Remote Selling Resource Hub

Resource Type: Guide

This resource hub includes a video training series for virtual sales reps, tips and tricks from sales enablement pros on remote selling, and continuously updated virtual events and webinars on virtual sales.

13. Winning the emotional war in sales

Resource Type: Article

Especially relevant during the stressful times we're living in, this article is built for salespeople who want to learn specific strategies to improve their mindset for remote selling.

14. What is Remote Selling?

Resource Type: Guide

This quick guide includes checklists to help you prepare for virtual sales meetings, keep your tech in check, and more.

15. Remote Selling Hub

Resource Type: Guide

Are you selling from the sofa? Learn tips from GetAccept to do remote sales right, with unique strategies, selling via video, and a handy checklist.

16. 7 Habits of Master Rapport-Builders (Remote Edition)

Resource Type: PDF

Having trouble building rapport over video or calls? This guide is here to give you talk-tracks, tips, and examples to build real rapport with your prospects (not just small talk).

17. Remote Work Essentials

Resource Type: Online course

For telecommuting employees starting from 0, this free course gives you tips on video conferencing, remote communication, and staying motivated.

18. Top Tips from Sales Experts to Ace Remote Selling

Resource Type: Article

This article is full of real-life tips from sales reps from around the world who have made a success of remote sales. Look for tips on using video in emails, juggling work and virtual learning, and setting boundaries.

7 top resources for sales executives to keep virtual teams on track

Sales executives set the stage for how their teams communicate and collaborate at a distance. These remote sales resources dig into the details of leading teams from afar, including how to communicate during a crisis, how to set up specific remote work processes for teams, and real advice from other remote execs on how they handle their teams from a distance.

19. Leading Sales Teams Through Crisis

Resource Type: PDF

For the ultimate resource for sales executives and leadership teams, read through 500+ pages of actionable advice from over 30 sales and SaaS leaders to survive the current crisis and lead effectively, especially for newly distributed teams.

20. 4 ways to manage remote workers when you don't know how long they'll be working from home

Resource Type: Article

Learn how to onboard and train distributed teams, encourage engagement, and adapt to changing work environments.

21. The Pyramid of Remote Team Communication Tools

Resource Type: Article

Wondering which tools will best help your team communicate remotely? This guide from fully-remote company Doist talks about the specific tools they use to keep their team connected, even when spread across 15 time zones.

22. The Art of Async: The Remote Guide to Team Communication

Resource Type: Guide

Remote teams need to communicate: But should they communicate synchronously or asynchronously? That's what this guide from 100% remote company Doist intends to find out.

23. How to communicate apart while working remotely

Resource Type: Article

If you're wondering how to develop healthy communication with your remote sales team (and strengthen bonds with your customers) this article has the answers.

24. Dispelling Remote Work Myths

Resource Type: Guide

With advice from 8 companies that made the shift (including Zapier, InVision, Atlassian, and Buffer), this guide digs into debunking remote work myths and tips to build better communication and company culture for remote teams.

25. WFH Manual

Resource Type: Microsite

This is a live and growing collection of tips, ideas, best practices, and experiences of people working remotely.

Learn from the best, and become a better remote sales team

We've been sharing our remote sales advice ever since we ourselves made the shift in 2014. We hope the strategies, principles, tactics, tools and tips we've shared in this guide will be of value to your team too.

In this guide, we’ve discussed how to build the remote sales team of your dreams, how to lead and motivate that team effectively, the tools and tips you need to succeed, and now the resources to help you continue learning.

Best of all, if you’ve dissected the other chapters in this guide, you’ve been benefiting from almost 7 years of experience working and managing across timezones, plus you’ve got this list of the best remote sales resources on the web.

The rest is up to you.

Now that you’ve learned from the top experts in remote sales, take all this information and start implementing it.

Build your own remote team. Create a results-driven culture of friendly competition. Keep closing deals.

Go get ‘em!

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