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21 consultative sales coaching and training resources to up your game

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February 28, 2022

Are you sold on consultative selling? Then it’s time to get the right training for yourself and your team and really put this sales model to work.

We’ve compiled the ultimate list of places to look for consultative sales training and coaching, as well as some tips to help you decide which one is best for your team. Let’s discuss:

  • What to look for in consultative selling coaching and training resources
  • Top 21 consultative selling courses & training resources

What to look for in consultative selling coaching and training resources

If you’ve ever done any type of sales training program, you know: not all resources are created equal. The same goes for consultative sales training.

If you’re trying to decide between multiple resources, here are some key things you should look for:

  • The right learning format for your needs: Looking for an in-house training workshop for your whole sales org? Or are you an individual rep looking for on-demand training to boost your skills? Decide which learning format is right for you, then choose a program that fits those needs.
  • A clear outcome: Whether it's a consultative sales certification, specific strategies, templates, scripts, or something else, you should walk away from training with something tangible that you can use further down the road.
  • Bias toward your industry: We all know that different sales strategies work very differently in different industries or types of sales. For example, if you’re an inside SaaS sales rep, you should look for consultative selling training that keys into that style of sales.
  • Proven experience teaching with good results: Especially when you’re about to spend money on your own training or that of your team, you want to make sure you’re going to get a solid return. Check the reputation of the company that’s offering and reviews of previous clients.

Ready to check out the top training courses?

Top 21 consultative selling courses & training resources

Dive into this list to find consultative sales training programs that will boost your skills and help you relate better to your customers.

1. Consultative Selling Training

Provider: Richardson

Learning format: Online or in-person workshop

Course length: 2-day workshop + pre and post-digital learning

Best feature: Various formats to fit your team best

Richardson is known as a top-dog of sales training techniques, having trained over 3.5M individuals in over 900 organizations. This course digs into the practical steps reps must take to be consultative sellers, from the planning and prospecting stages all the way to the close.

2. Sales Skills Training: Consultative Selling Master Class

Provider: Lawrence M. Miller, Institute for Leadership Excellence / Udemy

Learning format: On-demand video + downloadable resources

Course length: 6 hours of on-demand video

Best feature: Includes real field research conducted on the behavior of top-performing sales reps

This highly-rated course is led by the veteran CEO of a consulting firm and has been used by top companies to train their sales team on the consultative selling process.

3. Consultative Sales Skills Training Course

Provider: Baker Communications

Learning format: On-site training workshop

Course length: 1 or 2-day workshop

Best feature: Learn to sell long-term relationships rather than transactions

This in-person training is built for large sales orgs that want to give their whole team an interactive introduction to consultative (or relationship) selling.

4. Consultative Sales Training: The Best Consultative Selling Strategies

Provider: ASLAN

Learning format: Online or in-person workshop

Course length: 4 half-day virtual sessions, or 2-day on-site workshop

Best feature: Strategies and training based on 25 years of research and field testing with over 50k sales professionals worldwide

If you're looking for a training program that gives your reps not only instruction, but the practical support they need to implement what they've learned, this may be the one. ASLAN offers a custom training program for sales orgs of all sizes, built to change the mindset of your team and give them a strategic approach to succeed.

5. Consultative Sales Training to Win More Business

Provider: Funnel Clarity

Learning format: On-demand online course

Course length: 16+ hours of mixed media content, plus 1 hour per week of reinforcement content

Best feature: Includes certificate of completion and online reinforcement after finishing the course

This self-paced online course is more than just videos: it's a mix of media and practice opportunities to bring concepts into the real world.

6. Consultative Selling Skills

Provider: Ariel

Learning format: Online or in-person workshop

Course length: Customized based on your needs

Best feature: Participants learn how to position themselves as a strategic partner and shorten sales cycles

This flexible training from Ariel is a mix of instruction, discussion, and role-playing exercises to help your sales team build deeper relationships with customers and deliver better solutions.

7. Consultative Selling Reinvented

Provider: Base Over Apex

Learning format: In-person workshop

Course length: 1-day program

Best feature: Instructor-led learning from professionals with over 15 years of sales experience

For companies based in the Calgary area, this in-person sales training is a great option to help your team build the right personality traits for consultative sales success.

8. Consultative Selling Skills

Provider: Boulden

Learning format: Online or in-person workshop

Course length: 2-day workshop

Best feature: Applies Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) techniques to the Consultative Sales process

Designed to take early sellers to an advanced level of consultative selling, this course includes a mix of sales tactics and psychology to help you build genuine rapport and trust in the sales process.

9. Consultative Sales Skills Training Course

Provider: Zentano

Learning format: Online or in-person workshop

Course length: 1 workshop delivered per month over 12 months

Best feature: Built to help your team develop a following of loyal and engaged customers

Zentano has developed their own 5-stage approach to consultative selling, what they call "Consult with D.A.V.I.D.'' In this training program, your team will learn what this means, and how to execute it in practice.

10. Consultative Selling

Provider: The In-House Training Company

Learning format: In-person workshop

Course length: 2-day workshop, or bespoke option available

Best feature: Sales reps learn to structure their calls, ask the right questions, and establish credibility

This growing UK-based training company offers on-site training across the country and internationally for sales teams that want to improve their rapport and relationships with customers.

11. Consultative Selling Skills Training Course

Provider: ZOE Talent Solutions

Learning format: Online or in-person workshop

Course length: 3 days live online, or various schedule options for classroom learning

Best feature: Stop pushing and start pulling—build credibility with customers

ZOE Talent Solution follows the training methodology 'Do-review-learn-apply'. Their training programs are delivered live online, or via classrooms spread across the world. Check their website for upcoming courses.

12. Consultative Selling – Business Development for Tomorrow’s World

Provider: Dale Carnegie

Learning format: In-person training

Course length: Contact for details

Best feature: Built on timeless human relations principles, and the attitudes and mindset of successful consultative sellers

This in-person training from worldwide training company Dale Carnegie is built to help sales teams ask better questions, and develop more repeat business with customers.

13. Insight Selling: Advanced Consultative Selling

Provider: RAIN Group

Learning format: Online or in-person workshop

Course length: Contact for details

Best feature: Teaches an advanced consultative selling technique known as insight selling

RAIN Group is a well-known training and research company devoted to advanced sales tactics and improved results for their clients. Their proprietary sales methodology, Insight Selling, is based on studies of B2B purchases and sellers to see what works and what doesn't. The training is built to take you through specific skills and strategies, such as: making an ROI case, mini-stories that sell, influence and persuasion, and mastering sales collaboration.

14. Insight Selling Virtual Learning Course

Provider: RAIN Group

Learning format: On-demand video lessons

Course length: 15 lessons of 20 minutes each

Best feature: Self-paced course to learn advanced consultative selling method—insight selling

This virtual learning program from RAIN Group is great for individual sales reps who want to learn Insight Selling at their own pace.

15. Advanced B2B Consultative Selling Certification Course

Provider: WorldLeaders

Learning format: Live online class

Course length: 2 half-day sessions

Best feature: Built to help B2B sales reps navigate complex deal structures and build skills in Intellectual Encouragement

This online class includes group discussions, practice with roleplay, and specific training for all client-facing roles. Attendees will also get templates, scripts, and tools to implement what they've learned in the real world.

16. Consultative Selling

Provider: Speak First

Learning format: Online or in-person workshop

Course length: Contact for details

Best feature: Training courses built on 30 years of experience and tailored to your company's needs

Speak First is great about tailoring their offerings, meaning you can choose either blended learning, in-person training, or virtual training for your sales team. The modules of the course can also be adapted to best fit your team—the outcome is sales reps that are able to use the consultative selling approach effectively with a clear structure that keeps them on track.

17. Consultative Sales Coaching & Training

Provider: Sharon Landis Consulting

Learning format: Virtual one-on-one coaching

Course length: Contact for details

Best feature: Specially adapted for software founders and sales teams

Coming from over 15 years of experience in startup sales, Sharon Landis has enough tech experience to run circles around some of today's top tech CEOs. She offers one-on-one training for sales professionals in the SaaS and startup world who want to build their consultative selling skills.

18. Consultative Sales Growth Coaching Program

Provider: Anthony Cole Training Group

Learning format: Virtual coaching + online library

Course length: 6-month program

Best feature: Individual training and coaching with supporting on-demand content

This intensive training gives your sales reps access to a personal sales growth coach. Over the course of 6 months, this couch gives them individualized training sessions, an in-depth evaluation of their progress, a library of supporting resources, as well as calls with the sales manager to update them on their team’s progress. 

19. Consultative Sales

Provider: Canadian Professional Sales Association

Learning format: Self-guided multimedia course

Course length: 6 hours of online content

Best feature: Specific training to help you strengthen client relationships

This 6-hour course is a mixture of videos, reading, and activities for sales reps. The point: learn how to use consultative selling techniques from the first call to negotiation and follow-up.

20. Consultative Sales Training Course

Provider: Professional Development Training

Learning format: Online or in-person workshop

Course length: 1 day

Best feature: A mix of consultative selling and psychological strategies, like cognitive reframing and persuasion techniques

Dig deep into the mind of your customers with this course, designed to help you engage better and build rapport with clients.

21. Consultative selling for technology professionals training

Provider: High Tech Institute

Learning format: Online or in-person workshop

Course length: 2-day workshop

Best feature: Created especially for tech pros and non-sales roles in tech companies

Working in a high-tech environment, it can be hard to explain the value of your solution when the client doesn’t understand the problem they’re facing. This course is specifically designed to help those tech professionals to boost their consultative selling skills and be able to turn resistance into a purchase.

The best training: go practice!

There is nothing better than the real-world training you’ll receive by practicing the techniques and strategies you’ve learned.

In this guide, we’ve talked about what a consultative sales strategy looks like, how to develop the right skills for the job, what questions to ask, and more. 

Now, it’s up to you.

Take what you’ve learned in this guide and put it into practice. Start using the consultative sales strategy today, and you’ll be a better salesperson tomorrow.

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