How Cloosiv increased their business by 1400% with Close

With a simple tweak to Cloosiv’s sales process, they jumped from 20 clients to 300 in months, with 350 more in the pipeline.

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This article was published before Cloosiv became Odeko. You can see more about their merger here.

Manual business processes are killing your business. Not only do you waste money by paying your talented team members to mindlessly and repetitively enter data into spreadsheets, but you also lose operational efficiency.

Despite the amazing capabilities of spreadsheets, they aren’t the right solution for:

  • Organizing sales pipelines
  • Creating sales processes
  • Reminding your sales team to follow up

Most importantly, spreadsheets make it insanely difficult to close new business.

Cloosiv (now Odeko), a mobile ordering service for local coffee shops, is the example of how stifling a manual sales process can be. They also are a great use case of how quickly you can flourish once you change your process.

The curse of the manual processes

Cloosiv's lean sales team became paralyzed by process as their prospect pipeline and client list matured. Without automation, the sales process was a “jump in and do all the heavy-lifting by hand” free flow, they:

  • Contacted and profiled individual coffee shops they found on Google Maps
  • Entered contact information for prospects into Google Sheets
  • Emailed leads individually
  • Added info into Google Sheets
  • Relied on calendar events for follow up calls

Ultimately, they had no way of tracking their progress. They were unable to see when emails were opened and had no continuity between their outreach campaigns.

This disorganization meant the sales team missed follow up calls, were unable to qualify leads, and they couldn’t close deals efficiently.

Finding a cure to the process blues

To improve their process, Cloosiv’s CEO, Tim Griffin, made moves. He looked into a bunch of CRMs and weighed the features of functionality of each.

Ultimately, Griffin decided that Close was the most obvious path toward streamlining and organizing their entire sales process.

Close allowed us to be a really lean team and scale over time.

Tim Griffin
Cloosiv Founder & CEO

The team at Cloosiv raves about the drip campaign capabilities with Close. Rather than emailing individual prospects whenever they remembered, the team now has a way to follow up with leads in a timely (and automatic) way.

I don't see how any other CRM would add more value than Close.

Cloosiv uses scheduled blasts to shoot out one template that reaches more than 8,000 prospects at once, which has given them legs they didn’t know they could grow.

Cloosiv also loves how easy Close was to launch. They were able to copy all existing lead data from Google Sheets to an uploadable CSV template, and lost no time or momentum during the implementation process.

An integral part of sales success

We didn’t start getting traction until we started using Close. I don’t know if the company would still be here if we hadn’t implemented it.

Now, Close is an integral part of Cloosiv’s day-to-day operations. Close enabled Cloosiv to eliminate their army of door-to-door salespeople, and rely on automated processes which is when they really started to see results.

Cloosiv went from 20 coffee shops in Charlotte, NC to over 300 sold locations across the US with another 350 currently in sales conversations. They attribute their amazing increase of business to their improved sales process and email drip campaign strategy. Griffin says that 99% of the new business has been sold via email using Close.

The future is bright for Cloosiv

“We’re currently in a race to 1,000 locations," Tim notes." We need a tool like Close to get to that threshold.” Their increased sales is getting Cloosiv some much-wanted attention. In fact, Cloosiv just closed a seed round for $1 million with Paul Graham (YC).

As their sales team, revenue and reputation grows, one thing remains consistent. And that’s their love for Close. “Close is one of the first items discussed when onboarding new employees because our Close usage is so imperative to the health of the business.”

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Since we've started using Close, we've QUADRUPLED our average revenue per user.
Tim Griffin,
 Cloosiv Founder & CEO

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