How ChartMogul added 1K customers with better sales pipeline management

Discover the way ChartMogul uses Close to land new customers and streamline sales.

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Getting a sales process off the ground

When ChartMogul CEO Nick Franklin began looking for a sales platform to streamline and accelerate his team’s approach to selling he knew what he was after. “I wanted a powerful CRM workflow with a simple and modern UI,” he remembers. It was 2015 and his company was just starting to assemble a proper sales team and process. At the time their approach to sales lacked organization and was far too basic.

They needed a single “source of truth” to align their sales, customer success, marketing, and leadership teams around customer communications and pipeline management. Nick tested nearly 10 CRM platforms, looking for one that was intuitive and simple but could also be tailored to tackle the specific needs of his fast-growing business. That’s when he found Close.

Growth, accelerated

ChartMogul's SaaS platform provides actionable insights and revenue intelligence to accelerate the growth and success of business customers (many of which are also software platforms). Their users can gain instant insights into the overall health of their businesses via clear revenue and customer data (such as revenue, lifetime value, churn, cohort activity, and more).

Today, ChartMogul has evolved into a 35-person, fully remote team that relies on Close to keep sales, customer success, marketing, and leadership groups synced up and selling more. Working new business and account management out of the same system allows them to collaborate more effectively and work with bigger customers.

Since adopting Close as their sales management platform, they've added 1,000+ customers and handled over 100,000,000 subscriptions.

Since we've started using Close, we've QUADRUPLED our average revenue per user.

Sara Archer
ChartMogul Director of Sales & Marketing

A powerful sales workflow

Using built-in calling, smart views, email templates, and task management features, the ChartMogul team are Close power users. All of ChartMogul’s new leads are created in Close through an API integration (which also enriches these leads with their own user data). From there, the team works the leads via Smart Views, which have been set up as discrete sales stages to accelerate their workflow.

From net new leads to closed/won customers, the entire sales process flows through Close (they even include notes and documentation that is later handed off to their customer success team). Once leads become customers, their account management team uses Close to effortlessly track renewal rates.

The ChartMogul team considers Close more than just a software platform. The app and support they recieve from the Close team is an integral part of their business—a “partner in their success”.

The last 6 months have been the best on record for ChartMogul’s business, and without a doubt, their sales and marketing teams are well equipped to sell more, grow faster, and dominate their industry, long into the future.

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Since we've started using Close, we've QUADRUPLED our average revenue per user.
Tim Griffin,
 Cloosiv Founder & CEO

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