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March 24, 2022
New Feature
Calling on Sequences and more

It’s now possible to add Calling as a Step to your Sequence - improve your workflows and the effectiveness of your prospect communication. Add (required or optional) Calling steps, assign a Caller or a Group, enroll your Contacts and start calling them from a new To Do section, showing on the Overview tab in the Sequence details.

Apart from that, we’ve added the following improvements:

  • We show more details about Sequence-related statuses and errors and how to handle them.
  • We now use Contact’s timezone for scheduling emails and Sequence calls.
  • We added a User filter to the Sequences Report.
  • It’s now possible to search for Contacts in a particular Step and see all the Sequences that Contacts are enrolled in a dedicated Sequence column in Contact Filtering.
  • We added support for Sequence reassignment when removing a Connected Account.
  • It’s possible to bulk enroll Contacts to Sequences in the Contact and Lead Filtering.
  • We added a search box along with Active and Archived filters to the Sequences list view.

February 28, 2022
February Improvements and Bug Fix Roundup
  • We added Multi Sorting capabilities to the new Leads and Contacts Filtering pages. Now you can sort by multiple columns, drag-n-drop sorting order, switch between ascending/descending sort for every sorting column, and clear the fields
  • We fixed a bug, where emails with anchor links would sometimes break email rendering in the application.
  • We fixed a bug, where we would sometimes fail to rent a number and say there aren’t any matching the user’s specification (even though there were numbers in stock).
  • We improved the Sequence and organization navigation behavior - navigating to the Sequence from a different organization will now automatically switch you to that organization.
  • We fixed an issue, where the email composer would occasionally drop your previous “Send As” Sender choice.

February 9, 2022
New Feature
Receiving MMS

It's now possible to Receive MMS in Close. It's available for US and Canada-based numbers. You'll see them in your lead activity feed as an SMS with attachments.

Additionally, we've redesigned the email attachments in the lead activity and inbox.

January 31, 2022
January Improvements Roundup
  • We raised the limit of allowed contacts per lead from 200 to 300.
  • We updated the design of the upcoming meeting notification bar. Additionally, we no longer show the notification bar if the meeting is canceled and if the current user did not respond to the upcoming meeting.
  • When a Trial user wants to choose a plan but exceeds the account usage limits (Email templates, Pipelines, Custom Activities, etc.), we notify and instruct them how to address it.
  • When removing a user, we only show reassignment options for the types of objects (task, opportunity, email, etc.) that are currently assigned to that user. We also present how many of these objects would be reassigned.
  • We improved the display of the “Role” column on the Team Management page.
  • We redesigned Email, SMS, and Status Change badges in the Lead Activities feed so that users have an easier time telling the difference between different Activity types.
  • We now send users emails when their regulatory bundles are accepted or rejected by Twilio.
  • We display email attachments preview, in the new tab, instead of an immediate “open or save file” prompt. If a user actually wants to save the file, they can still do it afterward (e.g., with Cmd/Ctrl + S).
  • We now give more context around what’s about to happen when you attempt to remove a Connected Account.
  • We made the “activities are being filtered” message in the lead page more sticky, so you’ll always have a chance to remove the Contact filtering if needed.
January 30, 2022
January Bug Fix Roundup
  • We improved our email renderer so that the UI doesn’t freeze with certain email bodies anymore.
  • We fixed an error when users want to bulk update a “User” type Lead Custom Field with an inactive user.
  • You’ll no longer see a confusing “Object does not exist” error if you try to send an email associated with a deleted email account.
  • The Primary Opp. Status column now shows data correctly on the New Lead Filtering page.
  • We fixed an issue where the New Lead Filtering page would break if it tried to load a User Custom Field query with an inactive user.
  • We fixed an issue where adding a Custom Field with a comma in its name as a column on the Leads page would break the page.
  • Users with a comma in their names can now invite new users to their organizations.
  • You’ll see more consistent names in the table headers across the Lead search (e.g., “Company” with “Name”), Contact Search (e.g., “Contact Name” with “Name”), and Importer sections.
  • You can now decide whether you want to automatically archive your Gmail emails or not when you hit “Done” in the Close Inbox. The toggle is exposed in the Connected Account Settings under “Done/Archive Sync”.
December 23, 2021
December Improvements Roundup
  • We refreshed the Sequences edit screen (adding empty state for Sequences steps list and redesigned “Add a step” buttons).
  • We redesigned the Organizations Settings page, and it now includes an Organization Copy ID button.
  • We added a warning for users who try to subscribe or bulk email more than 500 leads or contacts from a Gmail account that has the limits.
  • We allow users in Canceled or Trial Expired organizations to perform User Reassignment when removing a user.
December 22, 2021
December Bug Fix Roundup
  • When copying long links from Notes (which are displayed shortened), we now copy the entire link instead of the shortened one.
  • We now correctly disable the “type” field when editing Custom Activity Fields.
  • After inviting a user to an organization, and that user is already a Close user, they will now show up as a member immediately rather than showing as a pending invite.
  • Text area in Custom Activity breaks appropriately into a new line.
December 21, 2021
New Feature
New Sequences Overview and Report Tabs

We've extended our Sequences capabilities, by adding Overview and Reporting tabs. In the Overview, you'll find general metrics and a list of the sequence's steps. In the Reporting, you'll be able to analyze sequence performance in detail, with the Step breakdown and Data filter.

Additionally, in the Lead and Contact Filtering, you'll see Sequences related options: Sequences name, Status, Status reason, or Date created, for easier list creation.

New Sequences Overview and Report Tabs

December 7, 2021
New Feature
New Lead Filtering

You can now filter your Leads using a simple visual query builder. Just specify the criteria, add filters and groups, and create an actionable list of Leads, ready to engage. It’s also possible to share your list using the new Share Link button.

December 6, 2021
New Feature
Search Autocomplete

When searching, start typing any information about a Lead or Contact (name, email address, telephone number) and we’ll provide you with up to 5 suggestions, making the whole searching process faster and more efficient. We also now show a brief history of recently viewed Leads in the search bar for quick access.

November 23, 2021
Contact highlighting from search

When you're searching for a contact and find the one you're looking for, clicking on it will now show the Lead filtered by Activities with that contact, as well as expanding the contact details.

November 1, 2021
New Developer Docs

For our users with technical needs, our development partners, and anyone else who needs to interact with the Close API, the new Developer Docs will make finding what you need and understanding how to use it much easier. Among the many improvements are:

  • Code samples displayed in multiple languages
  • Easier navigation
  • Fast search with typeahead completion

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Screenshot of
October 21, 2021
Microsoft Account Discovery

When creating a new Close account, we are now able to detect if your email is a Microsoft account. When it is, the email setup and connection can be performed in a few clicks, as is already the case for Google email accounts.

Close sign up page showing Microsoft account discovery
October 4, 2021
October Design Improvements

Opportunities have long used color coded labels to indicate Active, Closed: Won and Closed: Lost. With October's design improvements, it's now easier to see the name of the Pipeline each status belongs to, as well as the type of status change in the Activity Feed. Other design improvements include a refreshed Search dropdown and updated buttons for Contacts on Lead pages.

An image showing two sets of label designs
September 21, 2021
Custom Field & Activity Improvements

September brings with it a slew of improvements to Custom Activities and Fields, including:

  • Multi-select choices now correctly convert user names to user ids when converting the field to a User multi-select field.
  • User names with leading or trailing spaces are now correctly converted to user ids when converting to user custom fields.
  • Long lines in custom activities now correctly wrap and show the required field indicator.
August 16, 2021
New Feature
Regulatory Bundles for International Phone Numbers

Renting phone numbers outside the US and Canada often involves providing proof of business address along with other identity confirming information. With the Regulatory Bundles in Close, the process for renting regulated numbers and providing the required documentation can be completed entirely inside Close.

The Close application showing a screen with two regulatory bundles in draft states
August 10, 2021
New Feature
Contact Dialing

Contact Dialing allows power and predictive dialing of Contact smart view and search results. Whether you want to call all the contacts on a Lead or all the CEOs at Leads in California, Contact Dialing gives you the tools you need.

Close application showing a Contact smart view with the call button
July 28, 2021
Desktop App Updates

For users on M1 Macs or ARM based Windows computers, this new version of the Close desktop app offers significant performance improvements. If you're already using the desktop app, you'll be able to upgrade automatically. If you haven't used it before, you can download it now.

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July 13, 2021
Bug Fix Roundup

The summer has been filled with quality of life improvements across Close, including:

  • Visual refreshes to Email Sequences,
  • Quick reordering of Custom Fields to the top or bottom of the list,
  • Improved screen reader accessibility for icon-only buttons,
  • Lead from Email now works as expected with Outlook-style formatting in the CC field, and
  • Signatures now update as expected after being edited while an email is being composed.
June 15, 2021
New Feature
Contact Smart Views

It is now possible to save a filtered Contact list the same way you can already save a Lead search, as a Smart View. With Contact Smart Views, you can be confident you're working from the same dynamically updating set of Contacts as all of your colleagues whether you're prospecting, qualifying, or closing.

Screenshot showing a list of filtered Contacts, saved as a Smart View
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