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October 21, 2021
Microsoft Account Discovery

When creating a new Close account, we are now able to detect if your email is a Microsoft account. When it is, the email setup and connection can be performed in a few clicks, as is already the case for Google email accounts.

Close sign up page showing Microsoft account discovery
October 4, 2021
October Design Improvements

Opportunities have long used color coded labels to indicate Active, Closed: Won and Closed: Lost. With October's design improvements, it's now easier to see the name of the Pipeline each status belongs to, as well as the type of status change in the Activity Feed. Other design improvements include a refreshed Search dropdown and updated buttons for Contacts on Lead pages.

An image showing two sets of label designs
September 21, 2021
Custom Field & Activity Improvements

September brings with it a slew of improvements to Custom Activities and Fields, including:

  • Multi-select choices now correctly convert user names to user ids when converting the field to a User multi-select field.
  • User names with leading or trailing spaces are now correctly converted to user ids when converting to user custom fields.
  • Long lines in custom activities now correctly wrap and show the required field indicator.
August 16, 2021
New Feature
Regulatory Bundles for International Phone Numbers

Renting phone numbers outside the US and Canada often involves providing proof of business address along with other identity confirming information. With the Regulatory Bundles in Close, the process for renting regulated numbers and providing the required documentation can be completed entirely inside Close.

The Close application showing a screen with two regulatory bundles in draft states
August 10, 2021
New Feature
Contact Dialing

Contact Dialing allows power and predictive dialing of Contact smart view and search results. Whether you want to call all the contacts on a Lead or all the CEOs at Leads in California, Contact Dialing gives you the tools you need.

Close application showing a Contact smart view with the call button
July 28, 2021
Desktop App Updates

For users on M1 Macs or ARM based Windows computers, this new version of the Close desktop app offers significant performance improvements. If you're already using the desktop app, you'll be able to upgrade automatically. If you haven't used it before, you can download it now.

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July 13, 2021
Bug Fix Roundup

The summer has been filled with quality of life improvements across Close, including:

  • Visual refreshes to Email Sequences,
  • Quick reordering of Custom Fields to the top or bottom of the list,
  • Improved screen reader accessibility for icon-only buttons,
  • Lead from Email now works as expected with Outlook-style formatting in the CC field, and
  • Signatures now update as expected after being edited while an email is being composed.
June 15, 2021
New Feature
Contact Smart Views

It is now possible to save a filtered Contact list the same way you can already save a Lead search, as a Smart View. With Contact Smart Views, you can be confident you're working from the same dynamically updating set of Contacts as all of your colleagues whether you're prospecting, qualifying, or closing.

Screenshot showing a list of filtered Contacts, saved as a Smart View
June 8, 2021
New Feature
Opportunity Custom Fields

You can now customize your Opportunities with the same types of custom fields you've been using on Leads and Contacts. Whether you're capturing important links, product details, or contract dates, Opportunity custom fields let you track the right information for your business. In addition to tracking the information on the Opportunity, you can use it in search to create new Lead smart views or in email templates to make sure you're always have the most up to date contract link in your messages.

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Screenshot showing the Opportunity Custom Fields setting page within Close
June 1, 2021
New Feature
Webhook Autopausing

For companies using webhooks with Close, Webhook Autopausing will make your server logs a little cleaner. Close will attempt to deliver webhook events for three days. After that, we'll pause the webhook delivery.

May 11, 2021
Improvements Roundup

The first few months of 2021 have seen improvements across the app, including:

  • Custom Fields can now be converted into Shared Fields,
  • Opportunities and Custom Fields on the Lead page are now filterable, like Contacts,
  • Bulk Updating custom fields with an invalid value now show a message explaining the error,
  • The email composer received bug fixes for Firefox and Safari, and
  • Developers and Admins can now copy Membership ID and User ID directly from the Team management page for use in integrations.
April 27, 2021
Contact Filtering Improvements

This release adds text search to Contact filtering, as well as column customization and improved Lead Status display.

Screenshot displaying a list of Contact search results
April 13, 2021
Custom Field Improvements

Custom and Shared Fields now have their own pages in Settings. Previously, Shared Fields could only be added to Custom Activities, but with this release, they can be added to Leads and Contacts as well. In addition, it is now possible to re-order the fields on Leads and Contacts.

Screenshot of improved custom fields list view
March 11, 2021
New Feature
Contacts Filtering

You can now filter Contacts in Close. Using a simple visual query builder, you can specify the exact criteria you need to create a list of Contacts, and then engage with them in whatever way suits your sales process.

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Contacts Filtering

March 4, 2021
Reorder fields on Custom Activities

Custom Activities let you capture important events on your Leads. As you use them, you may decide to change the order of the fields to make it more natural to capture information. With this release, you can!

Animation showing a field being reordered in a list on a Custom Activity
February 18, 2021
Call Recording for Professional Plan Users

Close has long had automatic call recording available to users on the Business plan, but until now, it was not available on the Professional plan. With this update, we've made call recording available to everyone on the Professional plan. To enable it, simply turn it on in the phone settings pop-over. Users on the Professional plan can make unlimited call recordings and have access to recordings for seven days.

Dialog showing information about call recording
February 18, 2021
Task, Opportunity & Phone Number Reassignment

When a salesperson leaves your team, it's important to make sure their work doesn't fall through the cracks. Now, it's simple to reassign tasks, opportunities and phone numbers when someone leaves.

Animation showing the reassignment of tasks, opportunities and phone numbers when a user is removed from a Close organization.
February 12, 2021
Improved Reporting & Pipeline Sharing

Sharing a report or pipeline has gotten easier! Every time you change a filter, sort direction, or anything else that affects the information being displayed, the URL will update. Either copy the URL in your browser or click the Share button to copy the new URL and share with your colleagues, add to a report, or link from a dashboard.

Animation showing a share link being pressed
December 1, 2020
New Feature
Call Coaching

Call Coaching in Close allows users with the correct permissions to Listen, Whisper, or Barge on sales calls. Listening to a call lets the Coach hear what is being said by both sides, but doesn't allow the Coach to talk. Whispering lets the Coach talk to the salesperson without being heard by the other call participant, and Barge lets the Coach talk to both the salesperson and the other party on the call.

To find a call to join, just visit the Team Management or Groups page in Settings to see who is on a call and to join it.

Call Coaching is available today for all users on the Business plan.

A Close lead page showing the call coaching bar with two users observing the call

November 9, 2020
New Feature
Microsoft 365 Integration

Microsoft 365 accounts can now natively be integrated as Connected Accounts, improving security and lowering friction for connecting new accounts. The new connected account type supports both syncing and sending email.

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