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June 13, 2024
New Feature

Lead Based Call Routing

For Premium Numbers, you can now enable Lead Based Call Routing. This feature will look up the phone number in your organization and automatically route it based on your configured rules.

Automatically send customers to the right place based on lead data

You can set up two different rule types in this flow:

  • Custom field rules: If a user is assigned to the selected User field (e.g. Lead Owner, Sales Rep, etc.), we'll automatically route calls to them.
  • Lead Status rules: If the lead matches a particular status, we'll route to the selected group numbers (e.g. Sales, Support), or to a specific user on the team if selected.

Additional Notes:

  • This feature is only available for phone numbers with our Premium Number add-on enabled.
  • Routing rules are evaluated and applied in order, so if a lead matches multiple rules, the first will be applied.
  • If the lead doesn't match any rules, they'll move through to the phone menu if enabled, or pass straight through to the group members.