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Increase your reach rates with Close's built-in Predictive Dialer.
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What is a Predictive Dialer? It's next-level call automation.

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Dial multiple numbers at once

A predictive dialer is call automation software that allows sales teams to dial multiple numbers at once. When a real human answers the phone, it immediately routes an available sales rep to that call.

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Always hear "Hello"

Predictive dialing routes you straight to a recipient the moment they answer, thus unlocking more of your reps' valuable time to reach and close real prospects. The Dialer helps them stay fully "in the zone" throughout the day.

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No more dialing. Literally.

Your reps literally never have to dial a number or click a call button again. They never have to hang up because of a voicemail, 1-800 number, or busy signal. Close handles all this behind-the-scenes, and only connects reps when a real human answers the call.

Reps save hours each week with the Dialer

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You don't even need to pick up the phone and dial—just press one button and you’re already on the line. The call is automatically synced inside your lead.
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Why use the Predictive Dialer?

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It's built-in. No additional fees or integrations.

Close is the only CRM to offer predictive dialing software out-of-the-box and built in to the plan costs. No need to purchase add-on software or set up complicated integrations.

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Your team stays in the zone

Since there’s no downtime between calls with predictive dialer, your reps are getting warmed up faster and refining their pitch even further throughout the day by speaking with more leads than ever before.

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Significantly higher reach rates

Using the technology behind the predictive dialer, sales reps can skip the fake numbers, avoid the prospects that won’t pick up, and significantly increase the number of conversations they’re having with real leads on a daily basis.

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