The ultimate sales + marketing stack

HubSpot and Close: specialized tools for each team, seamlessly integrated.

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4 powerful reasons to integrate Close + HubSpot.

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Reps sell faster and easier

Sales reps work faster in + prefer the Close UX for prospecting and high-volume outbound sales compared to the HubSpot CRM. HubSpot can be overwhelming with lots of extra clicks and steps for the average SMB salesperson's workflow.

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Less maintenance with a no-hassle integration

Close and HubSpot have a simple, clean integration that allows leaders to give their marketing and sales teams the best tools without compromise. No hassle to keep them integrated. No Zapier needed to configure the technical side of this setup.

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More predictable, affordable pricing

Close pricing is ideal for sales teams who need to scale in a CRM for small business. Your Close plan includes features like calling and SMS, which helps you reduce your overall tech spend and consolidate your stack––all while you save money.

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Better for lead-generation

Close doesn't use contact-based pricing––so there's no constant purging of contacts. With Close, you don't have to choose between valuable, long-term customer and lead generation data or keeping your CRM bill steady.

CRM designed by salespeople, for salespeople.

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Why separate your marketing stack + CRM?

The next generation of technology is highly specialized––and fully integrated. Customized to each team's needs.

SMB and startup sales teams want a CRM that’s built for them––not for marketers. With enterprise technology like HubSpot, confusing pricing and a slow sales workflow will continue to frustrate your smaller, more agile sales team.

HubSpot is best-in-class marketing automations, but great alternatives to the HubSpot CRM shift the focus to the sales rep.

With the seamless Close + HubSpot integration, leadership teams can keep everyone happy while improving sales efficiency and increasing revenue.

How the HubSpot + Close integration works.

The HubSpot alternative sales reps will love.

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HubSpot's user interface can kill prospecting––especially for high-velocity or franchise sales. Once you get your reps into Close and realize how much more revenue they can create, they're gonna want to use Close for everything.
Kyle Stremme
Revenue and Business Development Partner at High Kick Sales
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HubSpot quickly turned into a marketing automation system with a clunky CRM attached to it. We get absolutely raving reviews from our sales and customer support teams using Close. Even our co-founders are very happy.
Marko Mrkonjic
Director of Sales at Trufan (now Surf for Brands)
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HubSpot was just an awkward tool for our small sales team. Every week, my team says how glad we are to be back in Close. That's so important to me as a sales leader because if my reps don't love our CRM, they won't use it.
Anna Cochrane
Client Success Director at Melanie Power

Sales-first CRM + powerful marketing tech = Everybody wins

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