Stand out and sell more: How reps can crush the competition (Q&A webinar)

Here's the recording of yesterday's webinar with Drift and about how to stand out as a sales rep in a crowded industry. Tune in below!

In yesterday's webinar, we covered a wide range of topics centered around how to stand out and sell more in a competitive space.

We dove into everything from how to structure cold emails (and cold calls) so that you're adding value & making a lasting impression—instead of just adding to the noise in your prospect's day, to the importance of learning to be an active listener that asks the right questions, the most effective ways to build a qualified pipeline in today's competitive B2B selling landscape, and seriously so much more...

Tune in to watch the full recording of our webinar right here:

Big thanks to Drift and for co-hosting this webinar with us!

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We'll weigh in and get to the many questions that went unanswered during yesterday's webinar.

Thanks for tuning in!

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