SaaS Sales For Startup Founders (free book)

SMBs in the U.S. have quadrupled their spending on SaaS subscriptions in the past two years.

There's a lot of competition in the SaaS market today. And it's increasingly more difficult to attract new customers—startups release cheap versions of SaaS products every day.

This is where my latest book, SaaS Sales for Startup Founders, comes in. One thing I’m really good at is helping people get paying customers for their startups. Even if you’re not a “salesy” person.

In the early days of Close, I used to give sales office hours. I can’t really do that anymore—I just don’t have the time to speak 1:1 with all of you.

Which is why my team and I created this book.

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You’ll get practical advice on:

  • Quickly validating your idea before you build a product (and company)
  • Building a sales funnel and striking the right balance between self-service and high-touch sales
  • Developing an ideal customer profile
  • Finding quality leads
  • Selling to small businesses, large corporations, and government agencies
  • Transitioning customers from monthly plans to annual contracts
  • Converting free trial users into paying customers
  • Increasing CLTV (there is SO much potential for MRR growth in this, yet very few startups actually do all of these five things)
  • And much more SaaS sales advice!

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