10 Best Real Estate Cold Calling Scripts for Real Estate Agents

The "spray and pray" approach to cold calling in real estate is nothing more than acquiring a list of homeowners and calling to land a meeting. And it's not very effective.

Real estate professionals need a road map to be successful at cold calling. This plan can be created using structured cold calling scripts for real estate sales.

Cold calling scripts can keep the conversation going with a prospect by reducing those awkward pauses and can help you build a sales pitch that motivates potential clients. Not only that—increasing prospect interest can help you upsell or cross-sell–for example, adding on staging or property management if those are services you offer. Cold calling scripts can also simplify the lead generation–especially for those new to the industry.

Are you unsure where to start? That's why we’ve prepared ten phone scripts for use in the real estate world.

Let’s dive in.

What is Cold Calling for Real Estate Professionals?

Real estate cold calling is a lead generation strategy for real estate agents that involves calling potential clients you haven’t previously spoken with. With the right cold calling strategy, a real estate salesperson can identify potential property buyers or sellers and get them interested in working with you.

Remember: this does NOT mean simply calling every possible client and offering your services on a whim. Successful cold calling for real estate agents means choosing the phone numbers most likely to lead to new business and creating scripts that identify their pain points and offer your services as clear, helpful solutions.

When done correctly, cold calling works for real estate agents. Research shows that 28% of telemarketing cold calls are answered, and 1.7 percent of the people realtors talk to will end up as appointments or referrals.

If these figures don’t sound compelling, you are better off outsourcing your lead acquisition to one of the popular inbound lead generation companies for Realtors. But know that it will cost you money. If you don’t have a budget for lead generation, stick to cold calling. It works well but not as good as inbound marketing.

What kind of scripts should you use?

Want a competitive edge? Explore our guide to real estate prospecting.

Are There Different Types of Real Estate Scripts for Sales Calls?

Effective cold calling scripts should never be generic or one-sided. Building a script that motivates your real estate leads involves identifying their pain points, testing your pitch, practicing it with role play, and refining the script over time.

Of course, new agents will likely create several scripts for their sales calls, depending on the situation. For example, you may decide to create a script for:

  • FSBO calls
  • Expired listings
  • Referrals
  • First-time home buyers
  • Circle prospecting

Want to see how these real estate cold calling scripts work in the real world?

10 Real Estate Cold Calling Scripts You Can Use Now

Let’s dive into some actionable examples you can swipe for your next sales calls. We’ll share ten different real estate situations where you’ll need a unique sales script to captivate your audience, plus an adaptable script you can adjust to fit your business.

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1. For Sale By Owner (FSBO) Script

A major pain point for homeowners is setting an asking price that’s far too low and regretting the sale down the road. As a real estate agent, you can capitalize on this pain by showing how you can get them the price their home deserves.

This way, you can become a trusted real estate agent for their home. Don’t just throw numbers out; back your claim with verified market research and presenting comps. Start the conversation by building trust as quickly as possible.

The Script:

You: Hey, this is [name] from [your company’s name] calling about your property [address of the property]. Are you the legal homeowner?

Prospect: Yes.

You: Great! I hope this is a good time to talk about it a bit.

Prospect: Yes.

You: I came across your listing [you can mention where exactly you saw their house on sale - online, newspaper, or on the board right outside the house] and wanted to confirm your exact asking price for the property.

(Prospect gives an answer.)

You: I see. Could you tell me how long it has been since you put the house up for sale?

(Prospect gives an answer.)

You: Alright. I did some market research on the houses in your area before this call. My research shows some really interesting things. On average, houses in your vicinity have been selling at about [mention a price] in the past 5 years.

Moreover, they take about [mention the number] days to sell. A well-structured marketing plan can speed up your process and help you sell your house at the price that it deserves. I’d love to help you do this. Would you be interested in going through a marketing plan I've designed specifically for your house?

You can now carry forward the conversation from here.

2. Elevator Pitch Script

Any good salesperson should have an impactful answer to the question: “What do you do?”

While it’s tempting to respond with a quick, “I’m in real estate,” remember this is a great opportunity to generate interest in your services, and you don’t want to miss it.

While it’s not the time to launch into a 30-minute spiel about your real estate business, you can take a couple of quick sentences to pique a potential client’s interest.

Here’s a great example of a real estate elevator pitch from Renzo Real Estate:

This follows the formula:

  • Identify a pain point
  • Point to a solution (that’s you)
  • Offer proof
  • Pivot with a CTA

The Script:

Prospect: “So, what do you do?”

You: “I’m a real estate agent with [firm]. You know how the market has become even more difficult for first-time homebuyers?”

Prospect: “Yeah, it’s true.”

You: “So, I work specifically to help first-time home buyers make sure they get the home they want at a fair price, so they can enjoy being homeowners without any regret. If anyone you know is thinking about buying their first home, I’d be happy to chat with them. Does anyone come to mind?”

Prospect: “Actually, my brother and his wife are looking for their first home.”

Even if they don’t know of anyone off hand, you’ll have planted a seed that might result in a referral.

Real estate cold calling scripts guide woman on the phone

3. Expired Listings Script

Selling houses is not easy. Often, people list their houses with high hopes that are later crushed when their ideal time frame goes by, and they’re still not able to sell.

An expired listing script can motivate homeowners to relist their property and give it another shot. If you use the right words, you can get a frustrated homeowner excited about selling the house again.

The Script:

You: Hi [contact’s name], I am (name) from [your company’s name]. I am calling regarding the property on [give the exact address of the property that you are referring to]. Are you the legal property owner?

Prospect: Yes.

You: I see you listed your property for sale about a year ago but the listing has expired now. Is this a good time to discuss your needs?

Prospect: Yes.

You: Awesome! Are you looking to put it up for sale again?

Prospect: I’m not sure. It didn’t work last time — we got barely any interest from potential buyers.

You: I understand your concern. But let me assure you that your house is a great property in a great location, which is why I am interested in helping try to find the right buyer. What was the highest offer you received last time?

(Prospect gives an answer.)

You: I see. Did the buyers mention any key issues that caused them to not purchase the property?

(Prospect gives an answer.)

You: Alright. I can see major areas of improvement here. According to the recent market research I carried out on your neighborhood, I can assure you that I can get you a much better price for your property.

I actually also sold a house on your street two months back. Do you know of the [mention the property name or address] house? I got the seller a great price of [mention the selling price of the property]. Would you be interested in meeting me and discussing how we can alter our sales approach and help you get the best value out of your property?

Prospect: Yes, definitely!

4. Referrals Sales Script

Referrals are one of the most underutilized tools in a salesperson’s toolbox. When clients are happy (either because you got them a great sale price or helped them buy), they are usually happy to refer you to people they know who want to buy or sell a house.

The main point of this script is to get in touch with past clients and ask for a review or a referral. This script can help you build a very healthy relationship with them. If you keep checking in on past clients occasionally, they won’t just share leads and refer you to their friends; they’ll also seek your advice on their future investments.

The Script:

You: Hi [your client’s name]. This is [your name] from [the name of your company]. I helped you buy your home [mention the address of the property]. I wanted to check in and see how you’re doing.

Prospect: Yes, of course. I am doing great. How are you? How is business?

You: I'm great! I recently sold a house in your neighborhood, which is why I thought of you. How are things going? How’s the house?

(Client gives an answer.)

You: That is great. I am so glad. I wanted to get in touch with you and see how things were going. We are expanding our business and believe our past happy clients are our best brand ambassadors. Would you be willing to write a review of our company? Your good words would really help spread our business clientele.

Prospect: I’d be happy to! You guys really got me the best value for my money.

You: I am so glad to hear that. Just a quick confirmation–should I send over the link to this [email or phone number]?

Prospect: Yes!

You: Great. I just sent it over. Would you mind if we used your name on our website when mentioning your review?

Prospect: I don’t mind at all.

You: Awesome! Also, the link has a small section where you can refer any leads that you might know of who are looking to buy or sell a house. Please let me know if you know of anyone looking.

Prospect: My cousin is actually looking to buy a house. I’ll put her contact information in the form.

You: That’s great, [your client’s name]. It was good talking to you.

5. Online Buyer Lead Script

With the rise of automated listing platforms and real estate agent websites, getting new inbound leads for your real estate business is easier.

Then, it’s up to you to get in touch!

Even though these leads are some of the hottest you can find, many realtors send a quick email with the information the lead requested and never follow up.

Instead, try this—if your first email doesn’t get a response, make a call. Start the conversation by reminding them of the form they filled out and politely letting them know you wanted to bring the information to their attention.

The Script:

You: Hi [contact’s name], this is [name] from [your company’s name] calling about the online form you filled out on our website regarding your interest in buying a house. Do you remember filling out the form?

Prospect: Yes.

You: Great! I hope this is a good time to talk about it.

Prospect: Sure.

You: Awesome! I wanted to make sure you get the information you requested since we did not receive a reply from our response email. I know how overwhelming the inbox can be sometimes! I see you want to buy property in [area]. Any reason why you chose this area in particular?

(Prospect answers)

You: (Acknowledge the points they mentioned.) This is a great neighborhood choice. I actually sold a house in this area a few weeks ago at [mention a price]. The buyer especially liked this neighborhood because of the [benefit]. Would you want to meet tomorrow and discuss details in person?

This script helps you build trust by showing them that you are a real estate expert with experience selling houses in the area they are interested in.

Reaching out proactively also shows you are organized and stay on top of communication–an important part of successfully buying or selling a home.

6. Introducing Yourself as the Real Estate Agent

A slight variation of the elevator script, this introductory script is a way to present your services to new clients, whether they’re walk-ins at your real estate office or people you interact with over the phone or online.

The Script:

“I’m [name] with [real estate company], and I’ve lived here in [area] with my spouse and kids since 2009.

There have been a lot of upturns and downturns over the past 15 years that I’ve been an agent, but I’ve helped over 200 small businesses to find commercial real estate that fits their needs.

Small businesses often get ripped off when it comes to real estate space, and I’m dedicated to going to bat for business owners looking to have a space that’s truly their own.”

Obviously, you’ll need to adjust the script to fit your business, but the core outline will help you get started. Remember to focus on your experience, your expertise, and what you do.

7. Circle Prospecting Script

Circle prospecting is an effectual calling strategy real estate professionals use in neighborhoods where homes sell quickly. By contacting homeowners in these hot neighborhoods, you might catch potential clients interested in making a profit on their homes–just like their neighbors. This will also support your overall sales prospecting efforts.

Here’s how to grab their attention:

The Script:

You: “Hey, this is [name] from [real estate brokerage]. Maybe you’ve noticed there have been quite a few homes sold recently in your neighborhood at above-market rates.”

Prospect: “Yeah, I have heard that.”

You: “Great. I recently helped one of your neighbors on [Street] to sell their home for [number] above the asking price in just 3 weeks. Actually, that home generated so much interest that we still have buyers reaching out to us to see if there are any other homes for sale in the neighborhood.

That’s actually why I’m reaching out—I’m offering homeowners in the area a complimentary appraisal to see what their homes would be worth in this market. Have you considered selling your home?”

8. Leveraging Recent Sales Script

This script focuses on showing homeowners the recent market trends in their neighborhood. Bringing them up-to-date about the selling prices of their neighboring houses can help them realize the potential in their own home, which might push them to sell.

The Script:

You: “Hi, I’m [name] from [your company’s name] calling about your property [address of the property]. Are you the legal homeowner?”

Prospect: “Yes.”

You: “And you don’t currently have your home listed for sale, is that right?”

Prospect: “That is correct.”

You: “You must be wondering why I’m taking special interest in your house. This is because I do feel that your house is special. I recently sold the house on [mention the address] which is two blocks away from your house. I worked closely with the seller, and within a few weeks, we were able to get a buyer at [price].

That is [mention a number or percentage] more than the average selling price of houses in the neighborhood in the past few years. I’m seeing interest in this area increasing, and buyers are more interested in buying houses here. Do you have any interest in selling your home in the coming months?"

You can now carry the conversation forward and share comp data. Help them understand the shift in market trends and why their area is becoming so popular. Even if they aren’t ready to sell now, they may be interested in a few months. (So make sure to follow up if they seem interested!)

9. Real Estate Follow-Up Sales Script

Whether following up with potential buyers after an open house or a potential seller that’s gone cold, being persistent can make the difference between a new deal and a lost one.

Here’s how to follow up effectively in real estate:

The Script:

You: “Hey [prospect’s name], this is [name] from [company]. It was great chatting with you last week about your property on [address]. I was wondering if you had a chance to think about whether you want to move forward with listing this property?”

Prospect: “I’m still not sure.”

You: “I get that. It’s still a shifting market and you want to make sure you get the most bang for your buck. Thinking about this property, I did a bit of digging, and I actually discovered that [quote relevant market research].

I still think we can sell your property for above [price], and I’d love to discuss it with you in person. Would it be possible to meet on Wednesday or Thursday of this week?”

10. Dangling the Carrot Script

Dangling the carrot real estate cold calling script image of a bunch of carrots

Our Dangling the Carrot Script is a good way to generate leads when you have buyers but no new listings to show them in the area they want. Reach out to homeowners in the area and ask if they (or anyone they know!) want to sell their houses. Sometimes, people are looking for the right agent to help them sell their house.

By dangling the carrot, you show them buyers are looking to pay a good amount of money for their house. This excites the homeowners about selling their home–especially if they hesitated because they weren’t sure it would go for a reasonable price.

The Script:

You: “Hi, this is [name] from [your company’s name] calling about your property [address of the property]. Are you the legal homeowner?”

Prospect: “Yes.”

You: “Great! I am calling today to gauge your interest regarding selling your property. I have several buyers who are very interested in your property. Are you currently looking to sell your house?”

Prospect: “Not really. But what's the price they are willing to pay?”

You: “I have multiple buyers, the highest one being at [mention the highest paying buyer you have for the property]. That’s 36% more than the current market value of your house.

I know you might wonder why they are willing to pay above the market price. That’s because [mention the reasons and heavily detail the advantages of their property].”

Prospect: “That is quite a lot of money. But I don’t know, I am not sure.”

You: “I understand your concern. Selling your house isn’t an easy decision. But would it be good if we could meet, discuss this further, and I could address all of your concerns?”

Prospect: "Yes, that sounds good."

With these scripts in hand, your team will have ample resources to choose from to land their next client and improve their success rate.

Bonus Cold Calling Tips for Real Estate

To make cold calling more effective for your real estate business, it’s essential to start with these four factors:

  • The right real estate marketing strategy: Know your audience, and you’ll know how to get the word out about your services in a way that appeals to them.
  • Accurate contact information: Use real estate prospecting tools to find the contact information you need on the first try.
  • Proven cold calling scripts: Both for talking on the phone and for leaving voicemails.
  • The right CRM: A communication-focused CRM that’s tailored for cold calling will help you make the most of your cold calling efforts.

What is the right tool to help you make more valuable calls and get more clients for your business? Try Close for free for 14 days to see how its communication-focused features can help you boost your real estate business.

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