Introducing Pipeline Views in Close CRM

Managing your sales pipeline in Close is now even simpler, thanks to our new, customizable Opportunity Pipeline View.

Close has always been focused on helping sales teams efficiently manage high-volume sales processes.

But what if you need to manage just a small number of deals? What if your team has very long sales cycles that can be notoriously difficult to keep track of? What if you just want a quick overview of your sales pipeline?

That's where our new Pipeline View feature really shines.

How it Works

The Pipeline View is a visual way to organize and manage your sales opportunities. Opportunities are displayed as cards in columns, and each column is a stage of your sales process. As you make progress on a particular deal, you can update the status by dragging it from one column to another, or quickly mark them as won or lost.

‎Whether you manage 10 deals or 1000, the Pipeline View can help you understand your sales pipeline better.

Quickly filter by:

  • team member,
  • creation or close date, or
  • your custom, complex Smart Views,

You’ll see your Pipeline update in real-time as your team works on their deals. See how much money is committed in each stage by the weighted or actual value.

Click here to learn more about Pipeline Views and how it can help you simplify your sales forecasts, surface actionable insights, and help your team stay focused on high-priority deals.

Why We Built it

For sales managers and account executives, understanding the current distribution of deals across the sales pipeline is a key part of the job.

While Smart Views and our current Opportunity View let teams find and review large lists of leads and their opportunities, it was harder to see how deals were stacking up at each stage of the sales process.

The Pipeline View is built to do just that—see how deals are spread across the pipeline at a glance and manage them simultaneously.

Getting revenue insights and staying on top of your sales pipeline has never been this easy.

Our new sales pipeline management features are now available to all current Close users. If you're not yet using our CRM to close more deals, why not start your free trial today?

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