Top 23 Cold Calling Videos You Have to Watch on YouTube

Cold calling is damn hard work. It isn’t the favorite strategy of most sales reps when they begin their careers.

But guess what? It still works like a charm and powers the sales pipelines of numerous high-growth startups and B2B companies, generating millions of dollars every month.

This article will cover 23 cold calling videos that'll teach you the craft of selling effectively on the phone. Later, we'll also share seven cold calling tips you can use to refine your sales skills. Ready to close more deals? Let’s get started.

23 Best Cold Calling Videos to Help You Master Your Sales Craft

Are you curious about the fastest way to become a cold calling master? Or maybe you want some inspiration to nail your next call? This section has you covered with tips, techniques, and live cold calls by professionals you can learn from. Here’s the first cold calling YouTube video you need to watch:

1. The Fastest Way to Become a Cold Calling Pro

Provided by: Steli Efti

Video length: 5:46

Key takeaway: The most effective sales training involves making many cold calls and recording them (to analyze later).

Reading sales advice books, attending sales workshops, getting a sales coach, and other tactical components will only take you so far.

The two-pronged golden strategy to become a cold calling pro involves making more sales calls and analyzing their recordings later. But don’t forget to research the telephone call recording laws in your state (or country) and comply with them.

2. Cold Calling Tips: The Anatomy of Successful Cold Calls

Provided by:

Video length: 33:27

Key takeaway: In their analysis of over 90k cold calls, Gong found that the median success rate is 1.5 percent. However, data-backed tactics can improve cold calling success.

Some techniques to improve your closing rate include making your calls longer, opening with your full name and company name, and owning more of the conversation (the talk-to-listen ratio for successful cold calls is 55:45).

Also, don’t forget to map out the three to five ways your cold call unfolds and determine how you’ll respond to each situation.

3. Cold Calling Live FSBO

Provided by: Bryan Casella

Video length: 10:26

Key takeaway: Mirroring and matching your prospect's tone, pace, and volume on a call can help you instantly connect with them.

Even after Robert, the prospect, irritably mentions that this is the fifth realtor calling him today, Bryan remains calm. From there, he smoothly transitions through various objections of Robert—all the way to getting an appointment from him. His conversational style and confidence are worth emulating for your next call.

4. This is the #1 Reason Why Cold Calling Campaigns Fail

Structure of a cold calling conversion funnel

Provided by: Steli Efti

Video length: 16:43

Key takeaway: Aim for a 20-30 percent reach rate to ensure your sales team’s time isn’t wasted on dial tones and voicemails.

If you focus solely on gathering data for the top and bottom of the funnel, you can’t decipher the complete story of your cold calling conversion funnel.

Tracking your reach rate lets you know how often your sales team is reaching decision-makers. If the numbers are low, change their calling times, get them to call people who pick up the phone, and take other steps to fix their low reach rates.

5. Cold Calling Techniques that Actually Work - (My Cold Call Secrets)

Provided by: Alex Berman

Video length: 8:03

Key takeaway: Getting fundamental cold calling techniques right can ensure a higher chance of success.

Based on his experience making thousands of cold calls to local businesses, Alex recommends the following tactics: get yourself a $30 noise-canceling headset, write a sales script and learn it, use the right tone, experiment with calling at a few different times of the day, use cold emailing along with cold calling, and relentlessly follow up after your call.

6. Cold Calling? You Lost me at Hello

Provided by: Steli Efti

Video length: 9:11

Key takeaway: You should speak confidently and clearly to earn the attention of your prospects.

Most sales reps fail with their first words on cold calls. They speak too fast and deliver messages without the right passion and energy. Speaking clearly and slowly will ensure you don’t lose your prospects at hello.

7. How to Build Instant Rapport (in Just 2 Sentences) with Tom Schreiter

Interviewee: Tom Schreiter

Podcast host: Will Barron

Video length: 25:23

Key takeaway: Find a commonality between you and the prospect and try to trigger a positive response in their head based on it.

In this episode of the Salesman Podcast, Schreiter shows how to build rapport—a key component of trust—with a prospect. People trust people who are more like them than dislike them. Your goal should be to trigger this by starting with one fact you and the prospect believe in.

8. Tonality: How to Build "Master Level Authority" on a Sales Call

Provided by: Sabri Suby

Video length: 4:48

Key takeaway: Consider yourself a “surgeon” who wants to solve your prospect’s problems.

Do not try to play nice and be overly helpful on your sales call—people can smell the salesman behind such politeness. Your delivery should be more like a doctor who diagnoses and treats problems. Remember, those with the most conviction on the call are likelier to have a favorable outcome.

Hey you! If you're serious about cold calling, our review of the top 8 sales headsets is your roadmap to excellence.

9. Cold Calling Jiu Jitsu: How to Respond to "Send me More Information"?

Steli Efti Banner of a YouTube video

Provided by: Steli Efti

Video length: 5:35

Key takeaway: Ask follow-up questions to cut through the automatic response of “send me more info” people have to sales calls.

You shouldn’t directly send more information to your prospects when they place such a request. Get them to invest their energy and time by asking simple questions such as “Yes! Can I have your email?” You can engage them further with follow-up questions once they respond affirmatively and put their guard down.

10. How to Best Cold Call in 2022

Interviewee: Denis Champagne

Podcast host: Brian G.Burns

Video length: 20:54

Key takeaway: You need to sell to executives calmly, professionally, and comfortingly—but also make the call intelligently conversational.

As a new sales rep, remember that nobody wants to hear a sales pitch. So, view your cold calls as an opportunity to build relationships with strangers by connecting with them at a human level. Also, selling isn’t about using complicated words but compassionately presenting how your solution is helpful for your prospects.

11. Cold Calling: How to Respond to “I Don’t Have Time?”

Provided by: Steli Efti

Video length: 9:42

Key takeaway: Get prospects to make time for your sales call by demonstrating that your offering is valuable and addresses their current priorities.

When people find your call isn’t “worth their time” (yep, that’s what they mean), you must demonstrate your product’s value. Managing the “no-time” objection effectively depends on the stage you encounter.

12. Tips for Objection Handling When Cold Calling

Ten common objections sales reps encounter during cold calling prospects

Provided by: Sales Scripter

Webinar length: 1:05:28

Key takeaway: Handling objections is mostly about deflecting back to different sections of a well-crafted and organized script.

Preparing for the ten most common objections (visible in the screenshot above) can help you better handle objections on your cold calls. Layer these with answers to the specific objections you encounter for your product (or your industry), and you’ll be on your way to smoothly addressing most prospects' concerns.

13. Sales Conversations: How to Make Tight-Lipped Prospects Talk

Provided by: Steli Efti

Video length: 6:42

Key takeaway: Communicating your intentions of creating “value-focused” partnerships with customers can open up prospects.

Prospects silent on sales calls probably fear you’ll manipulate them into a “bad deal.” But don’t get angry or frustrated with them. You can earn the trust of such tight-lipped prospects by stating your intentions of creating long-term and successful partnerships upfront.

14. A Live Sales Call by Grant Cardone

Provided by: Grant Cardone

Video length: 18:55

Key takeaway: A confident tone of voice and belief in your products are paramount to closing the deal.

Think of Grant what you want—I'm neither fond of him as a person nor do I like his sales approach—but he is great at opening sales conversations on a cold call, directing the conversation, asking questions to qualify the prospect, and addressing their objections with panache.

15. How to Build a Data-Driven Sales Machine

Presented by: Steli Efti &

Webinar length: 58:35

Key takeaway: To identify weak spots in your sales process, you need to track three key metrics (activity, quality, and conversions).

Human beings are inherently biased, so relying on data to facilitate rational decision-making is essential.

However, tracking sales data can be overwhelming unless you rely on a predictable and scalable model. Watch the webinar to understand the nuances of a simple three-metric system for measuring sales performance and setting yourself up for success.

16. How to Deal with Hostile and Aggressive Prospects

Cyclic diagram showing how staying calm with a bully can work in favor of a sales reps

Provided by: Steli Efti

Video length: 18:54

Key takeaway: You can effectively sell to bullies by staying calm and trying to understand what’s underneath their aggression.

You will occasionally encounter a bully prospect who aggressively puts forth their demands. Instead of submitting or insulting them, you can kill them with kindness. Stay calm, try to get the conversation back on track with friendly strength, or walk away if it doesn’t seem worth it.

17. How to Write a Cold Call Script (Step-by-Step)

Provided by: Jordan Platten

Video length: 18:08

Key takeaway: Treat your cold call script as a monologue in a drama and internalize it.

Many sales reps think creating a cold calling script will mean you have to deliver a speech word-for-word from a piece of paper. However, top performers know that the script is more like a structure. The key is to focus on understanding why you’re saying what you’re saying—that’s how you nail the right tone.

18. How to Captivate Your Prospect's Attention

Summary banner of how you can captivate a prospect’s attention

Provided by: Steli Efti

Video length: 15:18

Key takeaway: Be clear about the three main points you want to make in your pitch.

In today's distracted world, you can’t expect a prospect to give you 100 percent of their attention. However, you can make your message persuasive by focusing your sales pitch on three main ideas and ensuring they stick in your prospect’s mind.

19. The Queen of Cold Calling with Wendy Weiss

Interviewee: Wendy Weiss

Podcast host: Andy Paul

Video length: 37:49

Key takeaway: Whether you’re doing an email or social media campaign, picking up the phone can improve your conversions.

Research at the Chicago Booth School of Business found that people perceive you smarter when they hear you talking than when they read anything you've written.

They are also more likely to take action on what you talk about. So Wendy recommends her clients experiment with a drip campaign of voicemail combined with email.

20. Cold Calling: The Ethical-Bait-and-Switch Trick

Provided by: Steli Efti

Video length: 15:42

Key takeaway: You can bait prospects—in a way that adds value—to get their guards down and transition the conversation into your sales pitch.

Baiting on your call— through an industry survey—instead of directly pitching your product can open up your prospects. From there, you can qualify them with follow-up questions and ensure your product offers value to them. Then, ask for permission and make your pitch.

While it may seem like trickery, keeping your customer’s interests at heart lets you pull off the bait-and-switch technique ethically.

21. Want to Get Advertisers on Your Blog?

Provided by: Gary Vaynerchuk

Video length: 8:18

Key takeaway: You can gauge demand for your product before launching it—persuasion is the key.

Here’s another classic live call from Gary Vee, an entrepreneur known for his high-voltage and candid speaking style on social media.

He picks up the phone and cold-calls a company advertising on Google. His sequence of questions first qualifies the prospect. Then, he establishes credibility and the value his product can offer. It’s an inspiring show of the craft!

22. How to Become a Highly-Paid Salesperson

Provided by: Brian Tracy

Video length: 9:19

Key takeaway: Twenty percent of salespeople earn 80 percent of the money.

Tracy shares that it’s a conscious decision to become one of the highest-paid salespeople in your profession. So, instead of letting your career trajectory be mediocre, fall in love with your work, write down your goals, and persevere in pursuing them. You can come back to this inspirational address when you feel demotivated.

23. “Your Price is too High! - 7 Steps to Defending Price”

Provided by: Jim Pancero

Video length: 9:02

Key takeaway: Price objections of your prospects could be defended by communicating the value of your products.

You can successfully defend most pricing objections by asking relevant questions to your prospects and understanding their requirements. Once you get their feedback, you can even ask for a commitment from them. Throughout the conversation, stand your ground on the value of your product and never talk price before value.

7 Tips to Take Your Cold Calling to the Next Level

If you loved the above cold calling videos, here are some additional quick tips to help you face your fears, sound more confident on calls, work with an accent, and more. (To expand your sales knowledge even more, check these 30+ B2B cold calling tips!)

1. Turn Your Cold Calls into Video Messages

Sharing a personalized video that your prospects can watch on their own schedule can make for warmer outreach. So consider adding cold calling videos to your prospecting mix. Keep them short, personalized, and authentic to make a strong first impression.

Loom screen recorder screenshot

Whether you use a simple YouTube video or a dedicated video sales tool like Loom, Bomb Bomb, Vidyard, or Bonjoro, turning your cold call outreach into personalized videos that you email prospects is worth an experiment.

2. Shed Your Fear of Failure to Snowball Your Cold Calling Success

It’s natural for entrepreneurs and junior sales reps who start cold calling to fear rejection. To break through this mental block, assign yourself a new task of failing with every call. For instance, try speaking slowly or being pushy to make the sale. A couple of awkward calls later—you might conquer your fear of failure.

3. Stay Focused During Your Sales Calls

Do you have a lot of tabs open on your browser during your calls? This inside sales screen distraction trap will disrupt the flow of your sales conversations. You may lose the context of how your prospects said something. So don’t multitask; ensure you’re focused on your next call.

4. Here’s How to Sound More Confident on Sales Calls...

A few voice techniques to sound brighter on calls include speaking at a slightly higher volume than average and a pace fast enough to sound well-rehearsed. You can also use your body language to lend you confidence and energy—try standing up in a balanced, upright posture for your next call.

5. Got an Accent? Leverage it to Your Advantage…

An accent makes you unique and tells your background. If your buyer is located in the United States—a nation built by immigrants—your accent will probably not be perceived negatively.

(In fact, linguistics found that only about 10 percent of the US population speak standard English.) But if your buyer is likely to think “less of you,” consider meeting in person, requesting a video call, or slowing down while talking on the phone.

6. Improve Your Reach by Using a Sales Dialer

Best cold calling videos you have to watch on YouTube - Close CRM Call Dialer

‎Do you know that it might take eight cold call attempts to reach a prospect? That’s because you end up hearing dial tones, busy signals, and voicemails more often than getting to talk to a person.

Enter Close CRM—a predictive dialer that can help you reach 60 percent more leads.


It automatically calls through a list of leads, which means you can pursue other sales tasks while waiting for a response from your next prospect. So you end up making more sales calls, your sales productivity increases, and the moment your call connects—the person’s information is displayed on the screen to familiarize you with the prospect.

Our customers report an increase in output call volume and output call duration. Why not give us a try?

7. Streamline Your Sales Process to Deliver Consistent Results

To increase the likelihood of getting a yes from a prospect and converting them into a brand advocate, developing a sales process could be a game changer.

A typical sales framework might include eight stages: prospecting, researching, connecting, presenting, addressing objections, closing, delivering, and following up.

Cold Calling is Laden with Rejection, so Having the Right Mindset is Important...

Instead of hoping to close deals with every prospect, view every conversation as a learning opportunity to polish your craft. Focus on building long-term relationships with your customers instead of obsessing over short-term results—that’s key to growing your sales career.

And whenever you struggle to close deals, return to one of these cold calling videos to get some perspective on your sales journey. You can also use the above tips and videos to uncover new sales strategies or regain your mojo.

Want to take our zero-to-hero cold-calling course? It's free and will teach you everything you need to know to turn cold prospects into hot customers.

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